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Choosing the right social media channels to monetise (AD)

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AD. I am a big fan of making money online, as well as saving money. I’m always looking for new ways to expand my online earnings and to have another income stream. As well as working hard on the income streams I already have I love knowing that if one method stops being worth my time that I have lots of other ways that I can make money. Diversifying and having multiple income streams is really important to me and today I want to talk to you about choosing the right social media channels to monetise. Being able to have multiple income streams mean that I do not have to worry about my finances if one stream dries up or becomes less. This makes our family life run much smoother and means that I have money coming in throughout the month.

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Think about what you love

The main social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all have something different to offer. For example, Instagram is for beautiful images, Pinterest is for directing people to interesting blog posts, Facebook is for bigger news, and Twitter is ideal for snappy life updates. For me personally, my favourite social media channel is Twitter, so this is where I spend the most time. I love being able to share small status updates with others as well as having a little chat. I have more than 10,000 followers there, which beats any of my other social media channels, and I think this is because I invest the most time and effort into Twitter at present. Think about the social media channels that you love and initially focus on those. Nobody loves ALL of the social media channels, at least not equally so if you want one channel to focus your efforts on this is fine!

What about me?

For me personally, I have monetised all of my social media channels in some form. Twitter and Facebook I share affiliate links, as well as blog posts, then on Instagram, I post sponsored content when I work with brands and on Pinterest, I direct people to blog posts, which again have affiliate links in them. This is working out well for me and I’m financially earning the most from Twitter and Pinterest. People click through to my blog posts regularly here, but I have to say that Pinterest has been a slow burner until recently. I spent months pinning and then suddenly I started to see Pinterest growth. Also, I increased my Twitter traffic on a large scale by using one scheduling tool.

What are the true pros and cons of social media?

I’ve got this great infographic to share with you today. It has been created by who can offer professional advice on your social media, and many more aspects of monetising your social media or creating a great website. Find out the pros and cons of each of the most popular social media networks – I love Twitter but completely agree with the pros and cons on this list for it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.