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Christmas gift ideas for 6-year-olds (AD)

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Our daughter is 6 years old, and her wishlist for Christmas is quite sizeable! Alongside the request for Nintendo Switch games, for the whole family to play together, she has asked for sweets and toys also.

I’ve got a few ideas here, ideal if you’re buying for a 6-year-old, or perhaps even a slightly younger child who is advanced for their age! 

*Clixo is a great fun open-ended play system, that combines the beauty of paper origami with the ease of classic building blocks. 

This is a great toy to help children with their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and creativity too. This set is great for children aged 4+ and provides hours of STEM fun where they can create endless creations including animals, toys and much more. The best feature of this toy has to be that you can actually wash the pieces too – wipe down or even place in the dishwasher for a deep clean! 

Don't be a scaredy bear game

*Scaredy Bear has had a tumble and is covered in plasters – little ones need to remove the coloured plasters, one by one, and avoid pulling too hard and making the bear scream! 

The first player who removes three plasters is the winner. A super simple, great fun game, for the whole family, that is quick to set up, fast to play and simple to set right back up again for another game. 

Soggy Moggy game

In this fun game, *Soggy Moggy, players each choose a coloured fish and then take turns to roll a dice to help their fish get back into the fish bowl. Try to avoid your moggy getting soggy and being sent back to the start! 

Encanto game

Encanto, a real fun musical film, has been a great hit in our home. This Guess Who game is great fun, and perfect to take away if you’re going on a break in the Christmas period.

Choose one of the 10 different colourful character cards, place them in the provided glasses, and then work with your opponent to try to get them to answer questions about their choice, and become the winner. 

My First Adventure books - Finding the Dragon and Journey to the Ochre land

The My First Adventure books are super fun for little ones and a trip down memory lane for parents too. Every read is a different experience as the pages are divided into three and take around 15 minutes for little ones to read through, making them perfect for a bedtime book that is packed full of fun! 

Children can choose their own adventure in these great fun books, where the segment of the page you turn chooses the story that the book takes you down the path of. 

Available from all good Hobby Stores.


Aspiring Tik Tok creators and families who love to enjoy dancing and music together will love Just Play’s latest musical gadget, RUKUS fx. This is set to be the perfect family gift this Christmas and with no app download or other devices necessary it is great for families new to tech gadgets. 

You can record your own sounds and even upload music tracks, meaning creations are infinite! 

Minnie Mouse Doll

Help your little one set trends and become a fashionista with this Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Fashion Doll. This lovely present comes with two pairs of shoes, three easy-on dresses, a unicorn purse, two headbands, sunglasses, a cell phone, a pretend balloon and even a fun carry case. 

The outfits are simple to take on and off, so your little one can enjoy independent play with this great toy, suitable for ages 3+. 

Disney Junior Mickey Fire Rescue

Mickey Mouse fans will love the Disney Junior Mickey Fire Rescue Mickey Mouse.

Mickey comes in a red uniform, equipped with a water cannon attached to his backpack. Squeeze Mickey’s legs and his torso rotates and his arms swing back and forth. Press the button to make a ‘water’ ball shoot out!

Bunch of Butts board game

This is a cheeky, fun game, designed to get you shouting out and bring a little bit of fun chaos to your day. Bunch of Butts is the perfect Christmas Day game, great fun, filled with laughter, and perfect for passing time over the festive season in particular.

Flip over cards, spelling out the letters in BUNCH OF BUTTS and race against your opponents to be the winner. As they say themselves this game is Buttloads of fun! 

Mechanics Strike Challenge Geomag

The Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike set is perfect for children to learn about construction, spend hours building and work on their dexterity too. 

There are 185 individual parts in this set, including a gravity motor, to help make great fun set ups in a variety of different set ups. This is perfect for playing with 1 – 4 players, so is perfect for family gatherings over the festive season or little ones that live alone and want toys they can play independently. 

Brainbox animals game

In *Brainbox, available in multiple formats, the object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then be able to answer a question based on the roll of a die. If you get the question correct then the card can be kept. The person with the most cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner.

This is another great game that is suitable for younger attention spans and great fun for a family games night. 

Ticket to ride London game

If you like Ticket to Ride then you’ll love *Ticket To Ride London. This great game is playable in just 15 minutes, which is perfect for younger attention spans.

Travel around London, the fashion capital of the 70s, using the iconic Routemaster bus routes and connect destinations to score yourself points. 

Warmies sloth

Sloth fans, such as myself and my daughter, will love this Warmies marshmallow sloth toy, which is a warm and cosy toy, great as a safe alternative to a hot water bottle. 

You pop this in the oven to heat it up, and it can be reheated time and time again to provide a cost warm bed, without the potential dangers of a hot water bottle. 


The purpose of *Bananagrams is to be the first member of your family to build a grid of words using the letter tiles and then be the first one to use them all up.

This is a great fun game, that is the perfect size to pack for travel over Christmas and beyond. It is great fun, while helping little ones to practice their spelling too. 

LOL Surprise Christmas Cards

When you have a child of school age they often want to send Christmas cards to their friends, as my Daisy does. These LOL Surprise Christmas cards, in a pack of 30 in 4 different designs, are great fun, small, simple to write out and come with envelopes too. 

Elf on the shlef wrapping paper and gift tags

If you’re going to participating in ‘Elf on the Shelf’ this year then this themed wrapping paper is perfect. Your Elf can bring a lovely gift when they arrive, or even just arrange one to come from the ‘Big man’ himself. 

This wrapping paper set comes with 1 sheet of wrapping paper, 1 gift tag and 1 card too. Ideal for wrapping a special gift from the Elf when they arrive in December.

Dragons Legens of the Nine Realms Games on Xbox Series X/One, PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Little ones can unleash their inner dragon, in Dragons: Legends of the 9 realms, and fly beyond the Hidden World, on a adventure to rescue Thunder’s family and save the dragon kingdoms. There are variety powers to use, such as speed, tail and claws to explore the realms and defeat foes along the way. 

Available on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5, Steam and Xbox one. 

L.O.L Surprise BBs games on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch games

L.O.L. Surprise fans will LOVE B.Bs Born To Travel where they can create custom, fierce L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and travel the world in this great fun fashion game. 

Available on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox X|S and Steam 

My Little Pony A Maretime Bay Adventure Xbox, PS5, PS4, Switch games

This great fun game is based on the new film, and the FIFTH generation of ponies. Where does the time go?! 

Little ones can play as Sunny, as she tries to get organised for a festival and have to prevent one pony from sabotaging the event. 

Available on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox X and PC.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.