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Coping with the clocks going forward (especially with a little one!)

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When my daughter was born, in March 2016, the clocks changing wasn’t a big deal to us. We didn’t have any sort of routine then so we just changed our clocks and that was that. Life was super simple. Now adjusting to the clocks going forward is a real concern for us! Our daughter goes to sleep at a decent time at present, around 6pm. This makes it easy for me to work in the evening and spend time with my lovely husband. I also get to enjoy some peace and quiet. As a parent, this is a Godsend. I get a nice chance to recharge my batteries and can keep the money ticking over too for a nice life. I’m also able to spend some time on self-care as a parent.

I’m going to offer you some tips that I’m going to be implementing for coping with the clocks going forward. I’m by no means an expert but this is what I’ve found useful! I’ve also got a post on coping with the clocks going back!

Coping with the clocks going forward

Coping with the clocks going forward

Preparing in advance

I’m writing this post with a good few days notice – in the hope of helping others coping with the clocks going forward. I’m making my plan for the changes now and will start implementing it from tonight.

Making a 15-minute change each day

My daughter will be going to bed 15 minutes earlier each day for four days. This may not work 100% but I’ll be sticking to our usual bedtime routine as Daisy is used to this. Following the routine allows Daisy to know that bedtime is coming. I find that if I try and slow the routine down, say we are busy or going out, it doesn’t work as well. However, speeding up the routine seems to work well so I’m confident I can make a 10-15 minute change each day. This means by the weekend we’ll be ready, or almost ready, for the clock change.

Be prepared for a gradual change

I’m trying to be realistic. If I wanted to get my daughter to go to bed overnight one hour earlier it wouldn’t be great. For a child’s body clock this is effectively what is happening. However gradual changes are how we implement most things in our home. Routines, work schedules and anything new.

Keep baby busy during the day

We will keep our daughter extra busy for the next few days. Each day we will have more activities than normal, play more times and be even more active. I’ll allow my daughter to run around lots, play with her favourite toys and take a few trips to the shops too.

Enjoy the fresh air/daylight

We will be going out for nice walks in the park more than normal. This is in the hope of helping my daughter’s body clock adjust and also tire her out again. A nice walk in the park, and a trip to the local animal park, is always nice anyway. If the weather actually stays nice! 

Keep our bedroom dark, cool and quiet

We will keep our bedroom cool, dark and quiet. This will allow Daisy to be relaxed in bed and we’ll be sitting with the lights dimmed while we carry out our bedtime routine.

Obviously, if you want to you can just allow your child to change their normal bedtime. However, this isn’t always practical if you have work to get to or a school run to carry out. By making gradual changes you can hopefully make the whole process run a bit smoother. Alternatively, you can just get up later and dash around like a maniac getting ready for the day.

Personally, I think the clocks going forward is going to be nicer for us than them going back was in October! My daughter waking up at 5am instead of 6am was awful! Fortunately, we soon got it sorted out!

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Coping with the clocks going forward

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Sunday 26th of March 2017

We have a blackout blind here but it just doesn't fit the window as well as it should so there is still a chink of light - so annoying!! Daisy laid in today so it went well for us.


Friday 24th of March 2017

I'm hopeful that my daughter will be the same this time round! Eek!

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