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Christmas gifts for a new baby (AD)

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AD. We were gifted the items within this gift guide in exchange for coverage. Babies come in waves in our family. We can go several years without there being a new arrival, despite having 7 surviving siblings between us, and now something different but exciting is happening! My NIECE is having a baby. Wow – I feel old! I can remember sitting next to her, at 7 years old, bringing her home from the hospital when she was 2 days old. It was snowing outside and it is one of my clearest memories of my childhood. Anyway, fast forward 24 years (almost) and my niece is having a baby of her own! I’m SO excited and so this year I wanted to host a post filled with Christmas gifts for a new baby. It has been a few years since I had my own baby, as Daisy is 3, and these are some of the items I will be gifting my niece ready for her own baby to be born.

Christmas gifts for a new baby - Dotty Fish

Shoes are REALLY important to tiny feet. New parents know only too well how hard it is to keep socks on little ones and these Dotty Fish love heart shoes are made from soft, baby-safe leather. These shoes have been designed specifically for growing feet with lots of room for those beautiful toes to wriggle. This particular pair of soft pink shoes are ideal for Spring and Summer new additions. As my great niece is going to be a late Spring baby I feel these will go perfectly with the change of seasons and keep her warm on all the walks she’ll be going on!

Christmas gifts for a new baby - Johnsons Cottontouch gift set

Having a routine is so important for babies, I know this more than most. Daisy was a very sickly baby and as such, we spent hours on the bedtime routine some nights. This Johnson’s Cottontouch gift set is blended with real cotton and designed for a newborn’s sensitive skin. It gently cleanses, moisturises and protects skin from the day your child is born.

Christmas gifts for a new baby - Johnsons Sleep Tight set

The Johnson’s Sleep Tight Set comes with Johnson’s Bedtime Bath, Bedtime Lotion, Bedtime Oil and Bedtime Powder. Also, it has adorable baby socks and a bedtime book too!

Christmas gifts for a new baby

I remember just how excited I was when Daisy was born. A longed-for child after 7 years of waiting, and fertility treatment too. I was SO excited to be able to fill in a clock with a new photograph each month. However, when the clock broke I was left with these small photographs that didn’t seem to fit any frames. That’s why I’ve selected this new baby 12 months frame baby album. I think it will be a lovely gift, to show how my great-niece is developing each month. 12 months of photographs and then a larger one in the centre makes this a lovely gift and I know my niece will love looking back on how quickly her baby changed and developed.

Christmas gifts for a new baby - Mam anti-colic bottles

Breastfeeding is a topic that is close to my heart. I breastfed my own daughter for 6 weeks before her FPIES diagnosis meant we had to stop to avoid hospitalisation. My niece is planning to breastfeed too and I know only too well how vital support is in those first few weeks. This Mam Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set is ideal to help parents who want to switch between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 94% of babies accepted the teat on these bottles to help give tired Mums a break from breastfeeding. Also, these bottles self-sterilise in 3 easy steps to help ensure feeds are kept safe and hygienic. As my niece is a first time Mum and will be visiting my sister regularly, I feel these bottles give her the flexibility to go out and sterilise bottles on the go with ease.

Christmas gifts for a new baby - Whittards

When you have a baby, particularly a first baby, a lot of the gifts are solely for aesthetics for the baby or to meet one of their needs. This luxury hot chocolate bauble from Whittard is a cute addition for any new Mum alongside a baby gift. If you checkout via the website you can personalise your bauble with a message, for free. As this bauble is suitable for vegetarians and vegans it is suitable for most new Mums.

Christmas gifts for a new baby - Doidybowl

Weaning your baby is something that is often on the mind of new Mums. That is why I chose to include the Doidy Cup Gift Set in my new baby Christmas gift guide. This unique slanted training cup is suitable for infants from just 3 months and teaches little ones how to drink correctly from an open cup and how to put it back down correctly too. You can get a gift set which comes with a cup and bowl, which I think is ideal to help someone prepare for weaning their new baby.

I’m really excited to meet my great niece, and to gift my niece the above items to help her prepare for her new baby. It is such a lovely time for our family and I have tried to include both thoughtful, sentimental and practical gifts.

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Amy Chung

Monday 11th of November 2019

Such a great list! I'm a mum of a teenager so I'm completely out of touch with gifts for babies and a few of my friends have just had babies. So helpful. Thanks!


Friday 15th of November 2019

So glad I could help inspire you!

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