Daisy is ten months old – another month has passed!

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I say this time and time again I know but wow – another month! Daisy has already been here for almost a year and I can hardly believe it sometimes. My tiny baby has been replaced with a little tornado. She whirls through the day creating mess, and noise, displacing objects but reminding me how grateful I am to be alive! Daisy is ten months old and this is what she has been up to for the past month:

Daisy is ten months old

Daisy is ten months old

Weight at ten months old

This month I’ve actually had Daisy weighed – wow! We’ve finally found a baby clinic that doesn’t clash with swimming lessons or any other commitments. Anyway, Daisy was weighed and she now weighs 20lbs! I’m so pleased with this as it means Daisy is continuing along the 75th centile. This seems to be her line and I’m so pleased – especially as she was just 5lb 13oz when she was born! This put her under the centiles at birth so I couldn’t be more proud! Our health visitor was really pleased with how well Daisy was doing despite her food aversions.

Health at ten months old

The last month hasn’t been too bad in terms of sickness – apart from one bad occasion. Daisy had some chicken (a suspected allergen at the time) and then 1.5 days later she vomited it back up – undigested! This led to a terrible choking episode that was a bit nerve wracking for me.

Sleep at ten months old

We are pretty much back on track with our bedtime routine now. Daisy is teething badly at the moment. We have had some disturbed sleep because of this. There have been a few occasions where Daisy just has not been tired at 6pm. One evening she stayed awake until 9:30pm and woke up at 5am. That was a long grumpy day for us both! Daisy listens to a classical music playlist once she is in her cot. I find that if she is not asleep by the second or third song that I can go in, lay her back down say goodnight and then restart the playlist. She is usually asleep in next to no time after this.

Daisy is ten months old – this is what she has been loving this month!

Daisy’s favourite toys this month have been:

Daisy has been loving this keyboard! She even recorded a cute video for my Facebook page using it.


The front of this walker has had so much use lately – particularly the plastic telephone! There are lots of buttons for Daisy to press but her favourite is the teeny tiny button underneath the phone. It makes so much noise!


Daisy loves to drag this around in her playpen, chew the smaller parts and press the buttons on it.


My Mum got this for Daisy and she loves it! Sometimes she even lays down and uses it as an actual cushion.


BeatBo boogie, do the Beatbo boogie clap, clap! This is adorable really. Daisy loves the songs, it is educational and if you’re trying to hit your steps on that Fitbit of yours this is pretty fun! Now that Daisy is ten months old she LOVES toys like this!


The Jumperoo has come backintoo popularity now. At home we use our East Coast Nursery Walker, however, at Grandma’s house we use the Jumperoo. Daisy loves it and still has great fun in it – even if she is getting a little on the tall side now!

Dislikes at ten months old

This month I would say that Daisy dislikes being stuck indoors all day. If we are home for a day, because I’m working, or perhaps because of illness then Daisy gets cabin fever. By the end of the day she’s on the grumpy side. However, if I make a point of going out every single day she is much happier. This is fine with me and it gives me a great reason to get outside every day!

At ten months old the newest milestones are:

Brushing her own teeth

Standing by herself – without holding on

Standing up in her cot and banging to wake us up

Waving goodbye

Opening all the drawers and cupboards

Looking for items when they are hidden

Saying Grandma to my Mum

Walking with someone holding her hands

Shouting – lucky us! Mostly ‘Mumumumumumumumum’

Mimicking me in a high voice!

This is what we have been up to in the past month:

Daisy enjoyed her first Christmas! We had a wonderful time.

Look at my beautiful girl and her Daddy – practically twins! We had a wonderful Christmas Day and hope you did too!

A photo posted by Katy Stevens (@katykicker) on

We realised just how much Daisy looks like her Daddy!

Daisy had a dairy free roast dinner – she loved it!

We went out to the park in the fog and Daisy was so happy – until we realised we hadn’t packed snacks.

Daisy is still loving her favourite Christmas toy and I’m still loving the Tidy Tot!

Daisy dressed like a Princess for the day. She’s getting so big!

We got stocked up for our allotment again.

Here is Daisy practising her wave.

Daisy learned to swing underneath the highchair – that was terrifying!

Daisy learned to hold on at Water Babies swimming lessons – and I let go and she stayed afloat!

Here she is practicing her mimicking – cheeky girl.

Another month has just flown by and Daisy is ten months old. I cannot believe that we are making preparations for Daisy’s first birthday now! The months have zipped by. I’m feeling great as a paren. Confident, comfortable and relaxed about my parenting choices. Daisy and I have lots of wonderful days together and I’m feeling blessed – even on the bad days!

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  1. Aimee January 25, 2017 / 4:24 pm

    Ten months old already?! How is that possible! We bought our friend’s daughter one of those Vtech First Steps thing and she loves it!

    • katykicker January 25, 2017 / 4:26 pm

      Aww that is a lovely gift from you! I bet your friend was chuffed. I know right – it speeds by!

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