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Daisy, you are 4!

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Every year seems to pass by in a flash since you were born – Daisy, you are 4! I can hardly believe it! I know how precious every year we are all alive really is and I try my best to appreciate everything – even if your Birthday Party has been cancelled this year!

When your first Birthday rolled around I was really dreading the day a little. Relieving how difficult the day of your birth was, and the weeks leading up to your Birth too, but as time has gone on all the memories have faded away and now you’re asking for a brother or sister and I want to oblige! Hopefully soon!

So much has happened since you turned 3! You attend Nursery 24 hours a week, you’re becoming smarter and stronger by the day too. Lots of your FPIES allergens are a thing of the past now! This means we are able to do lots of baking together and while we still have a couple of allergies, soya and chicken, these are SO minimal!

Daddy is still one of your favourite people ever, unsurprisingly! I love seeing the two of you together. Daddy has the best songs, dangles you upside down from the ceiling and rides on the rollercoasters and scary rides at the theme parks with you!

The two of you recently went on a trip to Peppa Pig World and had great fun! You rang me both evenings from your hotel to tell me the lovely food you ate and all the fun things that there were in your hotel room including a phone and a television! We don’t worry about setting screen time limits and instead just spend our time trying to play with you and keep you occupied lots throughout the day as you’ve got a LOT of energy.

Toy Story 4 themed party set
You LOVE Toy Story 4!

Toy Story 4 is one of your favourite things to watch. Most nights you lie in bed with Daddy and you watch Toy Story 4 videos together on YouTube. We have Disney+ now so you love to watch Toy Story over and over! It’s so nice to see you have a big interest in something. Despite spending your Birthday at home this year we made the best of it. (AD – Gifted Item) We had this lovely Toy Story 4 Party Pack which contained everything we needed to accompany a little party at home just the 3 of us. It was really nice!

Covid-19 means we haven’t been out for AGES now but this party set contained cups, plates, napkins, party bags and more! It was great and really convenient to set up straight from the box with everything I needed to hand (besides the food!).

You’re such a caring child! Grandma had a stint in hospital recently and you insisted that you come for a visit, even though she was quite poorly.

On the way, you requested that we visit the shop to get Grandma snacks and fruit as you had heard that people take grapes to the hospital when others are poorly. It always amazes me just how much you know for such a young child!

The way you speak to people is mostly lovely, although you love the odd cheeky swear word too, just like me! Recently you told me that Jessie (from Toy Story) wanted to say something to me and it turned out to be “f*ck off!” which I found both horrifying and hilarious.

Thomas and me looking into the camera wearing coats outside with text overlay that says self-care as a parent

You later confessed to me that you just wanted to say it out loud one time to see what it sounded like. After that you didn’t say it again, thankfully!

You love to give me lots of kisses throughout the day, which makes me so happy. You’re such an affectionate child and really love to show this to me.

I feel so happy that we get to spend most of our time together, although it looks like we’ve got lots of weeks without childcare ahead so that will be a true test of our patience for one another!

Your attention span is really growing now! We’re able to go for long family walks, with a couple of park trips along the way. It’s fun to watch you explore the parks and field near our new house and you love looking out for dogs, finding sticks and waving to the horses that we pass on a regular basis.

You absolutely love to cook, bake and help me load up one of my easy slow cooker recipes. Some of your favourite bakes include gluten-free jam drops, dairy and gluten-free potato waffles and gluten-free cornflake tart. You are a BIG fan of pasta dishes and you love to help me whizz up red pepper pasta sauce.

Apparently you don’t like peppers or tomatoes but this sauce is a firm favourite of yours and requested on the regular! I love knowing we can make something quick, frugal and have fun together too.

Healthwise your allergens are small now and as a result, we’ve been discharged from two of the healthcare services that we used, our local hospital’s allergy clinic AND the dietician service.

I’m so happy that we need to use the NHS much less now, although I’m grateful it has been there for us.

I can see me in you a lot more now. Some aspects of your personality are so similar to mine, including your lack of patience.

Katy and Daisy out for a walk on holiday in Centerparcs

I try to take a gentle approach to parenting you the best I can. I’ve definitely grown in confidence with this in recent months since moving into our new house and having more space to enjoy together too.

You’re still a big fan of visiting Centerparcs and relaxing in a hot tub as part of your holiday. You regularly ask me when we can go back to the ‘brown house’ for a holiday (our favourite Centerparcs lodge) and you always mention hot tubs.

Fortunately, we have one packed away in the loft ready for the warmer months, or as soon as we’ve got our patio redone! Grandma has a hot tub too which you’re a fan of floating around in!

