Visiting Manor of Groves with Buyagift’s Two Night Luxury Getaway (AD – Gifted)

We were gifted this item in exchange for coverage. Recently my wonderful husband and I decided that we deserved a break. We have both been working incredibly hard recently and wanted to have a break together to recharge. We booked up a room at Manor of Groves and take a little look at what we enjoyed on our break away! Some of it at least! This is a collaborative post in association with Buyagift who provided us with a two night luxury getaway Smartbox.

Manor of Groves - Part of the building

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Keeping children happy on holiday (AD)

AD. We’ve just returned from another week at Centerparcs. We never really get tired of visiting but as Daisy grows we are always looking for new ways to keep her happy on holiday. Keeping children happy on holiday might seem like an easy task before you head off. It isn’t unreasonable to assume that your children will be happy on holiday, what with undivided attention, swimming, activities and much more, however, you’ll probably be wrong! Anyway, these are my preferred ways of keeping Daisy happy on holiday!

Keeping children happy on holiday - Daisy using her backpack reins

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What to pack for a trip to Bali (AD)

AD. The weather is just dire here at the moment isn’t it! I’ve found myself dreaming more and more of that ultimate sun holiday; a break somewhere warm with crystal clear waters and tropical fruit. A break in paradise would be amazing right about now! Today I’m day-dreaming about a trip to Bali and so I’ve got this post for you – what to pack for a trip to Bali! One day I’ll get there, and I can almost feel the warm water already!

What to pack for a holiday to Bali

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Getting ready for our next holiday (AD)

AD. Holidays are some that we love to take as a family. In 2017 we have been on 5 holidays and a few short breaks too. I’m really happy that we get to have a wonderful amount of holidays together. Working hard affords us the luxury of choosing where we go on holiday and my husband gets a good amount of holiday days at work too. In 2017 we went to Centerparcs several times. While dragging our suitcases through the forest from the car park they have taken on a bit of wear and tear. Today I’m thinking about getting ready for our next holiday – which will hopefully only be a few months away!

Getting ready for our next holiday

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