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Club Hub App Review (AD) 

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As a busy working Mum, with two young children, I’m always looking for new ways to enrich their days off and our time together. While I love to visit soft play, the trampoline park and other local businesses I’m always searching for something new to do with them and the Club Hub App has been a real delight for me these past few months.

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My daughters are currently 7 and 2, and so their needs are a little different from one another at times. They have different breaks from nursery and school, so I get to enjoy one-2-one time with them both still which is a real blessing.

The Club Hub App, founded by Tessa Day, is an app that aims to help baby classes, kids clubs, play areas and more to gain visibility for their offerings and reach people locally that are looking for activities for their children. Tessa came up with the idea for Club Hub after trying to advertise her own kids club

Since installing the free Club Hub App I’ve been using it for a variety of reasons. As well as finding classes for a friend who recently had her first child I’ve been able to find a swimming school for my eldest and even a local first aid course.

The app is super simple to use. You can just input your location, the age of the child you wish to find activities for and you’ll be presented with a list of activities from the different categories.

The number of categories you can choose from is VAST and includes antenatal classes, baby to pre-school classes, baby signing, children’s centres, drama classes, holiday clubs, martial arts, sports, swimming and much more. 

You can filter by days of the week, which is ideal if you’re returning to paid work after birth, and you can even filter the results by distance or by approximate price with the most expensive activities near me being children’s party hire locations and the cheapest being free activities and church led play groups. 

I’ve found the app to be very user friendly. There are only a couple of pieces of data to input and results load fast, especially considering the vast array of activities available near me. There is quite a simple layout to this app, but you will find all of the information you need to get finding an amazing class or activity nearby. 

One aspect of the app I’ve absolutely loved is that when I go to visit my friend on the train I’ve been able to find a local activity for us to visit together. It was her first time going to a baby class so it was lovely to be able to help her boost her own confidence, find a class nearby and who doesn’t love a baby class with homemade cakes?!

When I’m looking for activities for both of my daughters to enjoy together it is great to be able to input both of their ages and then see activities and classes that they are both within the desired age range for. This is especially helpful when finding days out or bookable weekly classes that have specific age requirements or different prices for different age levels.

While some activities list the days as ‘various’ and you have to either look on their website or contact them direct I have been able to find lots of activities and fun day out ideas, particularly to fill some of our weekends together. The option to filter just by Saturday or Sunday was very helpful when looking for Christmas activities recently and I found a show that was ONLY on for weekend showings, perfect for the dates I had available, and that I had not seen or heard about advertised locally previously. 

Overall I’ve been really pleased with the Club Hub app. It’s simple to use, completely free to download, free to use and the login process only took a minute of my time too. 

I’ve found several classes and activities locally in the past few months, that have been a good fit for my daughters, as well as swimming lessons for my eldest. I’d been on a waiting list elsewhere for lessons, for almost a year, so this was very helpful! 

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Tessa Day

Monday 20th of November 2023

We are so excited to publish a new Club Hub app update on the App Store and Google Play. There are a number of new features and updates to help you find activities for kids local to you. These updates will help users to search for activities for kids more easily with extra features available and bug fixes.

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