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Christmas food and drink must haves (AD)

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Christmas time is all about being together as a family for us. Thomas works shifts, and this year he is going to be working for 12 hours on Christmas Day. 

This means that we want to make the run up to Christmas, as well as the big day itself as lovely as we possibly can. For us, being together and enjoying lovely food and drink, is really a big part of the festive season.

We love having nice snacks on hand, and a foodie Christmas gift, is always a winner with the older members of our family, who appreciate cooking nice food at home. 

This gift guide is designed to give you some tips, both for gifting to the foodies in your life, and for sprucing up your festivities too! 

Be sure to check out my Christmas gift guide for 3 year olds, and for 7 year olds while you’re here if they’re relevant.

Social Dining Banquet Experience for Two at Restaurant OXA by Andrew Sheridan and Jake Smith

The PERFECT foodie gift has to be a day out, trying tasty new foods, in a delightful setting. This Social Dining Banquet Experience for Two at OXA is made up of 6-8 plates chosen specifically to form a social dining banquet experience.

Each dish is carefully chosen using the finest locally sourced, seasonal produce, which is expertly prepared to elevate the dining experience.

Sourdough making kit from Sous Chef

This fantastic sourdough starter set contains everything that you need to learn how to make a sourdough starter and then go on to make wonderful creations with this.

You receive a loaf banneton, bread scoring blade, flexible rounded scraper, 1kg bread flour, storage container, drawstring bag and a copy of ‘How to make sourdough’. Everything that you, or your loved one, needs to make perfect sourdough every time and use the wonderful starter to create a variety of delicious dishes including bread, cookies and more. 

Rebel Gardening book

Rebel Gardening has everything you need to get started growing a garden of delightful goodies even in the smallest of spaces.

Alessandro Vitale is an expert at making the most of every inch of gardening space and this book is the blueprint you need to help you get started with a stunning urban windowsill or grow your own garden.

Coconut flower lager from Neitiv

If you’re looking to serve something a little special, and different, this Christmas then be sure to check out this Neitiv coconut flower beer. This is brewed using lager yeast and carefully crafted in two stages of fermentation, which means it takes around 8 weeks to produce.

This drink is Vegan, and contains live cultures from the coconut flower drops, while being brewed and bottled right here in the UK. The bottles are a work of art and the drinks are refreshing and a bit of an experience in themselves! 

Sloe gin from The Oxford Artisan Distillery

This Dam Vintage Sloe Gin (distillery edition) is made with locally-picked wild damsons and sloes, that are rested in award-winning Oxford Rye Organic Dry Gin for more than a year, and that then spend another year maturing in a Vintage Port, before being bottled ready to gift to the gin fan in your life. 

This sloe gin has a wonderful depth of rich berry and wine flavours and is a delightful gin created by working with nature and not rushing the process too! 

Wildjac rum set

Wildjac, home to sustainable and eco-friendly spirits, have a delightful Mini rum gift set

This fantastic set allows you to try 3 different flavours of rum, including honey spiced, cherry and rhubarb. This is a lovely gift set, particularly for the alcohol drinker who may get more joy from trying several different flavours versus one larger bottle of one flavour. It comes in lovely packaging too. 

Tulip Mugs

Make tea time a little special over the festive season with the simple-but-elegant patterns of these Tulip mugs. They are a set of 4, with a delightful white and navy blue colour scheme, complete with lattices, stripes, small daisies and circles too. Each piece is made from durable stoneware, designed to be long-lasting and high quality. Perfect for serving up tea on the daily, or just when you have guests visiting! 

Salter The Chocolatier

Hot chocolate is always a winner in our home, at any time of day, but there is just something so delightful about enjoying a nice hot chocolate in the colder months. We love to snuggle up with a nice hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream.

The Salter Chocolatier cordless milk frother makes a delicious perfect milk froth, with dairy or plant-based milk, and then you can add your favourite chocolate flakes and have a creamy, indulgent and rich hot chocolate, at the touch of a button, in less than 5 minutes. You can even use this to make cold froth, perfect for frappes or topping iced coffees. 

