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Daisy is four months old – the time seems to be flying by now!

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Here we are again! Daisy is four months old. Every month when I write one of these posts I cannot believe that another month has passed by! Daisy has changed so much in the past month, possibly more than any other month so far. She has become super alert and it feels sometimes like she understands everything we are saying and doing. She has begun to watch us eating food and she is starting to be less wobbly and more like a small person! I would love to bottle up some of these moments where she is still tiny, and dependent on us, but at the same time I love watching her grow and flourish into her own little personality.

Daisy is four months old

Love a collage of my beautiful Daisy! She’s the cutest sleeper and she’s sleeping so well now!

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Daisy is four months old – length

Daisy is now around 15lbs. She is growing fast and is above the 50th centile. Considering Daisy was suffering IUGR and underneath the centiles when born I am incredibly proud. It is fair to say that her latest milk, *Neocate, is working really well for her! It is super expensive but thankfully we have the NHS to help out with that!

Daisy is four months old – Health

This month has been a much better month for Daisy! She has now settled on another new prescription milk, only this one is working like a dream! We have had just two episodes of sickness in the last month, one of which was caused by coughing a little too hard. I’m so happy to see that Daisy doesn’t have to be projectile vomiting almost every feed anymore.

Daisy also has her last set of vaccinations booked for later today. These are the last vaccinations, I believe, until she is 12 months old. I’m so proud that Daisy’s immune system is getting the help it needs.

Daisy is four months old – likes

Daisy is in love with so many things this month! She loves her *Lamaze doll, *Keyboard playmat, *Rainforest swing, *cot mobile, *Jumperoo and *dummies. Daisy is also loving the Kidloland app, and watches it every night before bed. She is also really enjoying baths now. I’m not sure if it is because of her new *hooded towel or perhaps because we use a *massage lotion afterwards but bath times are a lot less stressful than they used to be!

I’m really grateful for Sudocrem Care & Protect. Daisy had a little sore spot in the crease of her thigh and with just one day of use it was cleared up and I could stop obsessing again! We have now been using these cream during most nappy changes and it has kept Daisy free of nappy rash and any sweat rashes in this hot weather. *Mustela suncream, SPF50, has allowed Daisy and I to have some nice days out lately without worrying. I’ve also been using a *Snoozeshade and a sunhat to keep her protected as much as possible. I still think it is important to use suncream, even at a young age, as a baby can catch the suns rays just being moved from the car to the pram or even just sitting in your garden for a few minutes.

Daisy is four months old – dislikes

At four months old Daisy dislikes being tired, and loves to have a good old moan and scream when she is falling asleep. I imagine it must be pretty scary to not understand the concept of tiredness so I tend to just comfort her and do my best. I’m not a fan of ‘cry it out’ methods so I sit with her, shushing her and patting her chest until she’s drifting off. I then move her into her cot, using her *Babymoov cushion. She also dislikes being left alone, but again I think that is just a part of her developing and realising that she is her own person and that we are not one and the same.

Daisy is four months old – what’s new?

Daisy has learned to roll from side to side, and sometimes front to back and back to front. She has also learned to hold her own bottle, unhook toys from her *Keyboard playmat, laugh, move items from hand to hand and watch the fish tank.

Daisy is four months old – it goes so fast!

Daisy is changing so fast! She is all about her Daddy now and looks towards the doorway when she hears him coming in from work. I think Daisy is advanced in some areas, like rolling, but a little slower in other areas, like giggling. This is fine with me, as it isn’t a race, and I am just amazed watching the little person that we created learning about life and learning new things.

Daisy is four months old – what a month

This month hasn’t been a great month for me, as my Dad died. At the beginning of Daisy’s fourth month I found out that my Dad being unwell. I have tried to be happy. Be my normal self. However my anger at my Dad’s death, and how it has come about, has led to me being a little out of sorts lately. I have learned that there are some fantastic people online, and some not so fantastic ones. I’ve also learned that I love my family unconditionally and would do absolutely anything for them! Not all parents feel the same about their children, which is sad, but I don’t have the time or energy to dwell on the past and how things could have been.

This coming month I’m looking forward to Daisy giggling and laughing, days out in the sun together and trips to our allotment. Life has been overwhelming the last month. Now that Daisy’s bedtime routine is sorted we are enjoying quality time together. I have more time for myself, and my hobbies, as well.

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Friday 22nd of July 2016

Adorable photos! So cute! Sudocream really is the best thing!

tp keane

Friday 22nd of July 2016

Awe she looks so cute. Now starts the fun part, the part where things get interesting as she gets more mobile and vocal.


Friday 22nd of July 2016

It's amazing how quickly they grow isn't it! What a gorgeous little lady she is <3 So sorry to hear about your Dad Katy - I hope you're managing okay, what an awful thing to have to deal with with a new baby.


Thursday 21st of July 2016

It's great watching them grow and flourish before your eyes, isn't it? Great feeling as they hit all the milestones too. Enjoy whilst she's tiny! :-)

Sam Jeffery

Thursday 21st of July 2016

I love how you are sharing her progress with us, she is so adorable!