Daisy is 17 months old

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I say it every month – wow! Another month has flown by. This one has been a pretty good one in the scheme of life. We’ve had time off together, had a break away without Daisy and Daisy has started nursery and settled in now.

Daisy is 17 months old - Running with Daddy

Daisy is 17 months old

Daisy is 17 months old - Enjoying a picnic

Weight & height at 17 months old

I actually have no idea this month! As Daisy has been healthy, and running around lots, I haven’t been worried about getting her height and weight checked. I’ll try and remember to do this before September as we’ve got an allergists appointment then.

Health at 17 months old

Daisy still has her cough, the one I mentioned a whole month ago. We are going back to see our GP on Friday this week. I’m anxious to get something sorted, as Daisy is coughing all night multiple times, and we are all exhausted. I’m hopeful it is just a side effect of her reflux, rather than something like asthma, but I don’t want to try and diagnose so we shall see.

Daisy is 17 months old - Swimming

Sleep at 17 months old

We are down to 1 nap now. Definitely. Some days none at all. Daisy is a little power house and just pushes on through. Particularly if she is at Nanny & Grandad’s house or Grandma’s house. The 6-6 bedtime still exists and I’m still not really used to it…. but trying my best to be positive about having a beautiful girl to spend my days with.

Daisy is 17 months old – this is what she has been loving this month

Playing toys on her own, finger painting, colouring, playing with Duplo and climbing on her rocking horse by herself.

Daisy is 17 months old - Colouring

Peter Rabbit Hop With Me Plush - Daisy having a look at the wiggly ears

This Peter Rabbit toy has been a hit!

Living Arrows 32/52

This jack in a box too! Very cute!

Daisy’s favourite toys this month have been:


This cookie jar has been a favourite for a while now. Daisy got her hand stuck in it recently which was slightly comical! She was smashing it on the floor and then I just kept thinking about Winnie the Pooh!


Crawling through this is great fun for Daisy. She laughs and laughs. Also, she often stands up inside it and then tries to walk. Which gives us all a laugh! 


Daisy received this for Christmas and she is loving it again now. Probably because I put new batteries in it! I know all of the songs and this is a great uplifting, fun toy that gets Daisy dancing and having a good time.


If Daisy could I’m sure she would ring her Nanny or Grandma on this phone!


Daisy got this for her first Birthday from Daddy. It is still a fun toy, and she is able to climb up on to it a little more now. However, I’ve been pulling it around by the ear and now the ear is coming loose… Whoops!

Dislikes at 17 months old

At the moment Daisy is not really enjoying her bath time much. There are lots of tired tears and lots of resistance when it comes to brushing her teeth. Not great. However we persevere as parents do and hope that she’ll change in a month or two.

Fortunately Daisy takes with one hand and gives with the other. She doesn’t seem to hate hearing no quite as strongly now and that is something!

At 17 months the newest milestones are:

Multiple words that she understands including where, cat, gone, hiya (instead of hello), train, choo choo, Peppa Pig and many more!

Daisy is finally understanding that goodbye means you are leaving, rather than just saying bye bye over and over. All day! 

Climbing down stairs as well as up

Walking more than 1/2 a mile at a time

Counting to 5 – although she gets stuck at times and goes back to 2 – which seems to be her favourite number!

Bouncing on the bed

Even better singing – knowing when to sing certain words or do actions to songs

Playing with her toolbox (but she can’t open the screws yet!)

Sit down on a chair

Climb on to the sofas

Letting me put her hair up

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Daisy is 17 months old. Find out what her baby milestones are in the last month and what her favourite toys are.

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