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Christmas gifts for children (AD)

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AD. We were gifted the items within this gift guide in exchange for coverage. Our daughter Daisy is 3, soon to be 4, and as such I’m quite the expert on toys for her age range now. Being an Auntie to 15 nieces and nephews means that over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about toys at Christmas time. I’ve gathered together some of my favourite Christmas gifts for children from this year for this gift guide. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for the little ones in your family.

Christmas gifts for children - Seekers Games

If your little one is at an inquisitive age, perhaps pre-school age, then you may find yourself stretched to your limits to try and keep them entertained. Seekers are a great range of fun, waterproof and durable magnet games. You can purchase a Seekers starter kit and then you buy themed magnet sets, such as this Seekers supermarket set. Take your little one around the supermarket, or to the forest or seaside and see if you can find all of the items to match with your magnets. I’m featuring these first on my gift guide because I think they are one of my favourite items all year! Being able to keep your little one occupied in the supermarket, or when running errands, is fantastic, and I love how durable and re-usable this gift really is.

Christmas gifts for children - Wireless headphones

Entertaining little ones on car trips can feel like a bit of a task in itself, nevermind driving to the destination and making all of the arrangements for a family day out or UK holiday. These *Puro Sound Labs Junior Jams Headphones are volume limited, so suitable for children aged 3+, foldable and adjustable. You can set up your little one in the back of the car and no longer will you have to listen to Let It Go on repeat. Oh, wait, I’m talking about us here! 

Christmas gifts for children - Ryan's World

This *Ryan’s World 6 Pack Collectible Mystery Figure set is packed full of 4″ versions of all your little ones favourite Ryan’s World characters. Each set contains 3 surprise mystery figures to add an element of excitement. These are suitable for ages 3+ and perfect any little one who loves a bit of YouTube!

Flame action Charmander

Pokemon is still as big as ever, at least in our house! This *Flame Action Charmander is great fun! Press Charmander’s chest and hand buttons for various lights and sounds to play. Charmander speaks, his tail lights up and his mouth too. This is suitable for children aged 3+ and great fun for parents too! 

Christmas gifts for children - Sass & Belle Balancing Game

If you’re a fan of toys designed to boost motor skills then this personalised sweet dreams moon and stars wooden balancing game is perfect. This toy comes with eight wooden stars, perfect for stacking, and the moon has super cute detailing too.

Moon and Me Shaped Floor Puzzle

Spending time together over Christmas is always fun. I personally find we have more time for hobbies, activities and just being together. That’s why puzzles are a great idea for the festive period! Daisy LOVES completing a puzzle by herself now so this *Moon and Me Shaped Floor Puzzle is perfect for her.

Christmas gifts for children - Sphero

Create music anytime, anywhere with Sphero Specdrums. Specdrums are app-enabled rings that turn colours into music with just a simple tap. You can use just one Specdrum or you can switch up by using 1 on each hand to make fun music in an instant.

Christmas gifts for children - Blopens

Blopens, from John Adams, allow your little one to create airbrushed pictures. The Blopens Rainbow set contains 6 reusable stencils, 6 mini Blopens and a 3-in-1 Blopens sprayer. Little ones just need to blow through the sprayer to make beautiful colourful pictures in next to no time. The Blopens Shimmer set contains 3 metallic Blopens and 5 stencils to make shimmering pictures that are sure to be a hit for little ones.

Moon and Me puzzle set

This *Moon and Me puzzle set is perfect for fans, and it has a fantastic 4 puzzles in one box. The puzzles are various pieces, which is great for building up difficulty, and they are really reasonably priced too. 

Christmas gifts for children - Disney Princess Toddler Doll

The Disney Princess Toddler Doll range is the ideal entry level Disney Princess for your little one. Each doll comes with a removable dress and accessories. The detail matches that of each Disney character perfectly and these are perfect for smaller hands to play with comfortably.

