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Christmas gift ideas for 7-year-olds (AD)

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Our daughter is 7 years old, and her wishlist for Christmas is quite modest this year! Alongside the request for Nintendo Switch game, for the whole family to play together, she would also love an Apple pencil (a dupe one will be sufficient I’m sure).

I’ve got a few ideas here, ideal if you’re buying for a 7-year-old, or perhaps even a slightly younger child who is advanced for their age! Be sure to check out my Christmas gift guide for 3 year olds, and for must have gifts for adults or foodies while you’re here if they’re relevant.

Puro Kids headphones

Puro Sound Labs are on a mission to protect consumers’ hearing and this extends across their range by limiting the volume of their products to 85 dB as recommended by the World Health Organisation. 

*These headphones come with genuine studio sound, offering clear and crisp vocals and a full dynamic bass to be suitable with all genres of music. You can block ambient noise when wearing these headphones making them perfect for enjoying music, games or podcasts in shared spaces without disturbing others, or being disturbed. 

The ear cups are interchangeable so they can be switch from on-ear to over-ear for a better experience and more comfort for your child. There is even a built in microphone which is great for use with online learning platforms. 

Bluey The Videogame, Grinch Christmas Adventures, Rainbow High from Outright Games

We’re big lovers of video games in our home and Daisy is a top fan of fun games that she can play on the Nintendo Switch on the ‘big telly’ while her 2-year-old sister watches.

For Aurora it feels like she is watching her favourite TV shows, and characters, and Daisy gets the fun of unlocking levels and completing quests and missions in child-safe age appropriate games.

There are some amazing new games this Winter including *Bluey: The VideoGame, *The Grinch Christmas Adventures and *Rainbow High Runway Rush.

Outright Games have some fantastic titles this festive season and games are a great way to bond with your family during the Christmas period where a lot more people have time to rest and relax than normal.


In this great fun stacking game the challenge is to carefully balance each of the adorable dog-shaped pieces on top of one another. Players take turns to stack the wooden canines aiming to create the tallest tower possible without it toppling over.

The design of this game is whimsical, and it is fun concept, that is ideal for players of all ages. You can test your dexterity and strategic skills while playing and when the impending Dog-saster occurs you’ll be laughing with your loved ones as the tower comes tumbling down. 

Christmas at the Stevens

In our home we love to have a Christmas Box, rather than specifically a Christmas Eve box, and this stunning Jolly Holly Box is perfect for both! 

This is a festive box, decorated and personalised, which you can fill with stunning treats and Christmas activities for your family. You don’t need to spend lots. I love to buy second hand Christmas tops and PJs from Vinted and browse Home Bargains and B&M for a festive hot chocolate, selection box and a colouring set. My daughters love that this arrives at the start of December and signifies us getting ready for Christmas time. 

Helly Hansen Fleece Tracksuit

Gifting clothing is one of my favourite things to do for little ones, particularly warm clothes, shoes, coats and boots. I love to get my girls a nice matching set every year, that they can use in Winter time, and these Helly Hansen fleece sets are absolutely stunning. 

A full-zip top, with matching elastic waist pants, is perfect for kids to wear all winter and comes with tail drop, chin guard and is made from micro fleece fabric so it is super cosy and warm. 

Amber Mine Excavation Set

Dinosaur loves will adore the Jurassic World Dominion themed excavation kit. This set comes with exciting discoveries to be made with a dig slab, chisel, brush, hammer, rocks and magnifying glass, as well as a stack of fun fact cards. 

This is a great way to excite little ones, as they work to dig out the plastic dino skeleton, hidden within the amber mine. 

Unicorn Styling Head

Little ones love to explore their own creativity and this unicorn styling head is a great fun, and frugal, toy that will help them do just that.

This styling head comes with flowing rainbow locks, a hairbrush and even some accessories too. Unicorn mad little ones will adore this set and can have hours of fun with the addition of their own favourite hair accessories or even some hair crayons. 

Don't be a scaredy bear game

*Scaredy Bear has had a tumble and is covered in plasters – little ones need to remove the coloured plasters, one by one, and avoid pulling too hard and making the bear scream! 

The first player who removes three plasters is the winner. A super simple, great fun game, for the whole family, that is quick to set up, fast to play and simple to set right back up again for another game. 

Soggy Moggy game

In this fun game, *Soggy Moggy, players each choose a coloured fish and then take turns to roll a dice to help their fish get back into the fish bowl. Try to avoid your moggy getting soggy and being sent back to the start! 

My First Adventure books - Finding the Dragon and Journey to the Ochre land

The My First Adventure books are super fun for little ones and a trip down memory lane for parents too. Every read is a different experience as the pages are divided into three and take around 15 minutes for little ones to read through, making them perfect for a bedtime book that is packed full of fun! 

Children can choose their own adventure in these great fun books, where the segment of the page you turn chooses the story that the book takes you down the path of. 

Available from all good Hobby Stores.

Super Mario Costume

A costume is always a great idea for a Christmas gift, particularly as they often span 1-2 years in sizing, making them long lasting and perfect for gifting on afterwards when they’re outgrown too.

