Please find below a breakdown of any and all paid and collaborative associations that may feature on my website.
Sponsored / collaborative posts: 
On occasion I am asked to include links to relevant websites, in exchange for cash or gift vouchers. From time to time I am provided with an info-graphic and these posts will be marked as ‘In collaboration with xx’ or ‘Collaborative post’ or even ‘Sponsored post’. I do not post all info-graphics that I am provided with and prefer to stick to those that are relevant to the nature of my website.
These posts will be written by me, unless otherwise stated, and as such they will still reflect my own opinion. When I have been paid to include a link it will always be clear to see from a sentence at the bottom of the post. The posts may feature links to companies or websites that are relevant to the nature of the post and on occasion I will have been paid to include these.
Guest posts:
Guest posts are where I allow other fellow bloggers the opportunity to write a post for my website. These will usually be written by people that I know personally, however, if someone is offering a guest post that I feel will benefit my readers that I may allow it from a stranger. These posts are not paid and I do not receive reimbursement in any manner.

Product reviews:

I am always happy to review products, for brands, as long as they are relevant to my life and my family. Reviews are written by me personally and contain my genuine opinion. My opinion is not influenced by receiving a product for free. I am honest, as this has always been the nature of my website, and a free product will not change this. I will include links, as appropriate, in these reviews and this may include affiliate links. You can read more about affiliate links that feature on my website below.
Affiliate / referral links:
Any, or all, of the posts on my website may feature affiliate / referral links. This allows me to receive money, in exchange for readers clicking a link or signing up to a service. They may not be individually marked, as they are sometimes automatically provided from plugins within my website, however, these links will be relevant to the nature of the post that they are included in.
Katy Stevens (Katykicker.com) is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk
If you are a brand or PR agency looking to work together then please do not hesitate to contact me as I would love to hear from you.