Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018 (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted the items within this gife guide in exchange for coverage. Father’s Day is almost upon us and I’ve been thinking about what to get for Thomas, and Ronald, my Father-in-law. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to say thank you to Thomas, for being a wonderful husband, and Ronald for being a wonderful Father and Grandfather. On my side, my own Father has passed away, and my Grandfather has too, so I try to make the best of the day and ensure that my husband has a lovely day. Today I want to share with you my Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2018 which I hope is packed full of ideas and inspiration!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018 - Headphones, teddy and chocolate Father's Day card

My husband Thomas has been running for a few months now and has vastly impressed his fitness as a result. The Sol Republic Amps Air Wireless Earbuds in Black are absolutely fantastic as there are no wires for him to get tied up in while running. These headphones provide true wireless freedom with premium sound and are ideal for working out, and they have a built-in microphone for making telephone calls. These are compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

For Mother’s Day Daisy got me a lovely ‘Me To You’ bear and when I saw this personalised Tatty Teddy Bear I knew it would be perfect! It has been personalised to a ‘No 1 Daddy’ from Daisy and it is adorable!

No Father’s Day Gift Guide would be complete without mentioning a Father’s Day card! I chose Thomas this card from Thortful which has cards for all occasions. Best of all this one is personalised and contains individually wrapped mini chocolate bars inside!  You can use code KATYKICKER for 20% off your first purchase (not including postage). Valid until 8th June 2018. 

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Daisy’s Gift Guide – great gifts for a toddler (AD – Gifted)

The items in this post were gifted in exchange for coverage. Our beautiful little Daisy turned 2 recently. We celebrated her day with family, and it was a lovely day. Also, Daisy had a plethora of lovely toys, some of which I’m going to share with you today. This is my guide of great gifts for a toddler. All items have been tested by Daisy for the past few weeks so you can be sure that they are sturdy, tough, hard to break, easy to clean and great fun too!

Daisy playing at the World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

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Send your Valentine a gift across the miles with My Parcel Delivery (AD)

AD. That time of year is here once again, when heart-shaped chocolates, teddy bears, and an endless supply of affectionate cards dominate the aisles of the shops. Valentine’s Day is no longer a romantic day just for couples, with lots of people choosing to spend it with their friends and family… or even their pets. Unfortunately, some couples are unable to spend the special day together, whether that’s due to living in different cities or having to work away from home a lot. Not to worry, you can still make sure that a thoughtful gift reaches your significant other, no matter how many miles are separating the two of you.

Send your Valentine a gift across the miles with My Parcel Delivery

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018 – What to buy for the man in your life (AD)

All of the items featured within this post have been gifted in exchange for coverage. This year I thought I’d bring you something a little different for Valentine’s Day! My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018 is going to focus on the man in your life, rather than being a list of items that women would love to receive. My husband is a hard worker and while our Valentine’s Day this year isn’t going to be too great, as my Mum is having open heart surgery that day, I’ve got him a lovely array of items to gift to him and make him feel loved and appreciated. Here is my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018 – What to buy for the man in your life! 

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2018

I’ve got a nice array of different gifts here, to suit most budgets and tastes!

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New baby sleep essentials

In March 2016 our daughter was born! We had a slightly rocky start, with FPIES, reflux and a few other niggles along the way. Our daughter is now 4 months old and thanks to our bedtime routine that we have implemented she has been sleeping through the night for around 10.5-12 hours. This feels like it is life changing for us and we have really been able to enjoy all of our days together more now without worrying about trying to nap every time Daisy does.

Daisy is six months old

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