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Our beautiful little Daisy is three months old – where does the time go?

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Well another month has passed by and Daisy is three months old. Time is moving so fast and we are trying hard to enjoy every minute, even the tiring ones. The last month has been filled with little changes in Daisy and lots and lots of health related appointments, again. We seem to be spending a lot of time chasing GPs and hospital consultants, however we have finally made a breakthrough!

Life seems to be running well for us. Daisy is not sleeping as good as she was, however we understand this is just temporary and have been getting through together. We’ve made time for each other and even went on a date night to the cinema. We have kept on top of our allotment and got lots of new planting done too which is fantastic.

Daisy is three months old

Daisy is three months old

Daisy was rocking her tutu last night! Love my princess and had a great day seeing family too!

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Daisy is three months old – Length and weight

Daisy is due to be weighed and measured tomorrow, for the first time in over a month, so I will have to come back to update! On our last weigh in Daisy was around 12 pounds and was now on the 50th centile. She does not seem to be struggling with weight gain now that we have her cows milk protein allergy under control a little better. I feel so proud when I look at her that we have battled to get her the right milk and medication and she is now growing like a weed!

Daisy is three months old – Health

This month hasn’t been a great one, again, in that respect. Daisy started vomiting after each and every feed again. This meant that Daisy has had to move from Nutramigen to Neocate. Neocate is an amino based acid formula that is very expensive, around £46 for 3 days worth. As Daisy is a baby her prescriptions are free – thank goodness!

Daisy has been diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy, which may make her first few years of eating a little more difficult. At the moment we don’t know if Daisy will be able to eat anything with CMP in it or if she will be allergic to other things such as soya. We will have to see a dietitian and have a plan when it comes to weaning but I am still excited anyway. Daisy will be starting weaning from six months, as advised by her consultant, and we will be beginning this when we return from our next trip to Centerparcs.

Daisy’s hernia has almost completely disappeared already. It was huge and her belly button stuck out at least one inch. Now it is starting to turn into an ‘innie’ which is great!  The ultrasound that Daisy had last month went well and they checked all of her organs. They found no sign of pyloric stenosis and everything looked great. Daisy is likely just sick because of reflux and her allergies, so we just have to keep persevering with prescription milk and medication to help her.

Daisy is three months old – vaccinations

Daisy has had her twelve week vaccinations now. Soon we won’t have anymore vaccinations until 1 year old – and I can’t wait! Daddy came with us to the vaccinations this time and Daisy cried much less. She slept for almost a whole day afterwards and has been a little disturbed since. However, you have to take the rough with the smooth and I’m just happy that we are protecting her from all manner of terrible illnesses.

I love my beautiful pudding so much! She is getting so big and we can’t wait for our weekend together with Daddy!

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Daisy is three months old – Likes

Daisy likes her new swing, *Mimsy the mouse (chosen by Daddy), her *Lamaze dragon fluttering its wings and staring at the TV. Recently we visited a shopping centre and while in the baby changing room there was a television in the ceiling. Daisy became fixated by Mr Tumble on CBeebies. I thought we would have years before we would be trying to get her gaze off the television but such is the life! Watching her little face light up was very sweet!

Daisy is three months old – Dislikes

Being placed down on her back while awake, being in lifts, being in the dark and not getting enough attention. Daisy has learned to cry and look towards something when she wants something to happen. For example when she wants her dragon to flutter his wings she will grizzle and stare until he moves. Once he does she will let out a huge smile. This feels like making a rod for our own backs, however it is really just her finding ways to communicate and is a sign that she is developing.

Daisy is three months old

The changes in Daisy are coming thick and fast now. Daisy is learning by the day and seems to be growing like a weed. Today Daisy will be moving to her 3-6 month clothes. We went out this week and got her some new outfits, to go with the huge box that we have from friends and relatives.

The nights have felt longer lately, with Daisy only sleeping from 11-3, then 4-7 however I know this is quite good for her age. Every morning, when she has a cry around 3am I just remind myself that she needs me and climb on out of bed. These early months are going so fast and one day soon Daisy won’t need me as much! I’m trying to embrace her needs and just spend as much time as possible with her.

We are in a great routine now with Daisy. We have got a bedtime routine in place now that is working quite well and hopefully we can bring this forward in the evenings soon.

You can read about Daisy at one month and two months as well as Daisy’s birth.

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Daisy is two months old
Daisy in her cot in a sleeping bag drinking from a bottle while half asleep
Daisy's bedtime routine

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Monday 27th of June 2016

aw its great to hear that she is doing well. and look how adorable she is. her smile is to die for


Sunday 26th of June 2016

Aww a gorgeous baby. I was lactose intolerant when I was a baby but no one knew about it. All my family knew was that after feeding I would scream the house down for hours with colic and pain. (I don't understand why no one thought of lactose intolerance...but this was 26 years ago) It was only a few years later when I was still having problems that I saw a dietician and was diagnosed. I've grown out of it now though, so hopefully Daisy will too :) x


Friday 24th of June 2016

Awww Daisy is so cute and so adorable, I am loving that dress in the first picture. My nephew was lactose intolerant when he was born but now he's grown off it.


Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Aw what a lovely post! Daisy is adorable. It will be lovely to look back on this post in a few years time, such a great way of documenting things! x


Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

It still amazes me how quickly they change in such a short amount of time. My son is 8 months old and I notice changes everyday. They grow up too fast! xx