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Ensure Road Safety with Road Hero Space Saver Kit

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Everyone who drives on a mix of motorways and rural roads will know that their car’s tyres can suffer. Faster roads are notorious for causing blowouts. You only have to drive over a little piece of debris on the M25 at 70mph, for example, in order to completely ruin a tyre and even spin out of control. However, in counties like Essex, which have plenty of country lanes as well as dual-carriageways and motorways, there are other problems to consider. In rural places, you are just as likely to suffer a slow puncture as a blowout caused by running over a sharp stick or a thorn. In many parts of the countryside, potholes are a big problem, too. These can cause damage to tyres and lead to you needing a replacement.

When you have a spare tyre on board, your ability to get on with your journey is possible. However, carrying one is not a legal requirement on British roads. Of course, if you don’t have one, then you may have to wait several hours on the hard shoulder of a motorway waiting for assistance. The same goes for the more out of the way areas on country roads, too. In such circumstances, you are in a degree of danger. Even if you have your hazard lights flashing, there is always the possibility of someone accidentally driving into your car if you have not been able to get it fully off the road. Equally, hanging around a broken down car for hours on end, perhaps in the dark, leaves you feeling vulnerable and sometimes nervous. 

The trouble with spare tyres is that they take up so much room in your boot. Most family cars are equipped with adequate room to store one but few drivers check theirs is in good condition and nor do they keep the tools necessary to change their wheel when needed. The solution to this problem is a Road Hero Space Saver Kit. These are smaller than normal spare wheels and include everything you’ll need to get your car back on the road straight away. You get a tyre, a jack and a wheel brace all in a simple package that stows away neatly without compromising on the room you have in your boot. With a kit, you will be able to drive on to a tyre centre where you can have your old one repaired or replaced, thereby avoiding all of the road safety concerns associated with hanging around awaiting roadside assistance.

If you want to find out more about Road Hero Space Saver Kits, then check them out at Elite Direct where you can study them in greater detail. To avoid getting stranded for long hours, get yourself a Road Hero Space Saver kit from Elite Direct Tyres. However, the main point to remember is that they will help to keep you and your family safe when you are driving about. In fact, even if you never need to use yours, you will benefit from it because you will have more storage capacity in your car. Furthermore, simply owning one means not having to worry about encountering tyre problems on the road so much. 

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