Ecoegg Laundry egg review – I loved it!

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Now that we’ve got a daughter, who is learning to feed herself, laundry is a big chore in our home. The laundry basket feels like it is always overflowing. We live in a flat and even using my tips for drying clothes in a flat isn’t always enough. We’ve been ensuring that we regularly get the washing on, to make sure that we keep on top of it. One thing that keeps the washing machine busy is stains. We’ve tried quite a few stain products now, with mixed success. When the great people at Ecoegg contacted me to review a few of their laundry products I jumped at the chance! The Ecoegg laundry egg was the one I was most excited to test!

Ecoegg laundry egg - Ecoegg Laundry egg & ecoegg stain remover

We received the Ecoegg stain remover (usually £3.99) and the 720 wash fresh linen Ecoegg laundry egg (usually £19.99).

The stain remover is really simple to use. You undo the cap and then you just squeeze it, like a toothpaste tube. There is a sponge applicator on the end and this helps you to work the stain remover around the stains.

Ecoegg laundry egg - Jasmine inspecting the Ecoegg laundry egg

To use the Ecoegg laundry egg you just press it in and twist it to undo it. Then there are lots of little packets of pellets to put inside. There is one packet of black ceramic tourmaline pellets and then multiple packets of white mineral pellets. To set this up just place the black pellets inside and then three bags of the white pellets.

After 72 washes (approximately) you can top it up with another packet of the white mineral pellets. The required amount of pellets for the full 720 washes are included. I like that these are individually packaged as I don’t have to worry about my cats getting to them! As you can see Jasmine (with a sore eye!) was very interested in the pellets. Also, one rolled under the oven and my other cat Izzy went on the hunt for it a good hour later. They were very intrigued by the pellets!

Well, time to test it out! I put my washing machine on the normal cycle that I like to use. A ‘cottons’ cycle, at 30C and a 900 RPM spin. I figured that using my normal cycle was the best test. I have been using Persil Small & Mighty, and a few other products. These products work quite well for me but there are ALWAYS products that I have to wash again.

I tested the Ecoegg laundry egg on a wash that had 15 items that were really dirty. My husband is a bit slack at remembering to rinse Daisy’s clothing before the food dries on. This is a bug bear of mine and it means that I have to wash her clothes to the point that they are getting worn before she has even outgrown them! Anyway, this wash load was full of dirty clothes, with food on all the items. This is what the clothing looked like before I washed it:

Ecoegg laundry egg - Stained clothing

This is what the clothes looked like afterwards!

Ecoegg laundry egg - Results after one wash

Ecoegg laundry egg - The dirtiest sleep suit after washing

Sorry for the poor photographs – sick baby and limited time = rushed photos! 

The pink top is the only item with food left on it. However, at least 90% of the food stains were removed completely. The rest of the clothing was clean too – apart from a stained tea towel that has been that way for many washes!

What did I think of the Ecoegg laundry egg?

Overall I was really pleased. The Ecoegg laundry egg works really well. It is effective and it really does create suds in the washing machine. The quality seems to be great and I was amazed just how clean the clothes were – without the addition of ANY washing powder or fabric softener.

The Ecoegg stain remover works well too. This is convenient to use and when I put the pink top in for a second wash, after using the stain remover, and leaving for 10 minutes, the results were really good.

At a 30C wash, and without added cleaning products, I was really pleased with the results. There were a few small stains but many less than there would have been with my normal product. Sometimes I have been washing clothes 3 or 4 times just to remove the bulk of the stains. I’ll be able to just wash them once now, and ignore the few small marks that are left behind.

In the interest of being completely open about this product I should say that these clothes were sitting around for a few DAYS like this! The dirt was ingrained, absolutely filthy. Caked on and really bad. I am amazed by just how much of the dirt, and dried on food, was removed – especially at 30C.

Want to grab yourself a bargain on an Ecoegg product?

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. To celebrate this fantastic annual event the great people at Ecoegg will be holding their biggest ever sale. This is a 24 hour only sale and will not be repeated for at least a year – if ever.

*We received the Ecoegg Laundry egg and Ecoegg stain remover for free, for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.*

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A look at the results of using the Ecoegg laundry egg and find out what I thought!

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  1. Clare December 8, 2016 / 2:00 pm

    I have just got an Ecoegg and I was amazed with it. The clothes are so soft and I used no fabric softner.

    • katykicker December 8, 2016 / 2:09 pm

      That is fantastic – I’m really pleased to hear it! I’ve been super impressed too. I’ve even convinced my husband to use it for his work shirts too.

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