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Daisy is seven months old!

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Daisy is seven months old – already! The year is just zooming by now and I cannot believe that we already have her Christmas presents. We are beginning to think about the family traditions that we will enjoy through the years and we have definitely settled into family life now.

Daisy is really thriving now. She has found her level with her height and weight, after being growth restricted, and it is a pleasure to spend everyday with her. Her reflux is much more controlled now and it is clear that she is feeling a lot happier.

I cannot believe our girl is seven months old already. Every month I am always surprised that another month has passed by. I love to create these posts monthly. It is a lovely chance for my husband and I to sit down and reflect on how well Daisy has developed in the last month. We don’t typically look up what milestones she should be achieving each month as she is always going to learn at her own pace. Instead we like to talk about what she has learned and reminisce on her life so far.

Weight at seven months old

We took Daisy to get weighed just before she turned seven months old. She was 19lbs and is on the 75th Centile for weight. This is her normal level now and has been for the last few visits. I’m really pleased to see she is still thriving despite cutting down to just 3 or 4 bottles a day from 5 or 6.

Health at seven months old

Her reflux is controlled really well with omeprazole and despite a cold that has been lingering for about 10 days now she’s doing really well. She is sleeping good (mostly!) and she is miles happier than she has been in previous months. I think this is contributed to by being able to sit up, play toys and generally reach things and explore more.  Daisy has been teething and suffering from a really bad nappy rash.

Likes at seven months old

Daisy’s particular favourite activities are attending her Water Babies swimming lessons, trips to the town with Grandma (where she always gets lots of toys, outfits and treats) and going for walks. Daisy loves to explore and spends hours sitting quietly in her pram looking at trees, cars, cats and more every single week.

Daisy loves her *Clanger,  her *Iggle Piggle talking toy, her *jumperoo (even more now she can bounce lots in it), her *Lamaze doll, her teething keys and lots more. We rotate her toys every few days to avoid boredom and when her *Clanger came back out recently she still loved it just as much as the first day that she saw it.

I’ve been loving this Infacare bath product. It is leaving Daisy with lovely soft skin, no dryness and it smells lovely too. Daisy loves a few bubbles in her bath so this is great for her. I’m also really enjoying feeding Daisy her Organix porridge everyday. There are quite a few in the range and they have no dairy so she can enjoy a safe and filling breakfast every morning. Daisy is also loving rice cakes. I find these a really convenient, but healthy, snack and she is able to feed herself really well now. This allows me to sit her next to me in the kitchen while I complete a few chores. This means my home is finally getting back to the standard that I like it to be and overall I’m feeling more energised and happy.

Dislikes at seven months old

Daisy dislikes being told no, her bottle not releasing milk fast enough (it gets a smack!) and that is about it. I think at this age she is a little young to deliberately dislike something and she hasn’t rejected any of the food that we have offered her yet.

At seven months old the newest milestones are:

  • passing toys from hand to hand
  • saying Mama
  • putting syllables together
  • feeding herself with a spoon
  • moving around (rolling and dragging herself along the floor)
  • sitting up for prolonged periods
  • standing up holding on to the coffee table or side of the bath (terrifying when she did it for the first time!)
  • climbing out of her play nest to reach toys
  • firing the cannon in her pirate ship bath toy
  • putting everything into her mouth
  • responds to her name (even when whispered!)

We had a wonderful family holiday and we are going away again in 3 weeks. We took part in lots of fun family activities in Centerparcs.

We created a hand and foot cast of Daisy at six months old. This is a great way to remember just how small she was and now it is displayed on the wall it is brightening up our home. I love looking up at her little prints and seeing how much she is already changing in just a few weeks. The time flies by and it is hard to remember just how small she was when she was born now.

The last month has been fantastic. I’m so grateful for my wonderful little family and I’m really enjoying being a Mum even more than I thought I would. There are days, and nights, when it is tougher than we ever imagined but we have a great support network. My in-laws and my Mum both have Daisy one or two times a month and this gives me a chance to catch up on work, tidy our home and free myself up for fun days with my little family.

The next post is now live here: Daisy is eight months old

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Saturday 12th of November 2016

Thanks love. Erin is too! Daisy loves making a mess. I don't love it but it's good for her to learn herself I guess!

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