Daisy is 15 months old

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Daisy is 15 months old. Wow. Another month flown by. I’m always saying that but I’m sure other parents know what I mean. The time seems to just zip by and as Daisy grows older it seems to be going faster and faster. We’ve had a pretty good month for a number of reasons. Daisy is finally well, almost, and we have had a great month together.

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy eating a Bovril sandwich during her first thunderstorm

Daisy was recently caught up in her first thunderstorm. Instead of being worried she was enjoying watching me and her Grandma shelter under an umbrella. Daisy carried on eating her sandwich and remained unfazed. It was cute!

Daisy is 15 months old

Weight at 15 months old

When I went to the weigh in clinic recently, and they told me it was self service now, I figured why bother? I’ll be weighing Daisy at home now and just visiting the weigh in clinic every 3-6 months. There are no concerns with Daisy’s weight and I’ve got accurate scales too. Daisy now weighs 11.8kg.

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy's hair is beginning to curl now

Daisy has my hair! It is going curly now – particularly when she is hot or has been swimming.

Health at 15 months old

Finally this has improved. Daisy still has a lingering cough, from her chest infection, which can be quite bad. However, she went to the Doctor earlier this week and the Doctor was happy with her chest. So that is great! We just found out Daisy’s dietician referral, made at the start of March, was returned back to the doctors at the end of March. Despite me ringing to check the progress, multiple times, this only just came to light. This means that we are back to waiting for a dietician referral again now. Great. 

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy is so happy to see Iggle Piggle

Daisy loves Iggle Piggle!

Sleep at 15 months old

Finally we are back on track! By keeping consistent with Daisy’s bedtime routine we have got back on track. Daisy is sleeping overnight again from around 6pm – 8am some mornings. This is amazing. There are still a few night time wake ups usually one every day or two. However, I’m fine with that. It is REALLY hot and Daisy still has a lingering cold. I’m so glad that her sleep is back on track as it means I’m feeling more human too!

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy eating a bit of floor candy

Daisy’s eating is coming on well. So loves to try new foods. Even those from the floor! 

Daisy is 15 months old – this is what she has been loving this month

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy covered in food and loving her dairy free fruit lollies

Daisy has been loving these dairy free fruit lollies. They are super simple to make, ideal for babies with allergies and great for hot days.

Daisy’s favourite toys this month have been:

We went to the Disney Store recently and this was Daddy’s choice! Daisy loves opening and closing the visor. Over and over again! 


Jessie is one of my favourite characters so I wanted Daisy to have this. Daisy is beginning to master the pull string and I love the wide variety of phrases.


I think this is Daisy’s favourite toy story toy. The tail of Rex comes over and I’ve taught Daisy that she can make a tune inside of it. This is very cute.


This watering can is one of her favourite toys! The can is great fun for playing in the bath and playing in the paddling pool at Grandma’s house.


Daisy has had In The Night Garden toys for months now and she loves this. She has now learned how to say ‘Iggle Piggle’ or Piggle Piggle as she says.


Grandma bought Daisy these keys and she loves playing with them. As Daisy has two more teeth emerging this is perfect timing. These are a bargain too! 

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy exploring at the allotment

Going to the allotment is so much fun. Daisy loves touching things and she enjoys munching on a Daisy or two!

Dislikes at 15 months old

Hearing no! This now causes half of a real tantrum. Daisy begins to scream and throw herself around. Naturally I find this quite funny, as it is out of character for her. Usually this then encourages her to have a laugh and the moment passes quickly. I know that the real tantrums are imminent – I can just feel it! 

Daisy also disliked some frozen raspberries she had recently. The texture made her shudder! Oops.

Daisy is 15 months old - Daisy really thrilled to hold flowers.

Daisy loves nature and flowers are her favourite.

At 15 months the newest milestones are:

Lots more new words and phrases in the right context: doggie, ball, door, book, here,

Saying hiya and knowing what it means

Screaming loud – excitement, sadness, anger

Peek-a-boo (now she covers her own eyes instead of you having to do it)

Knowing how to take a photo on the iPhone

Climbing ALL our stairs (48!!) with a little support – she was knackered at the top and slept well!

Napping for longer

Running (just a few steps)

Being able to put blocks in her shape sorter

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Daisy is 15 months old. Find out what her baby milestones are in the last month and what her favourite toys are.

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