DIY Advent Calendar – Time consuming but fun!

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Merry Christmas – almost! I can’t believe that tomorrow is December. I’m so excited to start decorating our home for Christmas. I have almost caught up with my work and I’m really excited for the month ahead. As this is going to be Daisy’s first Christmas I decided to decorate a DIY advent calendar.

Let me start by saying that I’m not crafty in the slightest! When I was asked by Action Storage, retailers of school lockers online, to decorate this DIY Advent Calendar I was a bit sceptical. To be honest I’ve never really done any crafts. A few years ago I painted a sun catcher but it was from a kit that I bought. Anyway, I received this great DIY advent calendar, and a Hobbycraft voucher, for the purpose of this post.

This is what the Advent Calendar looked like when I started it:

DIY Advent Calendar - The unfinished product

DIY Advent Calendar

We bought all of the items that we used for our DIY Advent Calendar from Hobbycraft. We used acrylic paint, stamps, wire trees, snowflake lights, a hot glue gun and a Styrofoam model to cut up to make the presents.

The most time consuming part of this, for me, was painting it. Doing the detailing around the edge was time consuming and I almost wish I had painted it all one colour now! The chimney and the background of the roof are lined with coloured paper, that I printed using my Epson printer. This was glued down with a simple Pritt Stick!

Anyway, here is the finished product:

DIY Advent Calendar - My finished advent calendar

As you can see we have gone for traditional colours. Ours is quite simple, compared to ones I was browsing for inspiration on Pinterest. However, despite this we are really pleased with it. Our daughter will be enjoying her first Christmas this year. Because of her young age we are going to be filling behind the doors with some nice Lindt Lindor products.

DIY Advent Calendar - A close up of the roof

My husband made these cute little presents himself using a Styrofoam model he cut up, wrapping paper and ribbon. I love them and have glued them in to make sure they don’t get lost between Christmases.

Did we enjoy decorating this DIY Advent Calendar?

Yes and no! The long, boring part, was the initial painting. Several coats were required to give this a nice finish. However, once that part was done the next part was much more fun. Using the hot glue gun, and the stamps, was great fun.

Overall this has been great fun. It may not be the nicest looking DIY Advent Calendar I’ve seen but we made this. Our daughter is hopefully going to get to use this for many years to come. I’m already excited at the prospect of all the different sweets and treats that we can put behind each door. I love that this DIY Advent Calendar is just £8 in Hobbycraft. It is reduced because Christmas is right around the corner now! Even with the money spent on materials this is only a similar price to ones that you can buy in the shop – but it is unique!

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