How to choose the perfect mobility scooter (AD)

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AD. So my lovely Mum is unwell, as my regular readers may know. My Mum has problems with her heart. Serious ones. Ones that will likely require a large operation to resolve sometime in the next year or so. This means that my Mum struggles to get around, particularly on foot. My Mum has been using a walking stick for a number of years now. However, in the past year or so she’s been getting more and more out of breath. This is caused by the back flow of blood going back into her heart, regurgitation, to give it the official name. Because of this we have recently been looking at how to choose the perfect mobility scooter.

Fruit picking at Cammas Hall - Mum enjoying the fruit picking

My Mum on a recent day out – you can’t see but she’s using a walking stick here.

How to choose the perfect mobility scooter

So my lovely Mum has used a mobility scooter before. The image of her above is her when we were on holiday at Centerparcs. In the past we’ve hired scooters, at a cost of around £55 for 5 days. I thought this was expensive but on enquiring with our local shop I found out that is a normal kind of price. When I saw just how much money decent mobility scooters are I wasn’t surprised to be honest! Pretty expensive! 

There are a wide variety of different mobility scooters available. Personally I had mostly just seen the one above, that Centerparcs rent out. However, now I’ve come to learn about the vast array. When we were looking to choose the perfect mobility scooter for my Mum we had a number of factors to consider. This infographic from Fenetic Wellbeing is fantastic for helping you to choose the perfect mobility scooter.

choose the perfect mobility scooter Mobility-Scooter-Infographic

For my Mum she wants to be able to drive around town, pop up to my home to take Daisy to the park and just get out more in the fresh air.

Now that we have been able to choose the perfect mobility scooter my Mum has her independence back. No longer will my Mum have to rely on me to pop to the shops for her if she’s having a bad day or her mobility decreases further.

Mum’s mobility scooter has a basket on the front, ideal for carrying her charger and a few bits of shopping. Also, it can be stored in her back garden for safety, with a cover over it. My Mum is thrilled with her new mobility scooter, which she picked up last week, and she has already driven over to see me on it!

Fenetic Wellbeing have a wide range of mobility scooters. Using the above infographic you can choose the perfect mobility scooter for your needs. Fenetic Wellbeing scooters come with 12 months warranty and free delivery too – you can have your independence back and be driving up to the shops in no time!

Seeing my Mum able to get around made me feel so proud that our financial situation has changed and we can afford to do such things. My Mum was so happy as she waved and drove off up the road. Having a mobility scooter will literally be life changing for my Mum.

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