Amazon Sauvignon Blanc

This crisp and zesty *Sauvignon Blanc, with lemon and lime, is the perfect wine to accompany Christmas dinner. The price point of this wine makes it very reasonable for taking to family dinners over the festive season or just as a nice token gift for someone or if you don’t have a large budget for gifts. 

Amazon stock a ton of staples now such as British milk, fresh produce, British meat, responsibility sourced fish and a growing range of store cupboard ingredients too. 

Haribo Superfan collection (5 bags of Haribo sweets) and Haribo sharing medley

We’re BIG HARIBO fans in our family, especially as we have children with multiple allergies!

HARIBO have some great family gifts this year including the HARIBO Superfan Selection, which contains five gift bags of HARIBO sweets including new favourites such as Twin Snakes and Sour Sparks.

HARIBO also have this fantastic Sharing Medley this Christmas, which is packed full of the best of the best sweets including Tangfastics, Starmix, Giant Straws and Supermix, as well as Jelly Babies and Rhubarb & Custard Zing.

Find these in store at great retailers including Sainsburys, Ocado and B&M Stores.

Pulsin Vegan protein blend in vanilla and chocolate. Protein cookie dough bar, kept bar, protein choc fudge bar, brownie double choc dream, brownie double choc fudge bar.

For the foodie gift in your life, who also loves those gym gains, the Vegan Bundle from Pulsin is a fantastic gift. A bundle of goodies including protein bars, protein powder and brownie bars will help your loved one hit their gains and there are around 3 weeks of great products in this fantastic bundle.

Mince pies, coconut and cranberry cookies and Christmas edition raw cacao bars from Meera's made from scratch.

If you’re looking for some delicious Christmas goodies, that are refined sugar, dairy and gluten free, then look no further than this lovely 3-item Christmas gift box from Meera’s Made From Scratch.

Meera offers a range of healthy, but delicious, goodies, including sweet treats, fermented foods, broths, soups, snacks and savoury goodies all designed with the health of your body in mind. The perfect gift for your loved ones with allergies!

USA Pan Loaf Tin from Sous Chef

Help the foodie in your life make their best ever loaves of bread with this stunning Pullman Loaf Pan. I love that it comes with a lid, helping to achieve the perfect sandwich loaf, which is square in shape and will actually fit in lunchboxes. 

The quality of this is stunning and it is going to last years and years, the perfect way to let a loved one know you’re interested in their hobbies and also who doesn’t love fresh bread?! 

OPIES fruits in alcohol: peaches with Luxardo brandy, baby pears with Luxardo Amaretto, forest fruits with Luxardo gin, Black cherries with Luxardo kirsch.

Christmas time is the perfect time for gifting something a little special soaked in alcohol, right? OPIES have a fantastic range of delicious, quality fruits, with delicious alcohol alongside. Peaches with brandy are a particular favourite in own home, and you can buy these from Sainsburys, Morissons, Waitrose, Booths and Nisa. Baby Pears with Luxardo Amaretto make a great gift, and you can buy these from Morrisons, Booths and Nisa

If you want something a little different then forest fruits with mulled gin are super tasty, and offer a real contrast between the two flavours. Perfect for enjoying with loved ones, on a cold Winters evening or even as part of a party spread. 

NOMO free from treats - chocolate fudge reindeers, Crispy mo, lollies, salted caramel, orange and mint chocolates.

Vegans and people with food allergies need not miss out at Christmas time thanks to NOMO. NOMO is a Vegan & Free From Chocolate brand and their Christmas range is absolutely lovely.

With advent calendars, sharing boxes, cute chocolate reindeers and even selection boxes on offer they have something for everyone this year. My own daughters have had food allergies for years now and I’m looking forward to wowing my littlest daughter with a selection of these goodies.

Available at Asda, Co-op, Holland & Barrett, Nisa, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose. You can also visit the NOMO website.

Stormtrooper Pancake Pan with pancake mix

The Star Wars fan in your life is sure to love this fun Stormtrooper breakfast pan from Card Factory. Not only do you get this fun, cute pancake pan but there is a pancake mix too that just requires the addition of some water and a little oil to grease the pan itself.

The Card Factory have a fantastic range of very reasonably priced Christmas gifts. I love the look of some of their personalised couple gifts.

