Melody Maison review & giveaway

This year I have been working on de-cluttering our home and brightening it up a bit. We live in a one bedroom flat, which is a bit of a squeeze with a baby. While we could afford to move now, to a flat, we don’t want to. Instead we are waiting until we are able to move in to a house with a garden etc. I’m making the most of our home in the meantime and doing what I can to make it homely. Space is at a premium so I’m doing my best to clear out old DVDs, games, books, clothes and more. This then means that some of that space can be used for storage of items we need and we’ve got space for pretty things! Melody Maison contacted me recently to send us out some goodies of our choosing.

Melody Maison - A look at my wire storage basket

I started off with this wire storage basket from Melody Maison. This is being used at present to store some of Daisy’s snacks and packaged fruit in a kitchen cupboard.

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017 – A few bits I’m loving!

Despite my daughter already being one by the time the day comes round this is my first Mothers Day. Last year I was still pregnant, just. My lovely husband got me a few gifts from the bump! This was really nice but of course I’m looking forward to my first Mothers Day. I’ve been having a little look around at a few bits that I’d love and I want to share some with you today. These are my Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017. I was able to purchase items from Homesense thanks to a gift voucher I received in exchange for this post. 

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017 – Vases


Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017 - Two tone vase

Available from Homesense stores for £7.99. Photo credit Homesense / PRShots.

I am loving this two tone vase. It has a nice bit of glitz to it that is perfect for Spring but it is also going to work all year round with most colours.

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2017 – under £10 each!

Another gift giving season – really?! Yes! That’s right. It is almost Valentine’s Day. I know, I know, do we really need a day to tell someone we love them?! Of course we don’t. However, do you want to leave your loved one without a gift or a token item? I don’t…! My husband and I try and be thoughtful to one another throughout the year, not just because it is Valentine’s Day. I don’t think you need to break the bank to find a thoughtful gift that lets someone know that you love them. Here are my Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2017 – all for under £10 each!

Valentine's Day gift ideas 2017

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Escape this January with this blues beating bundle

Do you want to escape this January? I know it is almost over now but I for one can’t wait for another month to start. Soon it will be Spring and the nicer weather will begin. The days are getting longer again now and the sun is setting later and later everyday – thanks goodness. I’m looking forward to the Spring and getting down to our allotment. I am also looking forward to Summer when I can take my daughter for picnics and walk along the river. This month however I’m looking to escape this January! I’ll be watching a selection of great DVDs that you can buy for yourself:

Escape this January

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