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Daisy is five months old – where does the time go? Another month already!

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As the months fly by more and more I look forward to writing these posts. Daisy is five months old already! I love to read back on the previous months and remind myself of all the milestones. It is a great way of marking what my beautiful girl has achieved recently. I don’t worry about whether she is ‘on track’ as she is growing like a weed and that is good enough for me!

Daisy is five months old

Daisy is five months old already!

Daisy is five months old – Weight

Daisy now weighs more than 16lbs! I had her weighed two weeks ago and she is on the 75th centile. I’m so proud of this as when Daisy was born she was UNDER the centiles completely. She was so small, and almost died in my tummy because of a placenta problem. To see her thriving makes me so proud.

Daisy is five months old – Health

This month has seen a return of the sickness, however, it is mostly during the night now. It seems like Daisy’s reflux causes an excess of saliva, along with the dribble from teething, and that over the first few hours of her overnight sleep this is causing her to vomit sometimes. It isn’t really that big a deal, she is cleaned up (usually while giggling!) and then she promptly goes back to sleep in about 10-15 minutes. We are loving our sleep routine and these new baby essentials are still really helping Daisy to sleep well.

This month we’ve had no vaccinations and no need to visit a doctor. I did have a slight problem with one of Daisy’s prescriptions but thankfully common sense at the surgery allowed us to sort it over the telephone!

Daisy is five months old – likes & dislikes

Likes: We’ve noticed some real changes in what Daisy is loving this month! Firstly we have the usual *Lamaze doll, *Keyboard playmat, *Rainforest swing, *cot mobile, *Jumperoo and *dummies. Now Daisy has found a love for In The Night Garden! So far she is loving this *talking Upsy-Daisy toy! Very appropriate given the name. She also received this *Vtech little singing bear that she thinks is very sweet! She grins whenever she sees it and she has learned to press all the buttons. I also bought Daisy these super cute maracas which just arrived two days ago and she giggles so enthusiastically when her Daddy is dancing around with them!

Dislikes: We don’t have many dislikes this month (Phew!). Mostly just the usual ones: being alone and being tired. Daisy is a big fan of grizzling herself to sleep. Over time we have come to accept that this is just a habit for her and it doesn’t mean she is in pain or needs a cuddle. In fact, when she is trying to sleep she mostly wants to be left alone and if you pick her up she’ll soon let you know so!

I can’t believe Daisy is five months old!

Daisy is five months old – what’s new: Daisy can roll from back to front and face plant the floor. She can also roll back now, although she seems to keep forgetting about this! Daisy loves giggling, lots of times a day now. This is a real change from the occasional laughs that she would grace us with last month. For a few months now she has been making the face of someone laughing or giggling but it took a long time for the sound to come out. This is probably because Daisy has a tongue tie but this isn’t causing such a problem now. Daisy is also sitting in the pushchair part of her travel system now and loves looking out at the world whenever we go for a walk together.

This month has been a relatively quiet one. I am getting over the death of my Dad, as much as you can. We haven’t had any big changes in the last month and we are just settling back down into the routine of our life. Next month we have our first family holiday coming up and I really can’t wait now!

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Daisy at 5 months old! Read more about our lovely daughter as she turns 5 months old! Parenting a 5 month old

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Tuesday 23rd of August 2016

So sweet! I used to love In the Night Garden when my little brothers and sisters were diddy! x

Lucy ephgrave

Monday 22nd of August 2016

I can't believe how big she's getting Katy,was lovely seeing her and glad she liked the bear,she is thriving your both doing brilliant with Daisy xx

Jessica McDonnell

Monday 22nd of August 2016

Aw those photos are so cute. I'm sorry to hear she's not been well, I hope she feels better soon.


Monday 22nd of August 2016

She's grown up so much - such a cutie. Hope she feels better soon x

Bethany Naismith

Sunday 21st of August 2016

She is a total sweetheart! It's amazing how quickly babies develop!