Do you need a Sangenic?

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Last year my husband and I became the proud parents of our daughter Daisy. Daisy is now 17 months old so this means we have had 17 months of dealing with dirty nappies. Not just any dirty nappies. The dirty nappies of a baby with multiple allergies. We have been using a Sangenic for the entire 17 months and I thought I would answer some questions about it – like do you need a Sangenic?


For those of you who may be wondering what I’m talking about I mean this:


The Sangenic nappy bin. A place for you to twist and hide your babies smelly nappies. If you’re already thinking there is no chance you need one of those then goodbye to you. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re debating whether you need a Sangenic then read on for help making up your mind.

Let me break down the reasons that I think you need a Sangenic. One of the following:

You live in a flat off the ground floor

You’ll be having a c-section

Your local council require you to use a nappy collection service

You are sensitive to smells

These are the reasons why I think no you probably don’t need a Sangenic:

You have access to outside wheelie bins easily

Your nose holds up to just about anything

You’re planning on going outside your home 10 times a day to put a nappy in the bin

You hate the idea of spending money on the cartridges

Now for me I would say yes you need a Sangenic. At least at the beginning. Babies make a LOT of dirty nappies. Especially when they are first born. And then again when they begin weaning. Be sure to check out my weaning essentials. In fact, while I know it isn’t great for the environment, I would say that if you’re using disposable nappies you need a Sangenic.

The main reasons that we use a Sangenic nappy bin is that we live on the 3rd floor. This means we don’t have ready access to the bins in our bin shed. When I am home alone with Daisy I don’t want to get us both ready to walk the 48 stairs down to the car park, cross the car park just to put one nappy in the nappy bin. Yes I could use our ordinary rubbish bin but nappies absolutely STINK! Every single time I’m opening the bin all I would smell are dirty nappies and lets face it – rubbish bins are pretty grim aren’t they. Without the smell of a dirty nappy. 

For us, this time around, using disposable nappies and a Sangenic has left us with a clean smelling and tidy looking home. When I first had Daisy, and was recovering from my c-section, I was able to load the bin up and my lovely husband would empty it when he took the rubbish and recycling downstairs. In fact, after 17 months he still takes care of this. Win win!

In an ideal World I would be able to use cloth nappies. Therefore I wouldn’t have a use for a Sangenic. I’m on the 3rd floor, with next to no space to dry clothes so needs must for our first child.

The Sangenic cartridges are a little on the pricey side but I think they are well worth the money really.  I always *stock up from Amazon when I see them on offer. The bin only smells for a few seconds when placing a nappy inside, then I twist the plastic and the smelly nappy goes away. Goodbye – see you never! 

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Do you really need a Sangenic? Find out if you need a Sangenic to store your dirty nappies

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