Christmas decorations from Amazon

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I love decorating for Christmas. You can have a little nosy at our Christmas tree from last year. We have a big variety of different decorations that we have collected in the 8 Christmases that we have spent in our flat together. Musical toys, garlands, ceiling decorations, multiple personalised Christmas tree decorations and much more. Today I want to share with you some lovely decorations for Christmas from Amazon that I’ve found. Be sure to check that the price is still a bargain as prices change – also make sure that the item can still be delivered in plenty of time for decorating your home and tree!  Why not listen to my top 10 Christmas songs while you shop to get yourself in the mood!

Christmas Decorations from Amazon

Decorations for Christmas from Amazon

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You could even have a go at decorating ornaments yourself if you fancy!

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Decorations for Christmas from Amazon for your home

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What about starting a Christmas village? We’ve got one and we love it!

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I can’t wait to get some more accessories for our Christmas village this year!

What about a festive Christmas wreath? Already done or one you can customise yourself:

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This year I’ve created a willow wreath on holiday at Centerparcs and I’m looking forward to decorating it myself!

I love to have decorations under the tree, including a little train. A tree skirt/snow blanket is a must for me. I’m not 100% on the quality of this one but I’ll be giving it a go this year!

If you want to make your home more festive, without spending a fortune, then why not buy some new Christmas cushion covers? Make sure you get the right size though!

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The above links are Amazon affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase I may earn a little money, at no extra cost to yourself. I’ve really enjoyed looking on Amazon for some decorations for Christmas time. I’ve picked up a selection of new items myself and will be sharing some of my Christmas decorations on social media. Find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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I've found lots of lovely Christmas decorations on Amazon. I'm sharing them with you to help you get inspired for decorating your Christmas tree

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