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Daisy you are 2!

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As I sit here, typing this, I almost cannot believe it. My baby, my little 5lb 13oz beauty, you are 2! Where have those two years gone? It feels like only last month we were at Centerparcs for your 1st Birthday and now we are preparing to spend the day visiting family, eating nice food and opening presents together. Daisy – you are 2! 

July 2015 was when I found out that our fertility treatment had worked and I was pregnant. I was in shock. Despite KNOWING that month that I was going to be pregnant I just couldn’t believe it. Finally, after 7 LONG years, our time had come!

My pregnancy was not a great one, although you made it safe at the end so that made everything worthwhile. Hyperemesis, SPD, a c-section and more meant that I felt pretty raw by the end of it all and resolved that I would NEVER have another baby. Now I would love to see you with a sibling one day. 

Daisy using her new Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit

You were only 10 days old when your problems with allergies begun to emerge. The 1st of April you projectile vomited all over me and I remember telling your Daddy that you were going to be a joker. In time you were diagnosed with FPIES and our battles for you were only just beginning.

Living Arrows 12/52 - Daddy and Daisy at the park

Now I look at you and I cannot believe how big and strong you look. No longer are you a tiny baby. Slowly but surely you’re growing tall, like your Daddy, and everyone says that you’re going to be much taller than I could ever hope to be. I’m hoping one day you’ll be able to reach the highest shelf in the kitchen for me. 

I often find it a struggle dealing with your multiple allergies. Everyday events, from visiting soft play, to going out with family for lunch, can be such stress-inducing times for me. I want you to be able to engage with others, relax around you and for us to have a fantastic time together. However, all too often you end up spending the next 2 days ill and I wonder why we bothered. You don’t seem to mind that we spend a lot of time in each other’s company though and being at home is something you love. You have a slide that you spend hours going down and setting up picnics is something that you love.

Holidays are something that you thoroughly enjoy now and on our recent one, less than two weeks ago, you remarked every day that Po was on holiday with you. Seeing you run to find the ducks down by the waterside, and hearing you talk about swimming every day as we headed to the pool, filled my heart with joy.

You’re OBSESSED with the Teletubbies and regularly ask for ‘Laalaa Po’ the second you open your eyes. Daddy and I love to overindulge you and buy you far too many of their plastic toys. You spend hours lining up your Teletubbies figures that your Auntie got you for Christmas. I love to watch you feed them, play with them and get frustrated as you line them up on your rocking horse.

Your personality is really beginning to shine through now. You’re head-strong, determined and a little pampered. You seem to know your own mind already and are no stranger to saying ‘I don’t like it’. This makes me feel confident that you’ll move through life never afraid to speak your mind.

Finally, in recent months, our persistence with you has paid off. You finally let Daddy do your hair, and you tell yourself that you’re a ‘Princess’ when you look in the mirror afterward. Brushing your teeth has now become something you love to do, instead of a battle of wills twice daily.

Your favourite activities are trips to the park, watching people on YouTube opening Teletubbies Russian dolls, speaking to Grandma on Facetime, visiting Nanny & Grandad, going to Nursery, shopping and eating snacks. You also love trips out in Daddy’s car where you get to see ‘Binky’ (Tinky Winky).

Keeping children happy on holiday - Daisy holding a new toy

My hopes for you during the year ahead are that our next hospital visits gave some more explanations to your illnesses. I hope that we can spend the next year making lots of memories. We’ve already got two holidays and several days out planned for the coming months. As you turn from 2 to 3 I’d love for you to outgrow at least one or two of your allergens, although at this point I think that is wishful thinking. Instead, I look forward to the times ahead, watching you grow and learn, seeing your personality shine through and seeing your excitement as you finally get your own bedroom! Daisy you are 2, Happy Birthday!

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Daisy you are 2! Read more about our lovely daughter as she turns 2 in March 2018!

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