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I earn gift cards thanks to Valued Opinions – you can too!

Affiliate links in this post will be clearly marked with a *. Clicking one of these links means I earn a discount or receive payment.

I have a Sainsburys supermarket just minutes walk from my home. This is great, in some respects, as it means I don’t need to pay corner shop prices for milk and bread if I run low. In other respects it isn’t so great as I buy cakes, deli meat from the counter and other goodies that I don’t really need. 

Thanks to *Valued Opinions (this link may redirect if VO aren’t taking on new sign ups via the link atm if this happens visit the Valued Opinions website directly) I am able to earn gift cards, £10 Sainsburys ones, to keep in my purse.

A Sainsburys gift card and Valued Opinions letter

The Sainsburys gift cards are usually posted out on a Tuesday or Wednesday and arrive within a few days. When I earn gift cards I typically wait around 7-10 days for them to be delivered. Sometimes faster but this is the average.

How I earn gift cards including Sainsburys gift cards

All I need to do to earn gift cards is complete paid surveys. I find that the surveys on Valued Opinions typically take around 10 minutes, or less.

They are quite short and I tend to complete them alongside other ones. For example I’ll have a study open from Prolific Academic or PopulusLive and I’ll have one of these open too. I complete a few questions and tab between each one. This is particularly useful if studies are slow to load as I’m not wasting the time waiting.

It is nice to be able to pop into the supermarket with my Sainsburys gift card and pick up a few nice treats, completely free. Sometimes I use my currency earned from completing surveys to redeem for Amazon vouchers.

I find that a lot of companies offer Amazon vouchers so I usually have a nice supply of them. Typically I order Amazon vouchers from Swagbucks, InstaGC and Gifthulk.

Money with a text overlay displaying Top 5 survey sites to make you cash

I find that the surveys I complete with Valued Opinions are quite nice to look at visually and disqualifications usually happen promptly. It is possible to avoid survey disqualifications by keeping profile surveys up to date. The surveys range from 50p upwards.

In the past I have had several for £2.50, which have only taken around 10-15 minutes to complete.

You can *join Valued Opinions for free. Don’t forget to check out my list of ways to make and save money online.

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Money backdrop with text overlay that says earn gift cards and cash with Valued Opinions

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.