Why couriers are the lifeblood of the self-employed (AD)

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AD. I’ve been working for myself now for 4+ years, and I absolutely love it. Sure there are the odd things that I don’t enjoy. No sick pay for example. For the most part I love the freedom of self-employment and being my own boss. I can choose my own hours, take a day off whenever I need to and I get to work with amazing brands on fantastic opportunities. This is all possible thanks to the support of my wonderful husband who allowed me to quit my job back in 2013. Without Tom I wouldn’t have this website, wouldn’t earn money from home and I’m almost certain I wouldn’t be self-employed. No longer do I have to worry about a hospital appointment and I get to go out with my daughter any time I feel like it. Today I want to talk to you about something a little different – why couriers are the lifeblood of the self-employed.

Why couriers are the lifeblood of the self-employed

I love couriers for a couple of reasons. The first one being obvious. Delivering goods to me. When I go online I can find next-day delivery, same day delivery and a whole host of other options. There are one hour delivery slots, same day delivery slots and much more. Basically, I can order something and almost always receive it at my leisure. This is fab. This isn’t all that I love about couriers though!

I love that when the courier knocks it is a sign of another success for me, as a self-employed person. Sometimes a courier knocking means I have made an eBay sale. Other times a courier knocking means that I am working with a fantastic brand and they have sent me something to review. On occasion a courier knocking means I’ve got a surprise, such as this recent one from Swizzels.

Being a busy self-employed Mum means that I am often short on time. I love to use courier services, such as those from Parcel2Go to help me find the best deal. I don’t want to overpay for courier services, but I also want guarantees that my item has arrived safely. You know what people can be like..! If I am feeling lazy, or need to stay home on a specific day, then I can pay a little more and have a courier collect an item from me. I often do this on Tuesday or Thursday, as these are days I tend to be at home a lot. If I’m out and about with Daisy then I can drop my parcel off at a Collect+ store, or even drop it off at a locker at my local supermarket.

In the past I used to just use one specific courier, until I had some complaints about parcels being left outside, when I had requested a signature. Now I can see, at a glance, a whole variety of options, prices, delivery times and much more. I can also insure items which is reassuring to protect against loss or damage.

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