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Daisy is one year old – it has gone so fast!!

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I cannot believe it. I’m officially a Mum of a toddler! Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl! Daisy is one year old and it has just gone by so fast. The last year has been a whirlwind, physically and emotionally. Some days I haven’t been able to think straight from tiredness. Most days have had something amazing about them though and I’m so grateful Daisy is here. Life is feeling good and I’m getting back to my old self too now, whoever that is?! Daisy is one year old – it has gone so fast!

Daisy is one year old

Daisy is one year old

Weight at one year old

We haven’t had Daisy weighed in the last 6-8 weeks now so I’ve no idea. If I was estimating I would say around 25lbs. She is growing so fast and she has a pot belly on her. Considering she was a tiny scrap of a girl when she was born I’m really pleased. Daisy loves her milk!

Health at one year old

Well what an eventful month it has been… Daisy and I have been ill for two weeks of the last month. First we had some sort of bug and then we both developed hand, foot & mouth. That was NOT a fun fortnight. We spent a lot of our time inside. There was a nice break in the middle, of one day, where we went to the allotment. Then Daisy came out in the blisters around her mouth and it went from there!

Daisy is waiting for a referral to a dietician now and I’m hoping it comes through fast. The milk that Daisy gets on prescription is only suitable until 12 months so that is about to stop. I’ve managed to build up a bit of a stockpile but it won’t last long.

Sleep at one year old

Besides illness Daisy is still sleeping well. Our bedtime routine is still a firm favourite and Daisy really thrives on the routine. I enjoy the bath and bedtime part of the routine as we have cuddles, play lots and Daisy is always giggling. When it is time to lay down in bed Daisy usually just lies down, with her milk, and goes to sleep. Obviously this is fantastic for me emotionally. I don’t have to listen to Daisy grizzling and she’s happy too. Usually I put her down at night and then I can get on with making dinner while she falls to sleep. This is fantastic and a great time saver.

Daisy is one year old – this is what she has been loving this month!

Daisy’s favourite toys this month have been:


We’ve got this back out recently. Daisy can activate the ear and loves chasing the balls around too. She’s really changed since she last played with this.


This is a classic isn’t it! Over the years almost all of my nieces and nephews have owned a variation of this toy. I love it. The eyes move as Daisy drags it around. Also, it keeps one of our cats entertained too trying to get the string!


Daisy has had this for a few months now. This was in the toy box for a while. Despite this when I gave it to her last week she knew right away to press the hand to make music. She remembered it and loved seeing it again! I wish it had more tunes though!


My sister sent this down to Daisy as one of her Birthday presents. Daisy loves it and spends a lot of time trying to eat the face. Also, it plays a cute (quiet) little tune that is quite inoffensive. My husband thinks it is a bit creepy though!


These are a new toy for Daisy, again from my sister. We are looking forward to lots of fun with these in the coming weeks and months. I love to rotate toys often but don’t usually do this in the bathroom as we don’t have lots. I’ll be able to start the rotation now as Daisy is getting quite a few bathroom toys to choose from.

Dislikes at eleven months old

The only thing that Daisy seems to dislike is you looking at her teeth. Which is understandable really.

At one year old the newest milestones are:

Walking around the furniture

Taking one or two steps from one piece of furniture to another

Walking between Mum and Dad, with a little help

Saying ‘thank you’ when given food or items

Knocking toys together to make music

Dropping items over the edge of the bath, her playpen etc to look for them

Squatting and standing without holding on to anything

Climbing on to objects (mostly toys!) to try and get out of her playpen or the bath

Pointing at objects / people

Enjoying cuddles more

Giving kisses (sporadically)

This is what we have been up to in the past month:

 We had a nice trip to town for a bit of shopping.

Daisy tucked her head into mine when she saw me taking this photo. I’m so proud of my beautiful girl ?

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 Daisy has started enjoying cuddles more now which is nice!

 My husband had a hospital appointment so on the way home we stopped off at Toys R Us. We also went to Chiquitos for a nice meal too!

 We had a brief respite from illness before it all started up again!

 We had a lovely day out right before we got ill once again!

 We got to spend lots of nice days in quarantine together!

The last month hasn’t been the best. With all the illnesses we’ve been trapped inside a lot. We have managed to go to our Water Babies swimming lessons a couple of times. We have also been to the allotment but we haven’t done much else! It has been a quiet month for activities so I’m looking forward to the next month. I’m hopeful that we can get out and about more!

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The time has flown by and Daisy is one year old already!

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Friday 24th of March 2017

She is doing really well now. I can't believe the last year has gone by to be honest !

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