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Daisy is six months old

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Wow, here we are again! Another month has gone by and our beautiful daughter is now SIX months old! I can’t believe that we have already had half a year together. Being Daisy’s Mum has been life changing for me and it makes me want to succeed in my little online world even more.

I absolutely love being able to look back on these posts, and the months gone by, and it is a great way to keep family and friends up to date on all Daisy’s little milestones. When you only see relatives once a week it can be hard to remember what she has been learning. Obviously it is great for people to see, for themselves, but it is also nice to create a record to look back on over the years.

Weight: We haven’t had Daisy weighed officially in a little while but she is over 18lbs now. She is growing really well, although it is slowing down slightly now as we begin weaning and she takes less interest in milk.

Health: Besides the teething we’ve had another great month! Daisy has only had a couple of sickness episodes, and only one of them was projectile which is a nice change – best of all I was in bed so her Daddy cleaned it up himself!!

Likes: We’ve changed things around this month! We’ve said goodbye to the *keyboard playmat and *Rainforest swing, because Daisy is rapidly reaching the maximum weight and we wanted to be safe. Instead we now have a fantastic Summer Infant Playpen (thanks Mum!) and we have a Galt play nest too – which Daisy thinks is great! This play nest supports Daisy and allows her to sit up and play. There have been quite a few new toys this month including a Clanger, a selection of In The Night Garden toys (thanks eBay!) and we’ve got a few bits put away for Christmas too. Daisy is LOVING cuddles now! She loves to put her arms around necks/shoulders and she makes the cutest little noises as she leans in sometimes too.

Dislikes: The main dislike this month has been teething! We have begun to use Anbesol teething pain relief and Daisy can’t stand the taste of it – however, it has been working really well for her so we will continue with using it.

New: Daisy can pull herself up from laying, to standing, if you allow her to hold on to your hands. She can roll really well now, she has three teeth coming through (ouch!), loves to giggle and knows her name. Daisy is vocalising more and can put a couple of sounds together now when babbling. They don’t make sense, yet, but it is a sign that she is developing well and will be talking our ears off in no time. Daisy has been going underwater during her WaterBabies lessons (which we are loving) and has been enjoying weaning too. We’ve had a few issues with allergies, as expected with a baby with CMPA, but we’re plowing on with lots of vegetables and a few fruits too. Daisy can pick up objects using her thumbs and finger (pincher), reacts to seeing herself in the mirror and can get herself into a sitting position pretty well now too!

We’ve got our first family holiday in 5 days (can’t wait!) and we are really excited to take Daisy to Centerparcs. We go regularly, using 2+ times a year, and in the next 6 months we are actually having 4 holidays there! We are going to be visiting the spa while Daisy is babysat, then we are getting handprint casts made, going for a sensory play lesson and much more – I can hardly wait!

The last month has been another great one. I think even if you have bad days, like we do with Daisy’s reflux, you are always going to find that the months overall are fantastic. A bad day doesn’t equal a bad life and even if your little one is a grump, like mine has been for a few days in a row, it is unlikely to be anything you’re doing as a parent and instead just be one of those things related to developing!

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Saturday 24th of September 2016

It is yes! Thank you xx

Cecilia Keinapel

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Aww Daisy is so beautiful, you must be so happy. It is always nice to share memories with friends and family. Hope you will enjoy your upcoming holiday xx

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