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Being charitable at Christmas time

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For me Christmas is a time for my family to enjoy together. Yes presents are usually involved, and good food too, but in recent years Christmas has become about family and togetherness.

I can remember years gone by when I would be in tears at Christmas, thinking about my Dad not getting in touch (again) or other sad occasions. Now my Dad has passed away, and my life is happier, I don’t let such things upset me, or my Christmas with my family.

Christmas is a time for celebration for us and I love to make nice food, give nice presents but also I love to be charitable, especially at Christmas time. Today I want to talk to you about some of the ways that you can be charitable at Christmas time.

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Ways to start being charitable at Christmas time

Donate to charity

Now let’s start with the others. You can donate money to charity. Also, you could give your time if you can’t afford to donate money.

This could be volunteering at a local charity shop, collecting donations in store for your local food bank or something else.

There are lots of ways to help charities so contact the local charity of your choice and ask what they really need.

For me personally I have made a pledge to donate more to charity all year round, as I earn more from self-employment.

I feel really happy that I can do this and try to look for multiple charities to help. This is especially important this year, as so many charities have been struggling with closed stores and a lack of time for people to donate items for sales.

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Collect for the food bank

I have previously took part in a blogging campaign where we did a reverse advent calendar for the food bank. I do collect items for the food bank throughout the year anyway but this was a way to do a little more.

I’m often being sent samples of products from PRs, subscription boxes and more. There may be items that we don’t use from time to time so I always donate them to the food bank where possible.

Donating to the local food bank can help you get that warm feeling inside as you drop your parcel off knowing that it is genuinely going to help someone in need.

At Christmas time I try to include some extra treats, as I really think that everyone deserves a lovely Christmas, especially if they have fallen on hard times financially or emotionally.

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Visit relatives and friends

This may not seen like the ultimate way to be charitable at Christmas time but it is a HUGE thing to do.

Ever think about your more distant or older relatives? What about single friends? You may have people in your circle of friends who are lonely. Right now. 

Think about those people who you may have been in touch with less this year. Reach out to them and help ensure that nobody feels lonely this Christmas.

I know this year is probably going to be a little strange, with all the possible restrictions, but the phone, or a video call, can help someone feel less lonely.

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Cut down on gift giving

Again, this is a bit of an unusual one. If you have friends or family that don’t have a lot of money then one way to be charitable at Christmas time is to offer the gift of not giving a gift.

Explain that you know money is tight, if you have a strong relationship, or perhaps say that money is tight yourself and you would love to get together instead of spending money on a gift.

This can relieve some of the burden of Christmas time from your friends and loved ones. Also, you could do a Secret Santa in your family so everybody just has one person to buy for, and a small budget.

This too can help cut back on the expense of Christmas and ensure that people are able to avoid the worry of paying for gifts.

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Give blood

Have you ever given blood? I’m no longer eligible to give blood but a member of my family has donated more than 50 times now! Find out if you are eligible to give blood. 

Not only can you save someone’s life but you get a drink and a snack too. Win win!

When you find yourself in urgent need of blood it likely isn’t even a thought that crosses your mind. Thanks to generous donors throughout the country donating all year round we are able to have blood and plasma transfusions.

I’m looking forward to more opportunities to complete random acts of kindness to finish off my 2020. I’ve had a wonderful year helping others, donating to the food bank and being more friendly and helpful in general.

Being charitable at Christmas time seems to be much easier than other times of the year as the Charity campaigns are usually everywhere.

Personally I like to look for charities in my local community. I’ve been donating to my local food bank all year and I’ve got another bag of goodies ready to go now.

I’m also donating Children’s toys and Christmas goodies to a local charity as Christmas is an awful time not to have enough money to eat.

While you’re tucking in to your Christmas dinner this year you could be save in the knowledge that you’ve afforded someone else the luxury of a Christmas dinner too.

This year I will be donating via Centrepoint to ensure that young homeless people are able to enjoy a meal and a roof over their heads too.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to be charitable at Christmas time so please do leave me a comment or get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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A Santa ornament in a garden centre with text overlay that says being charitable at Christmas time

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Justine Robson

Sunday 3rd of December 2017

Really sound advice. Especially visiting elderly relatives. I'm going to look into giving blood again.


Sunday 3rd of December 2017

I just signed up to give blood and might donate some money since I dont have time to volunteer but these are great ideas

Helen Wills

Saturday 2nd of December 2017

Great idea to give blood at this time of year. I also heard on the radio our local shopping centre is asking people to buy an extra gift to give to be distributed to children who otherwise wouldn't get gifts. Lovely idea.

Fashion and Style Police

Saturday 2nd of December 2017

I love these tips. Great ideas here. It is good to be more charitable.

five little doves

Friday 1st of December 2017

I love this, and it reflects exactly who you are too, as being charitable is so important especially at Christmas when others may not be having the Christmas that we are. I took a huge car load to our charity shop just this morning. xx

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