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Christmas food and drink must haves (AD – Gifted Items)

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For me Christmas time is really going to be all about the food and drink this year! We are going to be home, just the three of us, and while I’m unable to drink alcohol due to pregnancy I’m still going to have some lovely treats for Thomas, and some non-alcoholic drinks for me to enjoy as a treat too!

I love having nice snacks on hand when loved ones visit, and a delicious box or two of chocolates is a real must have. What’s more I love to gift the foodies in our family lovely gifts too. This are my Christmas food and drink must haves for 2020.

BuyAGift Certificate in a green envelope

For the coffee fan in your life this coffee subscription kit would make a wonderful gift. Three months of Beans coffee club subscription allows the recipient to receive coffee matched to their preferences and roasted to order. A new coffee can be sampled every month too!

Mermaid Salt Vodka

Christmas is a great time to make a cocktail, or try something new. Mermaid Salt Vodka, from the Isle of Wight Distillery, is vegan and gluten free. This has to be the most beautiful looking vodka I have EVER seen! No exaggeration.

The smooth finish and flavour makes this vodka perfect on it’s own over ice, or with a mixer, you can purchase this from Master of Malt or in store from John Lewis.

Spice Kitchen Indian Spice Kit

With Indian cooking having all the spices you need on hand is key to making a flavoursome, authentic dish. I absolutely love this Spice Kitchen Indian spice tin.

You receive 7 individual tins plus 9 spices (3 go in the centre tin together) including turmeric and garam masala. This is such a lovely gift for someone who loves to cook authentic meals.

Monin Coffee Syrup

Homemade coffee often just doesn’t have the specialness of one from a coffee shop. To give coffee more of a lovely taste these Monin Coffee Syrups are perfect! 5 flavours including caramel and vanilla mean that your loved one can have the perfect coffee shop experience at home.

Lindt Chocolates - Christmas bears, Christmas advent calendar and red Lindt Lindor selection box

My husband Thomas is a HUGE fan of LINDT chocolates. We’re going to start off December with this lush LINDT Pick & Mix advent calendar, available from the LINDT Chocolate Shop online or in regional LINDT chocolate shops.

For the big day itself the LINDT teddies are supporting the NSPCC with £1 from every green jumper purchase being donated to the charity.

The new LINDT selection box is perfect for fans of LINDT with 234g of delicious treats and goodies to enjoy on Christmas morning.

Cranes Cider Set with 3 bottles of Crane's Cider and a cider glass in a decorative box

Cider is often a great drink for Christmas time. Something different to experience to beer or lager, and the flavours are amazing these days!

Cranes Cider have a delicious range of ciders and their Cider gift set is fantastic! 3 lovely flavoured ciders, and a branded glass to drink them from too.

Oppo Brothers Ice Cream Tubs - Subscription Service Box

Did you know that you can get ice cream delivered direct from Oppo Brothers? The order comes packed in dry ice, which makes for so much fun in our house when we dispose of it, and they have an amazing ice cream subscription service and tasting kit too.

This is a great way to gift someone a gift that will keep on giving for the months ahead and your loved one can choose from a variety of delicious, but lower calorie, flavours.

Lily's Kitchen Christmas 2020 Items - Dog cracker, food, treats and advent calendar and cat advent calendar and classic chicken dinner

Lily’s Kitchen have a fantastic range of dog Christmas gifts. The dog advent calendar is a great way to get your dog involved with the December festivities when the whole family have an advent calendar.

They also have a box of Christmas treats and even a three bird roast for dogs. Our cat Jasmine will be enjoying a cat advent calendar!

Buzzy Blends Honey

Raw honey is a lovely gift for the foodie in your life. Buzzy Blends offer raw honey Christmas gift sets which come with a variety of delicious flavoured honey and they even have a range of seasonal flavours.

This honey is 100% natural, GMO free and unpasteurised. These honeys will go great on my air fryer roast parsnips!

Gin Testing Kit With Tonics

Gin is SUCH a big spirit now! In the last 10 years almost all of my friends have developed a taste for gin. There are a fantastic range of wonderful flavours now, and you don’t need to just enjoy plain old tonic as a mixer either now.

The Little Gin Company have a fantastic Gin Tasting Kit which comes with 4 x 5cl (double) bottles and mixers too. Gins including Old Tom Gin and Rhubarb with a twist of Lime Gin. The provided tonics have a great range of flavours including Earl Grey and English Garden tonic water.

Oggs Mince Pies

Oggs Luxury handmade mince pies are some of the nicest that we have ever tasted! These mince pies are made with butter and eggs, making them perfect for Vegans, and they’re so tasty that my family couldn’t tell when they tried them! You can find these in store, or online from Sainsburys.

Fallen Brewing Co drinks

Beers from Fallen Brewing offer something a little different for the festive spread this year, or as a great gift for beer lovers. These beers are made using only pure soft Scottish mountain water and the best hops and malts from around the world.

They offer a variety of beers including pale ale, west coast IPA and American blonde with something for most palate.

Guylian Chocolates

If you want to treat someone, on a budget, then these luxury Belgian chocolates from Guylian are made with a delicious praline recipe and taste lovely.

You can find Guylian chocolates in-store in Tesco and Sainsburys too, as well as online.

Spice Pots

The Spice Pots Curry Night kit is a range of 4 premium curry powders supplied with 8 easy curry recipes. This gift is perfect for both seasoned foodies and new cooks looking for inspiration.

There is a korma blend, bhuna blend, tandoori masala blend and goan blend that help create wonderful curries for a fakeaway style feast.

Fair Cafe Liqueur

Christmas is the perfect time for enjoying some cocktails in the evenings, with friends or in your own home. Fair have a great range of fairtrade and organic alcoholic drinks that are also socially responsible.

This cafe liqueur is made from 100% Fairtrade certified Arabica coffee beans that are roasted slowly to really help extract the finer properties of the coffee. Buy Fair drinks online now.

Haribo Tangfastics

Haribo are a great treat for little ones at Christmas time. These tangfastics are cheap and tasty and best of all they are free of a lot of the allergens often found in other Christmas time treats, making them ideal for little children with allergies (like Daisy!).

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.