Chemist 4 U – Saving me money compared to Boots (AD)

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AD. Since having my daughter back in March 2016 our home seems to be filled with products. Baby products, skincare, 100s of unusual types of foods for my daughters allergies and much more. One area that we need to be stocked up regularly is medicines. I’ve got auto-immune health problems and Daisy has allergies too. Some of the items that we use to keep ourselves healthy are not on prescription. In the past I have always just gone in to Boots and stocked up on what we need. Without paying much attention to the price. As I write about money for a living this isn’t the best thing to do, however, I’ve always thought that we needed the items so may as well just get on with it! Anyway, I’ve recently tried out Chemist 4 U for the first time – and been really pleased with their prices!

Chemist 4 U

Who are Chemist 4 U?

Chemist 4 U is an online pharmacy. You can arrange NHS prescriptions and private prescriptions and you can also purchase items that you would expect to find in a pharmacy. Including perfume and aftershave. 

What did I buy from Chemist 4 U?

I ordered dry shampoo, antihistamine allergy syrup for Daisy, new toothbrushes for Daisy, Cetaphil moisturising cream for my husband and Vitabiotics Immunace tablets for myself. Here are a selection of the items I ordered:

Chemist 4 U - A look at some of our goodies

I’m looking to boost my immune system and have been wanting to take zinc for a while now. Thanks to Chemist 4 U I’ve been able to stock up on all of our supplies, and if I want to I can arrange my NHS prescriptions through them too.

How did the prices compare to Boots?

The goods that I ordered from Chemist 4 U were all available at Boots too, in the same packet sizes. I spent just over £31 with Chemist 4 U and I would have spent just under £40 with Boots. Quite a saving!

What was the service like from Chemist 4 U?

It was good. I placed my order online, at 1am, and the following day I got an email to let me know all was well. My order was processed promptly and delivered within a couple of days. I was really pleased with the speed of the delivery, particularly as the goods were cheaper than Boots.

My final thoughts on Chemist 4 U

I have been converted, for sure. In the past I’ve always just ‘popped’ into Boots and picked up a load of items. Sometimes they have a 3 for 2, but I have noticed that the single unit price is more expensive. So the savings aren’t huge. Now I’ll be ordering such items online, from Chemist 4 U, and exploring other options. It was really convenient to search online and I felt confident that they would be happy to supply specific items, like the allergy syrup. When I added this to my basket it asked me some questions with regards to the use for this and any other medications that my daughter Daisy may be on.

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  1. Melissa Lee October 30, 2017 / 2:07 pm

    That’s a really good saving. I am guilty of just popping into a high street store for things like this instead of shopping around online. Definitely going to check out this store.

  2. Tanita October 30, 2017 / 8:54 pm

    Oh Fab I have used Chemist 4 U before a whle ago and found I did save a lot more then I would on a high street store. xx

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