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Epson ET-3600 Review – #PaperFightHunt (AD)

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Last month my family was invited to the Epson #PaperFightHunt. This was a lovely day out in London. We searched in a beautiful garden for little creatures that had been made using an Epson Ecotank printer.

A single sheet of paper, and a bit of Pritt Stick, was all that was needed to create the cute little animals. After our lovely day out the fantastic people at Epson offered to send us this great Epson ET-3600.

Thomas and Daisy on a treasure hunt

Our Epson ET-3600

The Epson ET-3600 is a 3-in-1 inkjet printer that can print up to 11,000 pages from the initial ink that you receive. All without the use of ink cartridges. This fantastic printer is ideal for any home office as it has been found to reduce printing costs on average by 74%. Of course this is a fantastic saving and since having this I’ve been amazed at just how much I’ve been able to utilise this printer.

A close up of the ET-3600 printer

Thanks to the ultra-high-capacity ink tank there is no longer a need for ink cartridges. Instead you simply fill the ink tank & it will last for 1000s of pages. Best of all this Epson ET-3600 comes with TWO full sets of inks (Black, yellow, magenta and cyan).

This is great as it means I won’t need to worry about buying inks for AGESSSS! As a busy working Mum this is ideal for me.

A close up of the ink tank on the Epson ET-3600

This printer was really easy to set up. It took just a few seconds to get this plugged in and ready to go. I was really impressed with just how easy it was! I’m someone who HATES to read manuals and can’t be bothered with all that. I managed to set this printer up, and fill it with ink, in under 15 minutes. No problem.

That even included the time spent wiping my MacBook with baby wipes to remove the yellow ink I spilled on it and tried to wipe up hastily. Smudging it everywhere of course.

We love the 3-in-1 features of the Epson ET-3600

There are quite a few features to this printer. I love them all! Firstly I can use wi-fi & Epson Connect. This means I can print from wherever I am. This is particularly important if I am in the bathroom and my husband can’t hear his phone, as it is on silent again. I can print him a note off that lets him know that I need him to come and get the baby or bring me towel!

Printing out my to-do list, when I need a kick in the pants, is something else that I really enjoy too. Seeing the jobs I have to do, and printing them off, is very motivating for me. Also, thanks to the wi-fi printing function if I have an urgent form or bit of paperwork I can print it off and then see it as I walk past my desk.

The scanner on the Epson ET-3600

Daisy met Santa… thanks to the ET-3600 we can show everyone via our Christmas card!

Recently we went on holiday to Centerparcs. While there Daisy was able to meet Santa – the real one of course! Once we were home I was able to use the Epson ET-3600 to allow me to scan in the image of Daisy with Santa. Then I could have it emailed to people, via Epson Email Print. This was much more straight forward than I thought. Also, I then uploaded the image online to make some Christmas cards for friends and family.

The printer holder and a close up of the buttons on the Epson ET-3600

Overall I’ve been really impressed with the quality of this machine. It does have a big price tag. However, I think this is an investment really. If you’re running your own business then it is a tax expense of course. The amount of money that you’ll save on ink could be HUGE in the long term. Best of all it works well, is fast, prints without fault and it has a multitude of uses.

The paper holder for the Epson ET-3600

The ET-3600 has been fantastic for us!

I never really thought about how a printer would change our lives. We had one before, that lived under the bed, but this beauty has pride of place by my workspace. It is quick, turns itself off if I forget and it holds a TON of paper.

The function keys are simple to use and there is no jargon, just simple words like ‘Copy’ or ‘Connect via wi-fi’ that most people should be able to understand.

Another use for this great printer is printing coupons. I’ve been able to print lots of coupons, in both colour and black and white. This has helped me with saving money on my food shopping.

I’m definitely a fan and think it is great! We’ve had no service issues with ours so far. It works well, looks nice in black and it is inoffensive.

My work balance has been improved by getting it, I can print paperwork for the tax man easily and I can use it for crafts too. When I was making a DIY Advent Calendar recently I used the printer to decorate the chimney, the floor and the background.

The cost of this printing was a couple of pence, factoring in the ink and the paper. This was around £4 cheaper than if I bought the supplies in a craft store!

We are definitely fans!

I’m loving my Epson ET-3600 and keep thinking of ways that using it can help my life. Saving money, with vouchers, printing off poems for pasting inside cheap birthday cards, printing forms & paperwork for the taxman and engaging in fun crafts are all things I’ve done already – in just the first month! The ink in our tank doesn’t appear to have moved down AT ALL yet – even better.

If you love the sound of the Epson ET-3600 then you can buy one over on the Epson website or direct from Amazon.

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Photos of the Epson ET-3600 showing you the scanner, paper tray and printer

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.