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Christmas gift ideas for 5-year-olds (AD)

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Our daughter is 5 years old, and her wishlist for Christmas is quite sizeable! Alongside the request for a Nintendo Switch, for the whole family to play together, she has asked for sweets, toys and a game or two! 

I’ve got a few ideas here, ideal if you’re buying for a 5-year-old, or perhaps even a slightly younger child who is advanced for their age! 

Reaxion Xplode Game

Children can construct amazing domino runs with the help of this Reaxion Xplode Game. Connect tiles together to build whatever you want, and use stunts to create even more fun effects to the domino run.

This fantastic set contains 150 tiles, 75 linX, 2 spinners and 4 wheels. This is a great toy for STEM and will provide hours of fun.  

Barbie Advent Calendar

Barbie fans will absolutely love this Barbie Advent Calendar! Behind each of the 24 windows are fun Barbie accessories that are the ideal accompaniment to Barbie herself!

Advent calendars are a great way to build the excitement up towards Christmas Day and I know Daisy will absolutely love this!

Aurora and Daisy wear green Autumnal dresses with red, yellow, blue and teal dots on plus foxes and leaves - both girls are smiling and Aurora has her arms wide, Daisy is cuddling Aurora

Now that I have two daughters I REALLY love to put them in matching outfits, mostly to hear my 5-year-old remark that they look like twins. It really warms my heart to see my girls though, in matching outfits, and they both absolutely adore these party skater dresses from Frugi. They are made from soft organic cotton, with just enough stretch to them to be child friendly. The bow detail on the back is beautiful too.

This dress is stocked in sizes from 0-3 months right up to 9-10 years, ideal for finding matching outfits for the festive season.


If you’ve got a little one who is always full of energy the Waboba Moonshine ball makes for a fun stocking filler. 

This great fun toy gives a zero gravity bounce, with an addictive popping sound when it hits the ground, that makes it extra fun for little ones. This is 100% non toxic and is designed to withstand endless bouncing and is great to use both indoors and outdoors for games and to keep little ones occupied. 

Stomp Rocket

The *Stomp Rocket is a super fun kid powered toy. Children can run, jump and stomp on the Stomp Rocket which will soar 10s of feet into the air and is suitable for little ones from the age of 6.

This toy is a fantastic way to encourage children to learn more about STEM, have fun and enjoy some fresh air too.

Tangle Toys

Most 5-year-olds love a good fidget, and my daughter is no exception to this, this year I’m going to be gifting her a couple of these fun *Tangle Toys. These toys are ideal for occupying little hands and are designed to be manipulated, manoeuvred and fiddled with. They are a great way to keep small hands occupied while waiting in restaurants, or perhaps while seated in the car, and can stretch from 5cm to 18cm when uncoiled. 

You can choose from a wide variety of Tangle Toys including classic, pets, crush and metallics. Each offering something a little different and some even light up – super fun! 

Ryder’s Alphabet Pad

Fans of Paw Patrol will love Ryder’s Alphabet Pad. This great fun tablet will introduce little ones to the world of technology, in a safe manner, and help them to practice letter and word recognition, listening and understanding too. 

This fun tablet will ask questions and encourage children to press the right button to reveal their chosen answer. 

Science Mad Weather Station

This super fun *5-in-1 weather station providers hours of fun for science mad little ones. 

There is an indicator, thermometer, rain gauge and more! This is ideal for checking the weather on the morning of upcoming fun adventures and is a great way to introduce children into the world around them and being more aware of environmental changes too. 

Buddy Phones

Children typically love to make noise, and use a bit of technology too. A win win combination for me as there *Buddy Phones allow me to get some work done while Daisy enjoys her device for a little while. 

These headphones come in a range of different colours, are designed to protect little one’s delicate hearing and they are super comfortable too! 

LOL Surprise Scooter

What better feeling is there, on Christmas Eve, than opening the box, to prepare a Christmas gift, only to find that it is already assembled? 

This 2-wheel LOL Surprise Scooter comes fully built, in a box, and is the ideal scooter for children who are wanting to move up from riding on 3 wheels. It folds, and unfolds, quickly and is ideal for using on the school run if you’re going to need to carry it home yourself afterwards. 

Toy Mini Brands

Daisy is a HUGE fan of these *toy mini brands! There are 5 items in each ball and she loves to open them and see which miniature versions of real toys she has.

Within the balls you can obtain a shopping trolley, basket and there are tons of super cute miniature toys including Rugrats and Crayola. Perfect for a trip down memory lane for parents too while playing together.

Christmas Elf Letters

If, like us, your little ones have an Elf visitor in December then now is a brilliant time to stock up on everything you need!

We’ve ordered a set of Elfie’s Christmas Advent Calendar Letters, one to open each day in December in the run up to Christmas, to really help build some of the excitement and magic!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.