Christmas gifts for children - IBeani Tablet Stand

My little Daisy loves a bit of time on her tablet! (Find out why I don’t limit screen time!) The iBeani tablet stand is a soft bean bag stand designed to hold your tablet. This tablet stand helps to position your tablet, eReader or book at any angle on any surface. Ideal for relaxing in bed at night, particularly if you little one likes to watch bedtime stories before they fall to sleep.

Christmas gifts for children - Pindaloo

Pindaloo is a fun new toy craze that helps to improve hand-eye coordination and is an absolute bargain too. If you’re looking to encourage your child to have some technology free time then this toy is perfect. Land your first loop and get hooked on developing your tricks and having fun!

Christmas gifts for children - Raft making kit

Coding is a really valuable life skill for children to be encouraged to gain an interest in. OjO have a variety of games that focus on the STREAM skills (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering and Mathematics) and are perfect to help young children to begin harnassing the skills the will need to progress in future career fields that are newly established. The Raft Making Kit is an absolute bargain and the perfect gift at Christmas time with lots of leisurely family days stretching out into the New Year.

Christmas gifts for children - Shape Factory OJO

The Shape Factory Geometric Board Game poses challenges that help make maths fun and encourage creative thinking too.

Christmas gifts for children - Which Way? Coding Game

The Which Way? Coding Board Game is designed to help 4-8 year olds learn coding skills and also make it easier for the whole family to learn new skills together.

Christmas gifts for children - Geomag

The Geomag Rainbow collection is a vibrant collection of magnetic rods that you can put together to build just about anything that your imagination can dream up for you. The rainbow collection is so colourful and perfect for getting children interested in construction type toys.

Christmas gifts for children - Goes to sleep book

We received this book for Daisy last year and loved it so much that we had to include it again! It’s absolutely beautiful and the story is so lovely. I felt emotional the first time that I read this book to Daisy and she still loves it a year on. You can personalise this goes to sleep book and read it to your little one at bedtime to help them go off to sleep nicely. It’s quite a lengthy book, so well worth the money, and I love the personalisation details too.

PJ Masks Bedding

For your PJ Masks fan check out this lovely, fun reversible duvet cover. The Hero Crew bedding set is so much fun as it features an interactive road map that makes spending time in their bedroom even more fun for little ones.

Christmas gifts for children - Spy X

The SpyX Micro Gift Set is great for little ones who want to roleplay as a spy. Featuring a utility belt and tools including a Micro spy light with ear clip for hands-free adventures plus an invisible ink pen means this set has got everything that your little spy needs to have a great adventure.

Christmas gifts for children - Playmobil Castle

This Playmobil Marla In the Castle set features Marla on her quest to be reunited with her brother Charlie. Marla is in her ball gown and there is a Fairy Godmother in the Fairytale Castle. This set comes with cute forest animals and even a unicorn with colourful hair and a horn.

Christmas gifts for children - Playmobil - Dels Food Truck

Marla also features in this Del’s Food Truck set that has everything needed to run a food truck, including the food truck itself. The attention to detail with this set is absolutely fantastic – perfect for Playmobil fans new and old.

Christmas gifts for children - Dragons Tower

The Fairy Garden sets are absolutely fantastic. Little ones can grow their very own cute fairy garden with real easy-grow grass & pea seeds. Best of all the My Fairy Garden Dragon’s Tower Garden is great for imaginative play too. Use the seeds to grow Thea a magical garden and there are even Mummy & baby dragons to go alongside this set.

Christmas gifts for children - Fuzzikins

Fuzzikins are adorable flocked creatures that little ones can decorate in their own style. The Fuzzikins Fuzzi Street contains a Fuzzikins penguin, felt tip pens, a building and cute accessories to colour in including an ice cream parlour and ice creams too.

