How to create the ultimate seaside themed child’s bedroom (AD)

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AD. The beauty of the seaside themed child’s bedroom lies in its versatility. While, initially, the seaside theme may seem like a restrictive one, there are number of ways you can interpret and re-imagine it. From lighter blue hues and striped walls, to white beach decking and stormy grey tones, there are a range of options to choose from. The seaside theme also owes its popularity to its timelessness. A seaside themed bedroom will never be off trend. So, assuming you’re convinced, how do you go about bringing the seaside to your own home?

How to create the ultimate seaside themed child’s bedroom


The one constant in every nautical themed bedroom is the presence of light colours – anywhere from the whitest white to light grey. How you choose to use this selection of colours is up to you, but whatever combination you end up with is bound to carry the desired effect regardless. The most effective combinations however, include alternating light blue and white stripes, which can be distributed on bed sheets and walls alike.


If you are looking to create a rustic-looking bedroom, try to include wood where possible. As well as generating an authentic feel, wooden furniture is likely to age well also as your child does also – allowing you to maximise any investments you do make in your child’s bedroom.

Unfortunately for carpet-lovers, there is really only one choice for flooring in a seaside themed room – wooden decking. Wooden flooring brings to mind beach huts, and more aptly for children, the decking of a ship at sea.


When it comes to beds, it is important to get it right. The bed is, after all, the focal point of any bedroom. A midsleeper with tent fits the bill. Patterned with a repeating Jolly Roger, the blue tent conceals behind it the perfect cove for escape for your child. When it isn’t being used as a cosy play space ideal for reading, it can double as a storage space, which is invaluable when their bedroom can become swamped with toys. To complete the look, add a lifesaver cushion to rest atop the bed.

A child’s deck chair can really help complete a seaside themed bedroom. As well as helping the visual coherence of the room, it helps provide yet another great spot for reading, or for having friends or relatives over.

If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with a bay window (ideally overlooking the ocean) you would be a fool not to take advantage of it and install a bay window seat.


As you can probably guess, there is no shortage of nautical themed accessories that are ideal for a child’s bedroom. Faux-vintage signs that bring back shades of seaside holidays of the past are a great way to further add to the rustic feel of a child’s bedroom. Coat hangers that resemble a beach hut, 19th century diving helmet bedside clocks are just two more of many worthy additions.

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