This *deluxe Mario costume comes with an all-in-one jumpsuit, padded belly, red initialled hat, a pair of white gloves and even a black moustache. 

Disney Doorables

Find a minimum of 5 *Disney Doorables in this house-themed multi blind box. Every door contains a surprise, with as many as 7 Disney Doorables available. 

Fans of blind bags and boxes will be thrilled at the prospect of finding a Special Edition Metallic figure from Wall-E too! 

World's Smallest Uno

If you have an Uno fan in your life then you’ll love the *World’s smallest UNO set. There are 108 tiny cards in the box and this is perfect for taking out to restaurants on even for packing to play while travelling on plane or train. 

7th Heaven Face masks

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some self-care goodies and time for a pamper. The inevitable downtime between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to use one of these Winter Wonderland themed face masks from 7th Heaven. 

They are also perfect for putting into a Christmas Eve or 1st of December Christmas box too. *Reindeer, penguin and elf sheet masks are the perfect festive way to relax and they are enriched with natural and naturally derived plant extracts. 

Munchies from the Cutie Climbers range

These adorable characters live in their little flower-shaped houses with their babies. Cutie Climbers can climb, open the flower, feed the baby, play with the throne and more. The strings can be linked together to create necklaces, bracelets and more. 

BFF Cry Babies

A BFF fashion doll loves fashion, following trends and going on adventures using their magical necklace. The outfits they wear are cool, colourful and can be changed, plus they come with 7 different accessories. Each BFF doll has different accessories, and a different look, so your child can collect all 6. 

Each doll is 20cm tall, has 15cm of long silky hair and comes with bright fun accessories that make it great fun to play with. 

Danilo Greetings Cards

Danilo has an amazing range of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift bags too. They have a range of character items and these Elf on the Shelf and Minions Christmas cards will be perfect for my daughter to write cards for all of her school friends. 30 cards will be fantastic to cover the whole class at school too.

Danilo wrapping paper and Christmas cards

I also chose these matching wrapping paper and card sets for my daughters, from the Gruffalo, and Elf on the Shelf, so they have easily identifiable Christmas presents on Christmas day when they’re unwrapping them at the same time. Be sure to use code Kicker10 to grab yourself a discount on site too! 

Nutcracker throw Catherine Mansfield

In our home we love to have lots of family film nights throughout the year. This often consists of us cuddled up on the sofa together with great snacks, a family friendly film and a blanket or two. I love to make us hot chocolates and light candles. 

This nutcracker fleece throw is the perfect cosy green throw, ideal for little ones to snuggle up on the sofa or even sit on top of for a carpet picnic. It is machine washable and can even go in the tumble dryer if you want to warm it up before settling down for the evening. 

Rosie and the dancing butterfly book

The Little Walnut Tree books, Rosie and the Dancing Butterfly, and Shuffling with Wally the Alley, are two delightful books from Jo Cairns. 

Rosie and the Dancing Butterfly tells the story of a playful puppy, named Rosie, and a dancing butterfly and is a lovely story with lessons about being cautious and staying safe in a variety of situations.

Shuffling with Wally the Alley book

Shuffling with Wally the Alley is the story of a baby alligator who has lived in the heart of the African jungle. Wally is brave, and loves going on adventures to new places and meeting new friends.

My eldest daughter, Daisy, 7 years old, has loved these books. They are illustrated with cute photos and the messages behind the books are lovely too helping to empower children to stay safe and also to enjoy adventures to new places and meeting new people.

Bunch of Butts board game

This is a cheeky, fun game, designed to get you shouting out and bring a little bit of fun chaos to your day. Bunch of Butts is the perfect Christmas Day game, great fun, filled with laughter, and perfect for passing time over the festive season in particular.

Flip over cards, spelling out the letters in BUNCH OF BUTTS and race against your opponents to be the winner. As they say themselves this game is Buttloads of fun! 

Brainbox animals game

In *Brainbox, available in multiple formats, the object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then be able to answer a question based on the roll of a die. If you get the question correct then the card can be kept. The person with the most cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner.

This is another great game that is suitable for younger attention spans and great fun for a family games night. 

Ticket to ride London game

If you like Ticket to Ride then you’ll love *Ticket To Ride London. This great game is playable in just 15 minutes, which is perfect for younger attention spans.

Travel around London, the fashion capital of the 70s, using the iconic Routemaster bus routes and connect destinations to score yourself points. 

Warmies sloth

Sloth fans, such as myself and my daughter, will love this Warmies marshmallow sloth toy, which is a warm and cosy toy, great as a safe alternative to a hot water bottle. 

You pop this in the oven to heat it up, and it can be reheated time and time again to provide a cost warm bed, without the potential dangers of a hot water bottle. 


The purpose of *Bananagrams is to be the first member of your family to build a grid of words using the letter tiles and then be the first one to use them all up.

This is a great fun game, that is the perfect size to pack for travel over Christmas and beyond. It is great fun, while helping little ones to practice their spelling too. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.