Toddler Christmas Gift Guide 2017

I’m the Mum of a busy, active one year old. Daisy will be two in March so she is well and truly a toddler now. Daisy loves nothing more than building things, putting blocks together and generally making a mess. I’ve compiled this Toddler Christmas Gift Guide to help you find gifts for the little ones in your family this year – I hope you find it useful!

Toddler Christmas gift guide 2017

Toddler Christmas Gift Guide - Cocchino Dinosaur Hooded Towel

Image credit – Find Me A Gift

This dinosaur hooded towel is absolutely adorable! It has a 3D head, tail and soft red spikes too. It is made from 100% premium absorbent cotton and is ideal for babies aged 2+. Our daughter is already a giant so it is a great fit for her at 19 months and I’m sure it will last for a long time as the quality is great! This retails for £19.99 although there is a sale RIGHT NOW!

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Women’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

This year I have a LOT of ladies to buy for. In our family a lot of the females are parents themselves now, and as such I want them to be able to have some lovely items for Christmas. Being a parent often means not finding much time, or money, to treat yourself and so I’ve compiled this Christmas gift guide with lovely items for the women in your life. I’m sure there are plenty of items here that would be fab for a male too but I’m a woman and I would love ANY of the items featured in my Women’s Christmas gift guide. I know because I have personally tried every single brand that is featured within this Women’s Christmas gift guide!

Women’s Christmas gift guide 2017


Womens Christmas gift guide - Douvalls lip

Image credit – Douvall’s

Douvall’s range contains a HUGE variety of beautiful products made using Argan oil. You can create a lovely glow on your lips, face and body with this fantastic Argan Colour Burst Collection which retails for £40. You’ll receive 1 lip & cheek oil of your choice, a 50ml Argan oil and a 30g multi-balm. I love that one product can be used on lips AND cheeks!

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Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Buying for the man in my life can feel a little difficult at times. Typically, like a lot of people who aren’t that interested in shopping or material items, my husband will say ‘nothing’ when I ask him what he wants for Christmas. This year I have started early and I have a host of items to share with you. This is my Men’s Christmas Gift Guide – full of random ideas for the man in your life.

Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Mens Christmas Gift Guide - Homesense

Image credit – Homesense 

These copper serving bowls, from Homesense, are just £12.99. Copper is really in this year and the man in my life LOVES dips, sauces and picky food. I love that this is ideal for serving festive goodies and can be used for dinner parties too.

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Melody Maison review & giveaway

This year I have been working on de-cluttering our home and brightening it up a bit. We live in a one bedroom flat, which is a bit of a squeeze with a baby. While we could afford to move now, to a flat, we don’t want to. Instead we are waiting until we are able to move in to a house with a garden etc. I’m making the most of our home in the meantime and doing what I can to make it homely. Space is at a premium so I’m doing my best to clear out old DVDs, games, books, clothes and more. This then means that some of that space can be used for storage of items we need and we’ve got space for pretty things! Melody Maison contacted me recently to send us out some goodies of our choosing.

Melody Maison - A look at my wire storage basket

I started off with this wire storage basket from Melody Maison. This is being used at present to store some of Daisy’s snacks and packaged fruit in a kitchen cupboard.

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