Daisy playing with the Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Mighty Jet Command Center
I love spending time playing with toys with you in your bedroom!

Having your own room is something you absolutely love. We love that you have lots of space for all of your toys, as you’re fortunate to receive lots of lovely items from kind brands throughout the year. It’s so nice to see you playing with your toys each day and using your imagination too.

Days out are something you love. You’re a child of fairly simple tastes, so far, and are most happy with a farm visit or a trip to the park!

You love spending time with your extended family, and they love to take you out to McDonalds as part of your day out! As you’ve only got a couple of allergens left now this means you can visit McDonalds and lots of other restaurants, which you love.

You regularly ask me to take photos of you now – which I love!

I love your cheeky nature. Now that you FINALLY sleep through the night, mostly, your emotions are maturing and you’re settling down so much.

You still love to join us in our bed at night but we don’t mind really, loving to enjoy the time giving you a cuddle, even if I do wake up freezing most days as you refuse to have the quilt on you!

Me and my daughter outside on holiday with a text overlay that says ways I'm finding me time as a parent

Our new house and new garden have been a real hit for you, just like we knew it would. From the first day, when you scooted around the living room on your scooter my heart was so full.

You still love a Yumbox full of snacks so much! We love to pack you one most days and every day you are so excited as you open it up and see what goodies have been packed!

PJ Days at home are your favourite activity of them all, alongside painting your hands and face! Just this morning I caught you colouring your feet in with a felt tip pen – whoops!

Last year your Uncle got married and while attending a wedding with FPIES was a little stressful you had a great day! It was lovely to see you get to be a flower girl and you’re going to be doing the same later today at your Auntie’s wedding – which is very exciting!

You love all 5 of your Grandparents which is lovely. You see Daddy’s parents, Nanny & Grandad, most weeks on a Thursday and go on some nice adventures. Grandma has been poorly over the last year so you haven’t had as many days out with her but you love to ring her on the phone regularly. Just this morning you called her on FaceTime without us even knowing!

You’re so funny and always find a way to speak to people when you want to, like the time I came into the living room and you was on a WhatsApp video call with your Nanny & Auntie Bobbi and I had no clue!

Me looking at the camera outside and text overlay that says my first year as a parent

You recognise lots of names on sight now including Katy, Tom, Mummy, Daddy, Daisy, Nanny, Julie, Jan & Grandma which makes it even easier for you to call all of your favourite family members!

You’re already more of a daredevil than me! On a trip to Southend last year you went on rollercoasters and all sorts! Daddy loves this side of you, as he’s brave too, and it’s fun, but a tad scary, watching all of the videos back of you on the rides together!

I know you’re going to be a thrill-seeker and I’m happy to smile and nod as you go on bigger and better rides during every family trip out! Someone needs to hold the bags and I hope it’s always me!

You went away for your first ever weekend without me last Summer! You visited Uncle Ant’s down on the coast with Grandma and went on great adventures! It was hard for me not to see you for a whole weekend but you had so much fun and it gave Daddy and me time to start packing up our flat ready for moving into a new house!

Crafting, colouring, drawing, painting and playing with modelling clay are all activities that you love so much. I don’t think a day goes by where you don’t draw somewhere.

We’ve got a chalkboard door in our kitchen and you love to draw on this too, lovely rainbows, stick men and you can write your own name now too!

I'm talking about dealing with the stages of grief as a parent to a small child. #Grief #Bereavement #Death

You love a trip to the park, and the Minion Park in particular (a local soft play). Often when you have a day out with family you ask about visiting the Minion Park and you hint drop all the time about it!

When you finally get to go it’s so nice to see you running around in the soft play frame. Daddy often takes you and runs around with you too!

You are rarely ever still. Honestly! ALWAYS on the move. I love this about you, for the most part, and feel honoured that I grew a strong, healthy, fit girl who loves running, dancing, playing and just generally has ants in her pants.

I wonder what the future holds for you but you’re always telling me that you’re going to be a scientist or a Doctor who works with blood. You are FASCINATED by blood and love to watch Grandma having blood tests, which is just a little unusual!

You mention being a scientist pretty much daily and so I’m trying to build you a nice savings pot to help towards whatever you want to be when you grow up!

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Kim Carberry

Sunday 22nd of March 2020

Happy belated birthday to Daisy! She is such a sweetheart and so much has changed for her since her last birthday. New and exciting times for you all. x


Tuesday 24th of March 2020

Thank you, she had a lovely day too considering we were stuck home alone!

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