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Daisy is one month old!

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AD. Our beautiful daughter Daisy is one month old! Where does the time go?! I’m looking forward to getting a post up monthly talking about our lovely daughter and sharing some of her milestones. My blog focuses mostly on making and saving money, however, it is a general blog about my life and Daisy is a huge part of that now! You can read more about Daisy’s birth here. Also, if you’ve recently had a little one then you can apply for free baby stuff.

Length: Daisy is now at least 55cm in length! She has grown considerably in length since birth, despite being tiny when she was born!

Weight: Daisy is one month old and now weighs 7lb 9oz. This is a fantastic gain from 5lb 13oz when she was born and puts us right on track. Breastfeeding is obviously working very well for Daisy and she is fed on demand – day and night.

Health: Daisy has been suffering from reflux and we have been trying a number of solutions to help with this. The ones that are working best for us are laying her on her side, propping her up with a wedge and keeping her upright for longer after feeds. This is very tiring, however I would rather be sleep deprived than have her being sick frequently. Reflux is causing Daisy to be snuffly and sound like she has a cold, however, she is in great health apart from this.

Likes: Bath time (especially when Dad lets her float in the water), milk, Mummy & Daddy, music, playing on her play mat, being in a stretchy wrap and Mam dummies.

Dislikes: Being put down to sleep on her back, being left in a room alone and dinner cooking while she is asleep. Daisy frequently wakes up just as dinner is being served, no matter what time this is!

Daisy absolutely loves spending time watching myself and my husband talking to her. She smiles now, and not just windy smiles and her cry has got considerably louder since birth. At times when she is crying, usually when being changed, I feel myself getting upset too as I just want to help her. However, apart from when wet/hungry we are quite lucky that Daisy seems to be quite a calm baby. She is happy to be rocked to sleep and as long as we are careful putting her down she will stay asleep now for up to 4 hours overnight. Daytimes are when she likes to sleep the most and it has been a bit difficult for me to sleep in the day. However, I have been able to get back to doing chores since my C section and also get out of my home lots more for nice walks, shopping and visiting relatives.

It has been amazing watching Daisy change in the last month. She smiles, is more alert and generally just becoming more interested in us and everything around her. It feels amazing that we have a little daughter now and we are definitely settling in to our new life well. The first few weeks were tiring, however, we’ve been able to find time for each other, get out regularly and see our friends and family. We feel blessed to have Daisy and are both excited for the coming months and all the changes that she will make.

The next post is now live: Daisy is two months old 

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Daisy at 1 month old! Read more about our lovely daughter as she turns 1 month old! Parenting a 1 month old

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Daisy is two months old

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Saturday 30th of April 2016

You must be over the moon :)


Tuesday 26th of April 2016

Congratulations on a beautiful baby. Only a month in and sounds like you're already loving life as a parent and seeing so many lovely changes


Tuesday 26th of April 2016

Aw shes absolutely beautiful, congratulations! Such a great weight gain too, she must be taking to breast feeding really well! xxx

Miss Kitty Kaos

Monday 25th of April 2016

Congratulations on such a beautiful baby X


Monday 25th of April 2016

she is so adorable! congrats :) time is definitely going too fast