Acacia wooden chopping board

This Acacia wood chopping board is stylish and practical. It is a fantastic kitchen accessory that will allow you to both prep food and serve it on the same board this Christmas.

Crafted from eco-friendly acacia wood this is both hard-wearing and absolutely stunning to look at too. The surface is soft enough to ensure that knives won’t be blunted or damaged when cutting on this block. It is reversible, non-porous and has longevity. The handy finger grooves at either end of the board are ideal to help you carry this around your home, ready to lay out a lovely spread for guests. 

Bamboo serving trays

One of my most favourite items in my home is a bamboo serving tray. I love being able to prepare my coffee in the morning, alongside breakfast, and carry it to my desk, the living room or even my garden if the weather is nice and allows for this.

This set of 3 bamboo serving trays is a versatile household accessory that will allow you to enjoy breakfast in bed, carry drinks around your home or just serve tea and biscuits to guests. This is a great way to be comfortable, and safe, particularly if you have little ones running around like I do! There are hollowed out handles on each of the trays, making them comfortable and ergonomic. You can even use these to display or store trinkets around your home. 

Hive and Keeper Honey Breakfast Set

This limited edition Breakfast honey gift contains British honey, straight from the hive, and will make the great start to the day for any foodie. 

These three limited edition jars of honey are perfect on toast, with porridge and in tea. As Hive and Keeper work with British beekeepers you’ll even get a little card inside that tells you more about the beekeeper who helped produce your specific honey. 

SugarFlair paste colours collection - 10 x 10g concentrated paste colours

Whether you’re going to be baking over the festive season, or want to gift these to a foodie family member, these sugar paste colours are fantastic. A little goes a long way and the colours are deep making them perfect for fondant, buttercream or marzipan. 

Luxury Indian Spice Gift Set from Spice Pots

There is just something so special about cooking Indian food, at home, from scratch. It is amazing how you can recreate the flavours of your favourite dishes in next to no time and with minimal effort too.

This Luxury Indian spice gift set has everything that you need to get started on making absolutely delicious Indian dishes at home. This set contains multiple spice blends including Korma, Bhuna, Tandoori Masala and even a cooks candle to help neutralise cooking odours after a large cooking session! 

Von Haus salt and pepper electric mill

I’m a BIG fan of an electric salt and pepper mill. They are fantastic to help those of us with mobility issues and you can still enjoy freshly grown pepper with the touch of a button. 

The base of these lights up, which is great when working in lower light, or if you’re a fan of cosy cooking by candlelight. These mills are super simple to refill and you can see how much is less at any time thanks to the clear chambers. You can even change the size of the ground by twisting at the bottom to choose a fine, medium or coarse grind. Be sure to grab 4 x AA batteries to gift with these. 

Christmas Dinner Cat Certificate

This Christmas, for the relative who has everything, why not consider donating to charity instead?

Miracle’s Mission allow you to purchase a cat or dog a Christmas dinner, or toy, for just £5 and they will provide you with a certificate to print out and fill in so you can show your loved one you’ve done something nice in their name.

Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar Gift Set

Luxury products, such as this Due Vittorie Oro Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Gift Box are perfect for that special person in your life who doesn’t have a specific gift in mind but loves the finer things in life.

As well as coming presented in a beautiful box this balsamic vinegar is ultra high density, and perfect on salads, over vegetables or with olive oil as a dip for breads and rolls. 

Pornstar Martini Cocktail Set from The Cocktail Society

This Pornstar Martini Cocktail Set is the perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life. This set contains enough ingredients for four cocktails, a cocktail shaker, snack and a recipe card too to ensure the cocktail is as authentic as possible. I love an espresso martini personally, but am partial to a pornstar one too!

The drinks in this set are branded, to bring a fantastic touch of quality to this gift. If you’re looking for a foodie gift with the real wow factor then this is it! 

Pewter Tottenham Hotspur Vodka

If you have a football fan in your life, but don’t want to risk purchasing a kit or souvenir they may already own, then this Pewter Edition Vodka is a fantastic gift!

There are a variety of teams available and not only is this a great nod to a favourite team, it is also a fantastic gift in itself, without the team logo. 

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