Degustabox December 2016 – Find out the contents!

It is Degustabox time! I absolutely love to receive my text message telling me when my 1 hour delivery slot. Surprise subscription boxes are always fun and as I love food this one is ideal for me! I’m going to give you a look at what is inside the Degustabox December 2016 box.

Let me start by saying that the Degustabox December 2016 box is a bit hit and miss for me. There are LOTS of new brands that I have never tried – which is the point of these boxes! I love learning about, and trying, new brands. This month there are several brands that I never heard of at all.

Delivery of the Degustabox December 2016 box

I love how these boxes arrive. There is a text/email the day before, advising that the delivery will be coming. On the day of delivery there is a 1 hour delivery slot. There is an option, on both occasions, to rearrange the delivery if required.

I have had to rearrange delivery on the day of the delivery once before and it was not a problem. I just used the link on my text message and I was able to choose an alternative day that I would be available. This was a great service and worked really well for me.

Here are the contents of the Degustabox December 2016 box

Degustabox December 2016 box - 5JPG

Gluten-free Nutri-Brex – These are gluten free coconut & crispy rice that are great for breakfast. You can crumble these over yoghurt and fruit or you can enjoy these like Weetabix. They are REALLY tasty and because they are gluten, milk and soya free Daisy has been able to enjoy these too! These are high in fibre and full of goodness. RRP £3.79

Degustabox December 2016 box - 2

Hoots Snacks – These are multigrain snacks. Salt & pepper and salt & vinegar. I have tried the salt & vinegar already and they were delicious! These are healthier than crisps. They are baked not fried. The flavour was really tasty and I loved the satisfying crunch. RRP £0.69 x 2

Bite+ Multi Grain Flakes – The ones we received were sour cream & onion. This is a flavour combination that I already love and these did not disappoint! They have less than 3% fat so they are nice and healthy too – especially compared to crisps. RRP £1.69 x 2

Lots of tasty goodies!

Degustabox December 2016 box - 3

Oh fudge! – This is a lovely gift set from Bristols. The flavour that we received was apple & cinnamon. We have actually re-gifted this to a friend as one last Christmas present. RRP £4.99

Bahlsen Akora – I absolutely love Bahlsen products – especially around Christmas time! These ‘Akora’ are filled with a spiced jam filled inside a gingerbread base. Then they are wrapped in chocolate. These are absolutely delicious as I’ve already tried a couple! I can’t wait to enjoy these over Christmas. RRP £1.99

Balzen Lebkuchen Mischung – This is a colourful assortment of gingerbread pieces, decorated with either glazing or chocolate. These are something we have had once before – they are delicious and ideal for enjoying when you have guests around. RRP £1.99

Lots of nice lunch ideas for me this month!

Degustabox December 2016 box - 1

Gallo Risotto – This was a really enjoyable lunch on the day that my Degustabox December 2016 box arrived. This is a risotto that is made with four cheeses. It takes just 2 minutes in a pan or 3 minutes in a microwave. I was really pleased with the quality of this and how enjoyable it was. The flavour was really deep and tasty. RRP £2.29

Gallo Risotto Box – This is another great Gallo product. It is a three cheese and vegetable risotto box that is ready in just 1 minute 30 seconds. This is ideal for putting in the microwave, with no need for water. It has no artificial colours, no hydrogenated fat and no MSGs. RRP £2.00 

Maggi 3 minute noodles – These are 3 minute noodles. These remind me of a pot noodle but with less calories and more flavour. The chicken ones that we received were delicious. My husband enjoyed them for lunch and I had a little sample. The flavour was nice and it reminded me of super noodles – without 10 minutes of cooking. RRP £0.75 x 2

A random mixture of drinks!

Degustabox December 2016 box - 6

What a melon! – This has to be have been one of the most refreshing drinks I have ever enjoyed. This is watermelon water. It is 100% natural, not from concentrate, and you can really tell. It is SO delicious cold and would also make an awesome base for a nice cocktail! RRP £2.00 

A2 Milk – This is advertised as being different to normal cows milk. This is naturally free from the A1 protein which means that it is ideal for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. I have arthritis and associated complaints so I can be unwell when I consumer too much dairy. This is delicious turned into a milkshake! I couldn’t really tell any difference between using this and my usual Cravendale. This was easy to digest and I love that it is a long life milk as I can keep one in the cupboard until convenient. RRP £1.39

Eisberg – This is alcohol free wine. I’m a fan of a nice glass of wine but sometimes I just don’t want that fuzzy head the next day. I’m saving this for enjoying on Christmas Eve night – when I want to wake up fresh on the big day! RRP £1.39 

Newton’s Appl Fizzics – This is a really cute name for a product – I love it! This is a refreshing blend of apple juice and sparkling water. I was unsure when I saw this but upon trying it I really liked it. The bottle is pretty too and this would be an ideal drink when you want to be out at the pub but don’t want to be drinking alcohol. RRP £1.29 

Have a look at the contents here:

Degustabox December 2016 box - 4

How to get your hands on the Degustabox December 2016 box

The contents of the Degustabox December 2016 box are between £20.10 and £25.39 depending on which box you receive. This is great value when you can get the first box for just £5.99 using my code below! Now naturally you might not set out to buy all the items in this box, however, all this for £5.99 makes it a complete bargain! Even £12.99 is a bargain really!

I love to try new brands and the Degustabox December 2016 box is a great way to do this! We’ve enjoyed lovely treats this week thanks to our box. We are really pleased with the quality of the items.

Want to save money on the Degustabox December 2016 box?

Like the sound of the Degustabox December 2016 box? You can obtain yours now here and instead of £12.99 you’ll pay just £5.99! Use the discount code BEA4O . Your order will have free shipping and you will receive a surprise box containing 10 to 15 items. Many of the items are new to the market and I had personally only tried two of the items in this months box before. I think that there was a great mix of items in the Degustabox December 2016 box. Thanks to the lovely people at Degustabox for sending us one for review purposes. 

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