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Daisy is two months old

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I cannot believe where the time has gone! Our beautiful daughter Daisy is two months old. The last month has been quite eventful, with lots of health related appointments. Daisy is growing more and more every day and we are settling into being new parents really well. We’ve got a clean home (mostly!), have made time for one another and we have even been down our allotment a few times to do some digging, planting and general maintenance!

Length: 56cm now! This puts her on track now almost and with another good growth next month she will be bang on track. I’m so pleased with the progress Daisy has been making. I think she will be tall like her Daddy!

Weight: Daisy now weighs 10lb 8oz! This is a fantastic gain now we’ve fixed a problem with lactose intolerance and acid reflux. I was rather upset when I learned that Daisy wasn’t gaining weight as she should be, however, things are getting back on track now and she is exactly average now – perfect for us!

Health: Daisy has still been suffering from acid reflux and has moved from infant Gaviscon to omeprazole. This has made a huge improvement to her general well-being and she is no longer continuously crying in pain for hours on end.

Daisy has also been diagnosed with lactose intolerance and placed on prescription formula. I was disappointed to have to stop breastfeeding, however, it was for her health and not because I was too lazy to continue. The milk has made a huge difference, along with the medication.

Daisy has also had her six week check, where she was diagnosed with a hernia but was in good health apart from that. In addition to the new meds, new milk and the hernia Daisy has also has an ultrasound booked for next week. We won’t have any results from this for a few weeks so I will update next month. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster month! However, now Daisy is feeling much better she is sleeping MILES better! We are getting 4-6 hour bursts out of her most days and this is allowing us to function much better too. We’ve even had 1 10pm – 6:30am sleep which was amazing and made us feel like humans again!

Daisy has also started her vaccinations now, just a few days ago. She managed well with the first ones and I’m so thrilled that we have such a good vaccination program in the UK. The NHS has been so helpful to my family over the years and now my little daughter is benefiting too. I have a few gripes with my doctors but I won’t go into those today or I’d be here half the night!

Likes: Fresh air is something that Daisy loves. Any time we go for a walk with her pram she drifts off to sleep and stays settled for hours on end. Daisy also loves cuddles at 3-4am. She regularly wakes up at this time, for a bottle of milk, and she is so happy to see us! Her smiles are huge now and they really do melt my heart. She is beginning to coo and try to work out giggling now which is lovely to see too. Daisy is also loving her new milk, her bouncy chair, touching the cats, staring at walls, her Lamaze dragons and her personalised unicorn too.

Dislikes: Being left alone, being winded halfway during her bottle and not getting enough attention. These are probably pretty standard dislikes for a baby that is just two months old.

Daisy is becoming much more alert now. She smiles frequently and you can see that she is trying to giggle and coo back at us when we make noises. This is lovely and it makes the 3-4am feeding times that much more special.Her cry is ear piercingly loud now, however, since she started her new milk she is crying so much less than before. She is such a happy baby when she is not in pain and it is lovely to see the difference that the change of milk has made. We have had several nights where she has slept for 6-8 hours in a row and we’ve enjoyed some lovely long sleeps ourself during these times.

We are really settling into my husband’s shift patterns now which is great. I’m starting to return back to full health now and I can lift almost anything once again. I’m feeling back to my old self mentally too, which is lovely, and I’m really enjoying having my own little daughter. Despite the longer nights where she needs more from us we feel blessed. We are very, very tired, like all new parents, but we are getting through together. We are also being careful not to wish our little ladies life away. It is all too easy to think ‘she will grow out of this soon’, however, they really are only small and dependent for such a short amount of time.

Life feels fantastic and now when I think about the next thing we want I’m not sure quite what it is! We feel truly blessed for our little miracle after 7 years of waiting and I cannot wait to see what the next month brings for us, let alone the next year!

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Monday 30th of May 2016

Aww so lovely - she is a gorgeous little girl. You're so lucky! x


Monday 30th of May 2016

Thank you - I feel lucky after 7 years of waiting for her ??