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Christmas gift ideas for 3-year-olds (AD)

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Our daughter is 2.5 years old, and this is her first year asking for specific items from Santa. These include sweets, chocolate and Peppa Pig toys.

I’ve also got some lovely ideas here for great fun gifts for a 2-3 year old, perfect to help them play, have fun and enjoy the Festive season.

Curlicue Wrapping paper - eco-friendly, plastic-free recyclable wrapping paper - two parcels wrapped in Curlicue wrapping paper

Looking for a luxury touch with your gift wrapping this year? Curlicue’s wrapping paper is absolutely perfect. It is crafted from 100% recycled paper, is recyclable and plastic-free, making it a fantastic and more sustainable choice this Christmas. It is also made in the UK and they have matched tags, twine and eco-tape available too. 

For children I love the Nutcracker and Pawfect Present prints, as well as Bauble Noire which is pictured here.

Mizzie Board Book and Flash Cards

This *flash card memory game, featuring Mizzie the Kangaroo, is great fun to take out to a restaurant or on the move when visiting relatives this Christmas. They are ideal to help stimulate cognitive development and there are 4 different games that can be played with this one set of cards.

The *Sing with Mizzie Nursery Rhymes book is stunning. Not only is it a high quality board book but it is interactive too. Perfect to get little ones singing, listening and loving reading too. Press the button and hear 6 different nursery rhymes, all sung by school children. This is a great gift to send to loved ones in Australia too as Mizzie is a adorable and well known there too. 

Choosing Christmas gifts for 3-year-olds requires thoughtfulness and safety considerations. Opt for age-appropriate toys that stimulate creativity and motor skills. Speaking of creativity, if you’re in Australia, like Mizzie, you may want help finding the Sydney’s top managed IT service provider. This involves assessing reliability, security, and scalability. Look for a company with a proven track record to ensure seamless technology support.

Fungi Frankie

Frankie is the adorable plush dancing mushroom that provides tons of fun and joy for little ones. Fungi Frankie moves his body to the rhythm of your favourite music and even repeats what you say. 

This is the perfect bargain gift for both small children and those who have a fairy or whimsical theme to their bedroom or toy room. 

Find the Fairies

Find the Fairies is an absolutely beautifully illustrated matching pairs game. 40 cards, all beautifully designed, are turned over and then you have to work through, two at a time, turning cards over and finding the diverse fairies to match.

I love matching games as they are great to work on memory skills and it is also partly down to luck when turning the cards over initially which is great fun. This is the perfect gift if you’re trying to have screen free fun too. 

The big Fun Book of Wheels

My youngest daughter is absolutely obsessed with anything with wheels and the Big Fun Book of Vehicles is going to make the perfect Christmas gift for her. *Buy it now from Amazon.

This beautifully illustrated book takes us on a journey through history covering everything from the Trojan horse to a Ferrari. The colourful art is delightful to view and has a quirky feel to it making this a stunning keepsake type Christmas gift for a loved one. 

Zycom Zing Pink scooter

The Zycom Zing Scooter, in teal and pink, is perfect for little ones. The wheels light-up, adding an extra dose of fun, and the three-wheel design offers great stability and fun while scooting down to the park with family. This is a stylish, safe and fun scooter for tiny explorers.

The new forest unicorn book

If you’ve got a unicorn or pony mad little one in your family they’ll love “*Have you seen the new forest unicorn”. Horse riding little ones will be big fans too as this books telling the story of the lovely ponies that roam free in The New Forest, with all different colours and personalities. 

Playmobil Minnie and Mickey Cloud Ride

Mini Disney fans will absolutely love *Mickey & Minnie’s Cloud Ride. This is a plug-in and combination game that will help little ones to work on their fine motor skills and also their cognitive skills too. With each of the pods labelled from 1 to 3 it helps little ones with number recognition too. 

This set is absolutely adorable and it comes with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in a pilot’s outfit, plus the aeroplane, cloud vehicle and 3 plug-in elements to have in between.

Baby Paws

Baby Paws, a sweet Cocker – the most adorable puppy ever! Sweet, cute and the lover of a good biscuit or dog treat. This fun toy comes with a blanket and an adorable dummy. The dummy will get your puppy to go to sleep, take it away and it’ll open it’s eyes and make the cutest sounds ever! 

The puppy loves being held, and having it’s blanket on. It will open it’s eyes, move its legs, head and even yawn too. The blanket can even be made into a little bag to hold your puppy safely when travelling. 

Let's Go Bunny

This hurrying scurrying bunny will be the perfect best friend for your little one, packed full of personality. Let’s Go bunny is shy to begin with, as he learns more about you and gets to know you and then the more you play with him the more the sensors will make him come to life and play one of 25+ sounds and a variety of emotions.

Waggles Animagic

This is your little one’s very own walking, waggling, wiggling dog – with none of the maintenance! Waggles walks along, just like a real dog, wiggles his bum and wags his tail too. 

He loves to go for a walk with his new owner and has the cutest cheeky smile, as well as lots of cute puppy barks! 

Dinosaur Dig

Dinosaur fans can race against one another to be the first person to find all of the dinosaur bones in Dinosaur Dig. Use the fossil finding pick to find your own dinosaur bones on the 3D board. Don’t find the T-Rex card or you’ll have to put one of your bones back.

We absolutely love Orchard Toys games in our home and have LOTS. We’ve had some real favourites over the last 5 years or so and I’m sure my dinosaur mad two year old is going to absolutely love this! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.