Daisy is 18 months old!

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Well, this post is a little late… Was starting to worry that I wouldn’t find time to fit it in at all! This post is so late due to illness (me) and attending conferences in London and Manchester on the same weekend (also me!). Anyway, here we are! Daisy is 18 months old.

Daisy is 18 months old

Daisy is 18 months old

Daisy is 18 months old - We went to Toys R Us

Weight at 18 months old

Daisy hasn’t been gaining much weight recently. She has slimmed down with all her activity. Also, she is losing milk and gaining more food, so this has had an impact. Daisy weighs just over 13kg, which is still a great weight for 18 months old. For some daft reason my Doctor had her down as 19kg though..!

Health at 18 months old

The awful coughing is still there, and has just become a part of Daisy’s life now. I feel disgusted that the health system has been failing us. However, we recently started to see a different Doctor. Daisy has had an increase of her reflux medications, which has been helping. Also, Daisy is using an asthma pump 4 times per day now. We will see if that helps I suppose.

Besides that Daisy had an FPIES reaction a few weeks ago, and that took some time to get over. Her gut health is finally better and we’re having less sore bums too which is a relief. It is so awful to change your little baby and have them screaming in agony. Especially now that Daisy can express things so much better.

Daisy is 18 months old - Daisy at Nanny and Grandads house

Sleep at 18 months old

It is vastly improved. We are still on 1 nap a day, and some days they are really long now. I think going to nursery, and spending time with relatives, does hamper this a little. However, I’m grateful for those days when Daisy has a 2 hour nap, as it feels like a real treat.

Daisy is 18 months old – this is what she has been loving the past month

Daisy has been enjoying making sandcastles in the sand pit, playing with play dough and cutters, using colouring pens and pencils, building with Duplo and riding her newest toy.

Daisy’s favourite toys this month have been:


Daisy just received this fantastic set recently – and we are loving it!


This is another new addition in our home, one that Daisy is still getting used to using!


We’ve had great fun during our bedtime routine recently and Daisy has been loving this net!


I won this in the raffle at a blogging conference recently and Daisy is in love with it. Although we do need to buy some more figures! 


This is an oldie but a goodie. Daisy loves opening the lid, peering inside and filling up the holes with the shapes.


Daisy loves picking this phone up now and ringing her Nanny and Grandma.


I just picked this up at the supermarket recently, for the bargain price of £17.50. Daisy has been loving it and practising bouncing up and down on it!

Daisy is 18 months old - She has a new toy

Dislikes at 18 months old

Daisy is currently disliking using her asthma pump, having her medicine, brushing her teeth and having her hair washed.

Basically Daisy is disliking having things done that she doesn’t want to do, which is fair enough really. 

At 18 months the newest milestones are:

Small sentences such as ‘Daddy gone work’.

Many, many new words including tattoo, turtle, George (Peppa Pig) and star. These are all used in context too.

Climbing up the stairs in our block holding on to the bannister, and climbing back down too. This is a step up from just trying to rush up and down without any thought to holding on.

Using a Toddle Bike.

Singing lots of songs, and knowing melodies, including ‘The Wheels On The Bus’.

Being able to screw and unscrew things properly, and understanding how such things work.

Knowing what teeth, noses and hands are.

Giving kisses (finally!).

Holding hands.

Daisy is 18 months old - A trip to the park

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Daisy is 18 months old - Find out more about what she has been up to, what milestones she has hit and what new toys she is loving

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  1. katykicker October 4, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    It really does go so fast, even faster when you’re tracking the months – haha! I’ve heard about the NHS and that skull condition before too – so bad that they won’t help something so important!

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