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DIY cake smash – Daisy is one and had a freefrom Birthday cake!

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We were gifted the cake featured in this post, in exchange for coverage. Recently our beautiful daughter Daisy turned one! I can’t believe that a whole year has passed since the day she was born. Life just passes by in the blink of an eye. We wanted to end the first year with a DIY cake smash so that Daisy could have some fun.

I wanted to do a DIY cake smash because I’m too tight to spend £500+ for a stranger to take some photographs of my daughter. Today I want to share some photographs with you and also talk about the items we used for our DIY cake smash. Hope you enjoy this post!

A look at the cake from our DIY cake smash

We received this beautiful cake from the good people at Just Love Food Company. They provided this freefrom cake for Daisy and it was absolutely delicious.

We had a little taste with Daisy. It was so chocolatey and you would never know that it was a freefrom birthday cake.

Before starting our DIY cake smash I made sure that our home was ready. We moved our furniture, cleaned the floor, wall and skirting boards.

Then we applied our banners and set up an area where Daisy could run around without worrying about mess. Well, not worrying too much! 

A look at the background from our DIY cake smash

This is the background that we used. Now this was super cheap. Under £4! The banner came with a bib, hat and the little garland too. This is a highchair decorating kit but we used it for a couple of purposes. It was strong and the quality was surprising.

As you can see it was all creased. I’m not much of a perfectionist these days so I didn’t mind! They have *pink highchair decorating kits and blue highchair decorating kits depending on what you like.

The moment we sat Daisy down she couldn’t wait to get started! Her cake sits on a *revolving cake stand. Daisy got great enjoyment from spinning this. For several minutes! This was great fun and allowed me to get lots of photographs before she began destroying her cake.

Daisy enjoying her first taste! She loved it! Daisy has only tried chocolate maybe twice before, as she has CMPA and dairy free chocolate is usually not nice. This cake was something else though! It was so tasty and Daisy thoroughly enjoyed it.

As you can see Daisy loved her DIY cake smash!

Daisy enjoying her 1st birthday - DIY cake smash

After a little while Daisy started exploring!

Daisy leaving the scene after her DIY cake smash

Once Daisy had finished her DIY cake smash she was off to spread cake around my home. Despite thinking we had her contained to a small area she proved us wrong. I even found cake on the television while clearing up! Despite not remembering her being anywhere near the television.

Once our DIY cake smash was finished Daisy went off for a bath while I cleaned up. Firstly I swept up the crumbs with a dustpan & brush. Then I used our Dyson and finally finished off the floors with *our steam cleaner. It only took around 10 minutes to clean up in all. Less time than it took Daisy to destroy the cake I might add!

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Would I throw another DIY cake smash?

Absolutely! It was so much fun to have a DIY cake smash at home. I didn’t pay attention to any of the ‘rules’ that I read online beforehand.

Things that said no chocolate cake. Or you must have a professional backdrop etc. Instead we kept it real. This is our home and Daisy knows it well. We had great fun hosting a DIY cake smash and would definitely do it again in the future!

It is lovely to have over 100 photographs of our beautiful daughter to look back on to commemorate her first Birthday! I can’t believe an entire year has passed by already – where does the time go?

Thank you to the good people at Just Love Food Company who made this special cake just for Daisy, and hand delivered it! You can find their fantastic freefrom Birthday cakes in a variety of places including Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda.

As well as receiving the above lovely cake for our DIY cake smash Daisy also received this fantastic safari cake too.

Living Arrows 13/52 - Daisy's 1st Birthday cake

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A look at our DIY cake smash where Daisy turned one and we let her loose with a lovely chocolate cake from Just Love Food Company
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