Daisy is 14 months old – another month has gone by!

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My baby girl is already 14 months old! It feels like she is such a grown up already now. Life is whizzing by and I’m sure that each month goes faster and faster really. Daisy has been poorly this past month still, quite a lot, but that is just how it goes when you are small. A baby takes a long time to build up a strong immune system and illnesses along the way are to be expected.

Daisy is 14 months old - Daisy enjoying the ducks on holiday at Centerparcs

Daisy feeding the ducks on a holiday to Centerparcs a few weeks ago. We had great fun and Daisy enjoyed swimming every day too.

Daisy is 14 months old

Weight at 14 months old

We went to the weigh in clinic recently because Daisy had been really unwell. I wanted to ensure that we had her accurate weight down for the inevitable doctors appointments and medication changes that we would need. Daisy now weighs 10.68kg. This means she has fallen down the centiles a little but she is still doing fantastic.

Health at 14 months old

Daisy has been suffering from a chest infection. I had to visit the doctors THREE times and then A&E at midnight just to get her some treatment. When she had an x-ray they could see the infection was present and she has been on antibiotics for around a week. Unfortunately they didn’t get us enough liquid to last for the length of time she should be on them so now we have to see if she finishes getting better. Always something with the NHS lately I swear.

Sleep at 14 months old

This month has been awful, like last month. The months of time gone by, when she slept through for 12 hours, are a distant memory. Daisy has been waking coughing, vomiting and choking at various times through the night. We’ve all been exhausted and it has been a bit of a miserable time. However, Daisy has been unwell so I don’t begrudge that at all. Daisy has been going to bed on time, and waking up a little later than normal, because of all the times she is waking in the night.

There have been a few occasions where I have let Daisy sleep in my bed, however, only while I am awake to supervise her. The reason for this is not because I have an issue with co-sleeping but because I want her to be sleeping on her movement monitor to ensure that she is breathing throughout the night.

Daisy is 14 months old - Daisy before she got poorly

This photo was taken just as Daisy was begin to get poorly. You can see from her expression that she isn’t her usual smiley self. I had to battle to get her seen at the hospital properly but at least she is on the mend now.

Daisy is 14 months old – this is what she has been loving this month

Miffy toy for Daisy

Daisy was recently sent this Miffy wooden pull along toy by the good people at Miffy. She’s loved playing with a new toy and she’s had hours of fun with it so far.

Daisy’s favourite toys this month have been:


Finally got some new batteries for this – haha. Daisy loves it! So much. The songs are so catchy and I often find myself dancing around like a loon for her entertainment.


This is a toy that Daisy has had for months now. I think the reason that she likes it so much is that we regularly rotate her toys. This has been in her playpen for most of the last month and she has loved it. The little ear that you turn, to start the balls popping, is a firm favourite to press for Daisy. I’ve got a post on how to clean your babies playpen.


This was a toy that we bought with some money on Daisy’s first Birthday. Daisy absolutely loves it. She plays with it in the bath every single day. She doesn’t really understand HOW she makes them squirt out water, but they do. Daisy is regularly soaking one of us with these, sometimes at the worst moments – like when Tom was heading out to work a few minutes later. 


My sister sent these down for Daisy’s Birthday and she really likes them. She doesn’t know how to fill them with water properly, and keep it in, or play a tune, but they are fun anyway. My husband Tom loves them more than Daisy I think!


Daisy loves playing with this and I love that even though the little ‘phone’ has gone missing she can still use it properly. Great fun!

Dislikes at 14 months old

Daisy dislikes being told no. Because she loves being cheeky! 

At 14 months the newest milestones are:

LOTS of new words and phrases… These include ‘go, go, go’, ‘gone’, ‘good girl’ and probably lots more G words. There have been a few cases of mimicking rude or naughty words, but these have been forgotten almost as promptly fortunately.

Climbing stairs

Climbing on everything

Pointing at things when you say look

Hiding under blankets etc and jumping out. Also this works behind the shower curtain and you have to say ‘there she is’ or she waits with her mouth open!

Walking for a few minutes without falling over

Crawling less and walking more – even if it slows her down a bit

Becoming a little more patient

Saying goodbye and learning what that means. She now does it herself when she is leaving a room for example

Daisy is 14 months old - Daisy exploring the grass outside our home

Daisy was exploring the grass where we live after a trip to soft play recently. It was lovely to be out in the sun and have Daisy feeling well for a day!

I can’t believe that Daisy is 14 months old now already! It goes so fast. It will be Christmas before we know it at this rate.

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Daisy is 14 months old. Find out what she has been up to in the last month and what her favourite toys are.

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  1. katykicker May 24, 2017 / 11:27 am

    Thank you – we manage well as it has just become normal now. Also, there is always someone worse off isn’t there! I can’t believe she is 14 months either, this life just flies by doesn’t it! Hope you are well? x

  2. Tom Stevens May 24, 2017 / 9:16 pm

    She’s a beautiful girl and you’re a brilliant mother even though I see her growing up with you I do love reading these milestones. She’ll be really proud of you when she’s old enough to read your content.

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