East Coast Nursery Walker / Jumper Review

Daisy is 7 months old already – I don’t know where the time has gone! For a while we have been using a Jumperoo but when we were offered the chance to review this East Coast Nursery Walker I jumped at the chance!

Daisy is really strong on her feet now and absolutely loves being able to move around. Obviously, as I work from home, I have moments where I need to reply to an email. Having the East Coast Nursery Walker is perfect as she can be safe, driving herself around the living room, while I cram in five minutes of work. Or even just a drink a cup of hot tea. Quite often the latter!

East Coast Nursery Walker

When our East Coast Nursery Walker arrived it was packed in a box and needed assembly. I’ll be honest and say that I did groan slightly at this. I was wrong to do so! My husband had this built in just a few short minutes. This is the same man who butts heads with me over flat pack furniture! With the addition of 3 x AA batteries and a few minutes of patience Daisy was able to start using her East Coast Nursery Walker.

East Coast Nursery Walker - A photo of Daisy Blue enjoying her East Coast Nursery Walker

As you can see from the photograph above Daisy is absolutely loving it! As am I! This walker is great fun. Daisy can walk around, safely, and I don’t have to worry about her injuring herself. The East Coast Nursery Walker is also a jumper and there are two knobs to turn to allow your little one to jump in this. It is really convenient to turn this two knobs to fix this or make it a jumper.

The dashboard style area of this walker is in the style of a car. This dashboard has two knobs to turn to control the volume/turn it off and to change from noises to music. In addition there is also a little hanging toy, with a matching shape on the dashboard to press together. There is a key, lots of buttons to press and it has handlebars too.

What I thought of the East Coast Nursery Walker

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Daisy use this East Coast Nursery Walker. It looks great fun for her and she is loving it. Daisy is able to practice standing, and getting strong, without me worrying about her having an accident. She seems to absolutely love this car and I love watching her ‘driving’ around. It gives me a smile every time I see her in it. Anything that buys me a few minutes peace is well worth the money!

Find out more about the fantastic East Coast Nursery Walker here. You can also buy it from Amazon and numerous other stockists.

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