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How To Combat Hair Loss Without Breaking The Bank (AD)

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If you’re young and relatively healthy, hair loss might not be an issue that often comes to mind. Hair loss is often associated with the elderly, male pattern baldness or severe illness, but there are many stages in life that could also contribute to hair loss or thinning. Pregnancy, physical or mental stress and even damage from use of hair extensions can all result in a lack of thickness. If you’re experiencing hair loss but aren’t prepared to spend a fortune on expensive surgeries or treatments, then take a look at these ways you can combat your thinning hair on a budget.

How To Combat Hair Loss Without Breaking The Bank

Conceal bald patches 

Bald patches and thinning areas of scalp are often inevitable elements of hair loss, but there are ways you can combat this. There’s plenty of products on the market created to conceal balding, such as 3D hair powder that creates fuller, more natural looking hair in an instant. Just sprinkle this product over the affected area, blend in and watch the fibres work their magic!

Consider a prescription only product

If you have already tried products such as Regaine or Finasteride then you may be ready to try an alternative product. An Online Pharmacy can provide you with a free online consultation to see if you’re suitable for a prescription only item such as Dutasteride. This drug can help to reverse some of the signs of male pattern baldness. As male pattern baldness is a progressive condition you’ll want to start a treatment sooner rather than later to experience the best effects.

Consider a lighter hair colour

If you dye your hair, it might be time to start thinking about opting for a lighter colour as a way to mask the appearance of hair loss. Dark hair makes balding patches more noticeable, so lightening your hair a shade or two may be an effective and surprisingly simple way to combat subtle hair loss. Thinner hair can also appear fuller if it’s kept short, adding body and volume, and should definitely be considered during your next trip to the salon.

Change your diet

If you’ve noticed a sudden influx of hair loss, your diet may actually be to blame. Diets that are low in protein, magnesium, iron and many vitamins could be contributing to your hair falling out and thinning. Consider incorporating foods such as walnuts, spinach and plenty of meat and dairy into your diet to ensure you’re giving your hair the best chance to stay healthy and regain fullness. Vegetarians and vegans can substitute meat and dairy for the high protein found in quinoa, chickpeas and lentils. Use a DIY hair detangler spray to look after your hair too.

Try supplements

For those who wish to regrow their locks with supplements, there are some interesting options to choose from. Biotin has been known to work wonders on hair growth, and could also strengthen nails as a bonus! Hair growth programmes with supplements usually average at around £30, which if successful, is well worth it in the long run.

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