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Christmas gift ideas for new parents and babies (AD)

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Welcoming a new baby into the family is such a joyous occasion. Tiny hands, little toes, that newborn baby smell, and the size of them? Wow! I had forgotten just how small and lovely new babies are until our daughter Aurora was born in April 2021

We love to spoil our nieces and nephews, and our own daughters too, so I’ve put together this new baby gift guide, designed to give you a few ideas of some more practical, and fun, gifts to celebrate Christmas with. 

TP Trike 4in1+ Midnight in the garden

It is amazing just how fast little ones grow up and begin to get on the move! This trike, designed for use from 10 months to 36 months is designed to grow with little ones.

The TP Trike 4in1+ Midnight comes with parental lock and even a drinks holder, making it perfect for a little trip to the park or shops. It comes with a 3-point safety harness and shock resistant wheels to make for a smooth journey at all ages and during the 4 different stages this trike has. 

Doddl Baby Cutlery Bundle

The first 6 months of babies life are gone in the blink of an eye (speaking as the Mum of a 7-month-old!) and weaning comes around so fast.

The Doddl Baby Cutlery Bundle (spoon, fork and knife set) is aimed at little ones ages 1 – 5 years and the ergonomic designs mean that this set is designed to fit little one’s hands perfectly helping with their weaning journey. Little ones can learn to cut food, but not skin, thanks to the clever design of the knife.  

A Frugi splashing bib on a grey backdrop. The bib has elasticated sleeves and has planets, stars and rainbows on

Aurora is 7 months now, which means she is just entering the age where messy play is a thing! This splashing sleeved bib from Frugi is fantastic for having fun in.

Perfect for both messy mealtimes and playtimes it has a beautiful print on it and is so comfortable for little ones to wear. It is simple to slip on and Aurora has no complaints when wearing it in her highchair.

Personalised Suction Plate with Aurora's name on and an orange bamboo spoon

This personalised suction plate is perfect for weaning little ones. Not only will it stick to the highchair but it can be a great addition to a family meal out too helping to cut down on the amount of mess while in a restaurant or cafe.

To lift up the plate all you need to do is lift the tab and then the plate will come away. You can personalise the plate which is such a nice touch for a new baby gift! 

Good Bubble Products - The Gruffalo set

This Gruffalo themed bath set is ideal for newborns and toddlers alike thanks to its hypoallergenic, mild and gentle no tears formulation.

Good Bubble products are designed to be gentle on delicate skin. These bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic and are Vegan friendly too. 

Leapfrog Toaster

Little ones absolutely love pretending to cook and with this lovely toaster they can do just that. This Leapfrog toaster comes complete with 9 food items and utensils such as toast, jam and even cutlery. Buying kids toys has to be one of my favourite Christmas activities, as it is amazing what new ideas there are each year! 

The panel on the front has interactive buttons and it lights up too. Best of all the toast can pop up and down, just like a real toaster, for great fun in a pretend kitchen scenario. This is ideal for ages 12 months + so is a perfect first Christmas present for babies born earlier in the year. 

Where is Everyone? Book

Little ones will love to see everyday objects transformed within this lift-the-flap, climate neutral board book, which is beautifully designed with bright pictures that are packed full of detail.

Each page in the *Where is Everyone? Book is designed to encourage little ones to be creative and think differently about the world, and it’s objects, that are all around them. 

Baby Cups - feeding cups for babies

As a Mum to two girls with allergies it is fair to say that I’ve felt a little more anxious about weaning this time than I did first time around!

These baby cups are designed to encourage babies to take healthy sips from their cup and learn how to drink naturally, without any gimmicks.

A4 Double Gallery displaying a child's artwork

If you’ve got an art mad child in your home this A4 Double Gallery makes for a fantastic gift! 

Children can create lovely artwork safe in the knowledge that there is a designated area in the home for it to be displayed. Personally I love to see the creations that my daughter makes and I love that you can just open the front, pop a new drawing or colouring page in, and then everyone can enjoy it when they visit your home. 

A Christmas stocking personalised with Aurora Stevens

If, like us, you’ve welcomed a new baby into the family then now is the perfect time for a Christmas stocking order!

We’ve gone for this stunning personalised Christmas Eve stocking and absolutely love it. I can’t wait to put Aurora’s toys inside as I know it is going to make the ‘Big Day’ even more magical for my 5-year-old!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.