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Daisy is eight months old – already!

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So I say it every single month! Where has the time gone?! Another month has passed by and Daisy is eight months old! I can hardly believe the little character that she is becoming. We had two holidays, six weeks apart, and the difference in her was just amazing!

I love being able to write down all the milestones, and lovely things we’ve done, over the months. These posts inspire me to have another wonderful month appreciating my family and being grateful for my life.

Daisy is eight months old !

Weight at eight months old

We haven’t actually had Daisy weighed this month at all! Last month Daisy was 19lbs and on the 75th centile. She has significantly cut down her milk now and is regularly leaving 1-2 oz from each of her 4 6oz bottles. The only bottle she finishes in full is her bedtime one.

Health at eight months old

Daisy has had an up and down month. We had a night, while at Centerparcs, where she cried on and off the entire night. It was awful and I really remembered those early days when it felt like all she did was cry.

We still don’t have any teeth, although they are definitely there. I can’t wait to see Daisy with her first tooth. She is already chewing while eating so I’m confident the late arrival isn’t an issue.

Sleep at eight months old

Sleep is something that people are always asking about! Daisy LOVES to sleep. We’ve been really fortunate with that. Daisy will usually sleep 11-12 hours, overnight, with just one or two grizzles for her dummy. I’m really happy with this as it allows me to work in the evenings. Also, it means that my husband and I can go to sleep early if we need to. Last night Daisy slept for 14 hours and thankfully our Waterbabies swimming lessons have changed times or we would have been running late!

Likes at eight months old

Daisy loves to feed herself. The messier the food the better. When we use pouches (out of the house mostly) she will help you feed her. When the pouch is nearly empty she loves to feed herself.

Daisy is loving swimming, seeing Grandma and Nanny most weeks, visiting the Entertainer and being out in general. Staring into space, and smiling at strangers, are two of Daisy’s favourite activities – and why not?!

Toys that Daisy loves include her East Coast Nursery Walker, her Nuby bath toys, her *Clanger, her *V-Tech Pop & Play Elephant and her little Santa blanket that Grandma got her. We have still been rotating her toys and when we got home from our recent holiday she was so happy to see her *Iggle Piggle!

Dislikes at eight months old

We tried an Organix crispy cereal and Daisy wasn’t a fan. She disliked it so much, or the texture at least, she kept spitting it out until it was all gone! That is the first food she has ever rejected so we didn’t force her to try it again (yet!).

Daisy still hates us getting her dressed. She has a real strop on her and this ends just as soon as she is dressed for the day.

At eight months old the newest milestones are:

Playing with an *Activity Cube


Getting onto her knees

Standing in the bath – by pulling herself up on the handles (slightly terrifying!)

Drinking water from the cannon in her *Pirate Ship

Saying Mama, Dada and apple

Uses a walker (*this lovely one)

This is what we have been up to in the past month:

Daisy enjoyed her first Halloween


We had our first trip to Van Hages together to see the Christmas decorations


Daisy learned to close her eyes, hold her breath AND kick her legs underwater!


We had a Waterbabies underwater photoshoot


Daisy watched her first firework display – at Centerparcs


Daisy also met Santa for the first time – at Centerparcs


Then Santa came to visit us – unfortunately Dad wasn’t there to see it!


Daisy has also learned how to feed herself pretty well now – although she does love to turn the bowl over sometimes.

As always I feel incredibly grateful to have my daughter. Some days are hard, of course. All parents know what I’m talking about. Some days are amazing. The time just zooms by and I can hardly believe she will be one soon! It feels like just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant but it was actually almost 1.5 years ago – wow!

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Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

The time is zooming by! Thanks for visiting :) I was on your blog just last night! x