Christmas gifts for children - My Busy Bots

My Busy Bots offer a range of busy bags and toys that are designed to help little ones to hone their creative skills as well as work on hand-eye coordination and most importantly have fun too. Busy Bags are a range of brightly coloured, waterproof, wipe clean bags. Each bag contains an activity card and everything needed to create a fun activity for your child. Whether you want 5 minutes for a cup of tea or entertainment while out in a restaurant the activities are great fun.

Christmas gifts for children - My Busy Bots Rainbow

The Wooden Rainbow Stack from My Busy Bots is a beautiful sustainable Christmas gift that can be used by children of all ages for a variety of purposes.

Christmas gifts for children - Balance Ice Game

If you’re looking for a quick, fun, festive-themed game then Penguin Trap is the one for you. You chop away at blocks of ice and the first one to knock the block with a penguin on top is the loser!

Candy Grabber

Daisy has FPIES which means that she has multiple allergies and is limited in the number of sweets & treats that she can enjoy. This Candy Grabber is going to be used on weekends, and I will be filling up little plastic eggs, with sweets, treats, toys and a surprise or two. It’s so much fun and you can re-fill it over and over.

Christmas gifts for children - Harry Potter Hedwig 3D Puzzle

For the Harry Potter mad fan in your life these 3D puzzles are absolutely fantastic. The Hogwarts and Hedwig is 300 pieces, and therefore designed for children aged 6+. Each of the puzzles features a dramatic design.

Christmas gifts for children - Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 3D Puzzle

The Hogwarts Express is a 500 piece extravaganza for the most avid of Potter fans. The 3D detailing on these puzzles is absolutely stunning.

Christmas gifts for children - Dotty Fish

Now is the perfect time of year to gift these Navy Suede Slippers. They are lined with fleece to make them super soft, comfortable and they look stylish too. The slip resistant sole makes them safe for little ones to play in, especially if you have wooden or laminated floors.

Christmas gifts for children - LOL Surprise Puzzle

Most parents will know about LOL Surprise! The must have surprise toys are a fan with little ones. This LOL Surprise Sneaker Puzzle is 3D, adding an extra fun element, and a great educational add-on for the LOL Surprise fanatic this Christmas.

The Christmas Present - Alexander McCabe - Snow Globe Gift Set

*The Christmas Present tells the story of a child who no longer believes in Christmas. Sadly this puts his North Pole Elf, assigned to him at birth, at risk of being banished from the North Pole! *The Christmas Present gift set is a lovely addition to a Christmas present pile that can be brought out year after year to help keep the magic alive.

Christmas gifts for children - That's Not My... Puzzle

I don’t think I know a single parent who hasn’t owned at least one of the ‘That’s Not My…’ Book series. Now there is this great fun *‘That’s Not My… Puzzle’ set! This set contains 16 large puzzle pieces set, suitable for ages 2+. This puzzle is well made, with sturdy materials, and is ideal for little ones to play with.

Christmas gifts for children - Masha and the Bear race to the treehouse

Masha and the Bear Race To the Treehouse game is so much fun! Be the first one to race to the top of the treehouse avoiding rope ladders and more. This game is 3D, which brings an additional fun element, and it really helps to bring the game to life.

Christmas gifts for children - Shake Off

*Shake Off is a great fun game that is designed to get little ones moving, burning off some energy and having fun too. Spin the spinner to find out where on your body to wear your shaker. Then you have to set the timer for 15 or 30 seconds and see who can record the most shakes in that time. This is a fantastic game for a little bit of time playing together and hopefully it will tire out little ones during the exciting festive period.

Christmas gifts for children - History Heroes

History Heroes are fantastic quiz card games on a variety of topics. These games are designed to educate but also entertain people of all ages. The Kings and Queens have different levels of play and is designed for 2-4 players. The Women in History set is my favourite and one I want to gift to the young women in our family to help them learn about the women that helped shape them.

Christmas gifts for children - Stockings

Christmas wouldn’t be complete for us without a personalised Christmas stocking. This one is soft, a generous size for lots of stocking fillers and Daisy is going to love it. As unicorns are one of her favourite things at the moment! 

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