Daisy is 16 months old

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Here we go again. Another blinking month has gone by in a flash. Unreal! Anyway, here I am, documenting what Daisy has been up to in the past month… When I finally sit down to write this I always find myself feeling a little stumped because I haven’t prepared and it is always late at night when I finally cobble this together. I love having these posts to look back on so here is what Daisy has been up to now she is 16 months old.

Daisy is 16 months old - Daisy posing for the camera

Daisy is 16 months old

Weight at 16 months old

Daisy weighs just over 12kg. She hasn’t gained much in the last month as she had a bout of illness. Also, she wants to run everywhere now so presumably is using lots of energy up!

Daisy is 16 months old - Daisy in her highchair

Height at 16 months old

Daisy is 84cm now. She is almost on the 98th centile for height. Not surprising really as my husband is 6 foot 2! 

Health at 16 months old

Daisy has been diagnosed with FPIES now. This is a rare allergy syndrome that isn’t well known in the UK at present. Our own GP didn’t know what it was. Still, at least we have a diagnosis and can move forward with keeping Daisy healthy and making others understand too.

Daisy still has her cough, which I mentioned a month ago. The GP thinks it could be the start of asthma but we will have to wait and see. As allergies and asthma go hand in hand, and there is a family history on my side of our family, we have to keep waiting. I have to go back in 2-3 weeks again as another month will have passed since our last appointment.

Daisy is 16 months old - Daisy eating dinner

Sleep at 16 months old

Great! We are still using our trusty bedtime routine and it works really well. Daisy has started going to sleep by 6pm and sleeping until after 6am. Not bad… I wish she would sleep 7-7 but beggars can’t be choosers!

Daisy is 16 months old – this is what she has been loving this month

Daisy received a new vest from JustMyHippo, however, she would barely stay still to snap a photo! See what I mean?

Daisy in her JustMyHippo vest

Daisy’s favourite toys this month have been:


Daisy has grasped the concept of holding this to her ear now. Cute!


Still a firm favourite for Daisy. She loves to take the tail off Rex and play a tune in it. This is so comical and I love watching it!


The shape sorting carriage in particular is a favourite of hers. Daisy loves to plunge the carriage stick down and then when she lets it go the carriage spins around and she finds this hilarious.


We have had this since before Daisy was born and lately she has found a new love for it again. It is currently in her playpen and the only downside to this toy is having to sponge clean it regularly. It gets filthy! I have a whole post on how to clean your babies playpen.


This is great fun for Daisy to play with in the bath. Since having this she hasn’t seemed so intimidated by the shower.


I didn’t buy this from Amazon but it is almost identical. Daisy loves it and she spends ages twirling it around looking at the water within.


Another toy that Daisy has had for almost her entire life. She often stands on this but she does seem to love it.

Dislikes at 16 months old

Hearing no is still her firmest dislike. She understands now when she is doing something, and I say no, what that means. I try to explain myself each time I say no. Sometimes it is hard not to just keep repeating no when she is climbing high or doing something dangerous and I’m running across the room!

At 16 months the newest milestones are:

Lots more new words

Singing (and remembering some songs/words when the song is playing)

Scribbling on paper with pens

Climb (well – and scarily high!)

Take her own top off

Dance with her entire body not just by bopping up and down

Counting to 3!


Hiding behind things such as the shower curtain

Knowing to run away when Daddy is chasing her playing a game

Long naps – even longer than last month. Sometimes 2 hours in one go!

Using stacking cups correctly, at least 2 or 3 before losing interest

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Daisy is 16 months old. Find out what her baby milestones are in the last month and what her favourite toys are.

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  1. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz... August 18, 2017 / 11:54 am

    Wow, Zach is also 16 months but no counting or words from him but he is really musical and sings songs that are actually recognisable!

    • katykicker August 18, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      Ahh that is nice. Daisy has just starting singing in the last week or so – it is wonderful isn’t it. Also, remember to compare, we are all different and sure all 16 month olds excel in some areas and less in others. Daisy is SUPER clumsy for example!

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