December 2015 moneymaking challenge

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It has been a fantastic month already for me and I am hosting the December 2015 moneymaking challenge.

What is the December 2015 moneymaking challenge?

Every other month I run a challenge over on The Money Shed.

Basically the idea of the challenge is to post your target, at the beginning of the month. This allows you to keep yourself motivated and accountable through the month. You can choose to update as little or as often as you like. On average there are now around 40 people taking part in the challenge, and quite a few more reading the posts. This is a fantastic way to find out what moneymaking venues are working for others and pick up some tips.

I personally post my target, at the beginning of the month, and try and update at least weekly. I keep a spreadsheet, for tax purposes, and this allows me to see, at a glance, what I have made on any given day, week or month. Sometimes I post details of where every penny has come from, other times I just give an idea of my biggest earners. If I am really pushed for time then I just post my latest figure.

How will I earn my money?

I personally earn my money from a wide variety of different avenues. Some of my biggest earners in recent months have been my favourite websites. I have also earned a nice sum recently from TopCashBack, Spare5, content writing, Clixsense and WhatUsersDo. I earn a nice sum of money reviewing products too, and also by posting the odd sponsored piece of content on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as here on my blog.

I count my cash as I receive it, rather than as I earn it like I used to. This means that I have an accurate idea of cash that has come in during any given month. It also means if a company take ages to pay, or fail to pay completely, that I’ve not recorded incorrect figures.

You can see a detailed overview of a previous month I ran the challenge here. September 2015 week 1, week 2, week 3 and final results. I made over £2,100 in September and I’ve provided pretty detailed earnings of how I have done this.

I thoroughly enjoy hosting the challenge on alternate months, as well as seeing what everyone else has been up to. All are welcome to join and it is free to join The Money Shed. TMS is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to make money at home and there are a vast array of interesting threads just waiting to help you in your quest to earn more money online.

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