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How to clean your babies playpen

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Knowing how to clean your babies playpen can be more difficult than you first realise. Firstly, how often do you clean your babies playpen? Secondly what can you use to clean your babies playpen? I’m going to share with your some tips that I have learned along the way.

A playpen is a real Godsend for me. As a parent who works from home, and doesn’t use a nursery or childminder, I need a playpen! I really do! Daisy absolutely loves having somewhere safe that she can sit and play with her toys. For me knowing Daisy has somewhere safe to play while I shower, brush my teeth or just have a wee in peace is brilliant!

How to clean your babies playpen 2

Tips for when you clean your babies playpen:

Wash any soft toys or bedding regularly

Babies dribble. A lot. There is a seemingly endless supply of dribble, particularly when babies are teething. Couple this with sickness that happens at random, food and drink and you’ve got a disgusting mishmash. I like to buy soft toys and blankets that can be washed together.

I throw them in, with a colour catcher, and my EcoEgg and they come out clean. Suits me fine. Nice and easy too!

Zoflora disinfectant, cleaning cloth and pink rubber gloves

Rotate toys regularly

 Not only does this prevent boredom and wear of expensive toys but it gives you a chance to clean toys. Personally I like to use anti-bacterial spray, microfibre cloths and my *steam cleaner.

I take out the handheld part and I clean all of Daisy’s plastic toys. I know plastic toys don’t look as nice as wooden ones but after a recent incident with my cat I learned that easily cleanable = great. Wooden = not so much.

Daisy playing and looking at the camera and a text overlay that says how to organise your little one's playpen

Vacuum/Sweep the playpen

Before you properly clean your babies playpen you’ll want to vacuum it out or sweep it. Even if you don’t allow food or drinks in your playpen you’ll still find bits everywhere.

Hair, dust, dirt, pieces of food (usually cereal here) and who knows what else. Vacuuming or sweeping before you clean your babies playpen will mean less mess around the rest of your home.

A bowl of lemon water to clean inside a microwave

Now you are ready to actually clean your babies playpen!

Use anti-bacterial wipes

Using anti-bacterial wipes is convenient for busy parents. Some bacteria is great for your child’s immune system but if you are noticing patches of dirt they should be cleaned thoroughly.

I love to use Zoflora (diluted) and microfibre cloths too, as this is a great way to save some money. My uses for Zoflora post has some more handy tips on other uses for Zoflora.

I fold the playpen down, in to a little gathering of the edges, and then I lift it in to our bath tub. I spray it with disinfectant, give it a scrub where I can and then rinse it off with the shower. Then I turn it over and leave it to dry overnight.

I found that under 24 hours was sufficient, in a warm bathroom. However, you could put yours out in the garden on a dry or sunny day and I am sure it would dry much faster.

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Use a steam cleaner

 I use my *steam cleaner for a wide variety of different purposes. I love that it can be used on floors or you can remove a part and use it as a handheld steam cleaner.

This is great for ensuring the playpen is free of bacteria. If you don’t want to use any chemicals when you clean your babies playpen then this is a great way to avoid them.

Me looking at the camera outside and text overlay that says my first year as a parent

What I’ve learned since we started using a playpen

Since taking the above photograph back in December I have learned a few small things about when you clean your babies playpen… It is best not to have too many wooden toys. Also, those foam tiles are great for keeping your baby safe, and knock free if they fall over, however, they are just basically sponges.

When my CAT urinated in this area (she was ill) it meant that I had to bin all of the foam tiles and all of the wooden toys. Disgusting!

This is not something that I want to repeat. I’ll be sticking to garishly coloured plastic toys in the playpen from now on. These are simple to clean, and disinfect. Also, my daughter loves the bright colours and pretty much anything that makes a nice, like the Beat Bo!

I personally choose to clean my daughter’s playpen at least weekly. Alongside that I check it at least daily for any hazards.

I also ensure that any toys with string etc are trimmed back so they are not dangerous. When I rotate the toys I give everything a clean to ensure that it stays hygienic.

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How to clean your babies playpen. Keep it clean, tidy and organised with my parenting tips.

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Thursday 20th of January 2022

"Your baby's playpen.".


"Your babies playpen."

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"Your babies' playpen."

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