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Everything5Pounds – is it actually any good?

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For a while now I’ve been looking at the Everything5Pounds website and wondering.. is it actually any good? For those of you who don’t know Everything5Pounds is a clothing website, that also sells homewares and toys.

They have clothing for men, women and children. Every single item that they sell is… you’ve guessed it! £5 pounds. That is £5 for dresses, shoes, homeware and more. Just £5! 

I don’t know about you but I kept thinking that things were going to be super super poor quality. I mean £5 doesn’t buy you anything in a high street store, well, perhaps Primark. 

Anyway, I decided to give Everything5Pounds a go so that I could report back and show you some of my new clothes.

Everything5Pounds - A look at some of the clothes I received

Everything5Pounds order process

This was super straight forward. Personally I looked at the *new arrivals section first, as I wanted something ‘new’ to the website. I had been browsing before but this time I knew I was going to buy something. Mostly because I had a code for FREE delivery! Anyway, I browsed the website and ordered 5 items.

The website is really simple to use. You can see images of the clothing too. Often multiple images. They even tell you what size the models are and what size the clothing they wear is.

This makes it really easy to know if something comes up small or if you need to order a different size to normal.  They have some great filters to find your size. Also, there are often multiple colour choices of clothing. This means you might see an item that looks lovely, and is in your size according to the filter, however, it then is only in stock in a gross colour.

This was the only gripe that I had with the website but it did open my eyes up to some clothing I wouldn’t have looked at otherwise.

The code I had was accepted fine and then my order was placed. There was an option for next day delivery, but I was happy to wait for my order, especially as it was free! I received email updates along the way telling me that my order was processing and that it was despatched. It was all straight forward and fast too.

Ato 3 Seat Chaise Sofa in charcoal from Nabru sofas in my living room on a wooden vinyl floor

Everything5Pounds delivery process

When the items arrived they were well packaged. The package was delivered by Royal Mail and arrived unscathed. There was a delivery note within the box. It individually listed the items that I ordered. The delivery process was smooth and simple.

Everything5Pounds products

Now obviously my opinion here is going to be based solely on the 5 items that I received. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes/trainers, 1 top, 1 jumper and 1 pair of linen trousers.

All of the items arrived and all of them were brand new, as expected. Everything was individually packaged. The shoes were provided in a box to keep them protected.

One pair of shoes fit me, one didn’t. The pair that didn’t I wasn’t really expecting to fit me. My shape has changed a lot since pregnancy, some parts for the better, some not.

The top, jumper and trousers were the right size for me. The top that I ordered had its label cut out, so I couldn’t tell the brand. However, it was nice quality and that was all that mattered to me for £5.

The jumper that I ordered was from F&F at Tesco. There is no way that it would have cost £5 originally.

The linen trousers that I ordered were really comfortable and while the style was a bit different to what I usually would wear I got some compliments. I’m someone who tends to stick to wearing jeans, over and over.

This is fine, as I don’t mind what other people think, but I want something lighter for the Summer. These linen trousers will be perfect and I look forward to wearing them again, perhaps to relax at our allotment.

1 x £20 note, 3 x £10 notes and text overlay that says great offers to make and save money in the UK

Everything5Pounds – How to return

Items can be returned, for a full refund or exchange. You can do this within 14 days from the date your order was received. There is a maximum term of 30 days from receipt of items to make a claim for faulty goods.

How does Everything5Pounds work?

Everything5Pounds makes deals, with manufacturers, to buy high-street stock at reasonable prices. This stock may be from well known high-street stores and will be new.

Why is Everything5Pounds so cheap?

Because of the deals that Everything5Pounds makes they are able to pass those savings on to customers. New stock is loaded onto the website daily so there is always something new to have a look at.

A Homesense mug that says 'I've totally got this' on it in script and text overlay that says how do I get everything done?

Everything5Pounds review – what did I think?

I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that for £5 each I was going to get items that were awful. However, all of the items were as the photographs showed them online.

The trainers that I bought fit me great, were comfortable and look great after a few uses. The clothing that I bought has washed up well, as you would expect from any high street store.

Also, at least one of the items is from a brand that I know and have bought in the past.

Everything5Pounds - A look at how they cover up some of the labels

I’ve read some of the reviews on site and it looks like you can get some amazing deals. Big branded items, some of which might cost in excess of £100! Of course, this is pot luck, as you don’t usually know the brand of the items. A bit like when you buy from Approved Food but clothing instead.

I think it is well worth a regular look at the *new arrivals section as they seem to have new stock arriving pretty much daily.

Thomas and me looking into the camera wearing coats outside with text overlay that says self-care as a parent

My final thoughts on Everything5Pounds

If you’re a dedicated follower of fashion or lover of brands, that might not be for you. However, if like me you’re looking to expand your wardrobe, and branch out, then this is ideal.

I’m looking to step out of my comfort zone a little and worry a bit less about my Mum body and psoriasis.

Everything5Pounds - A look at some of the footwear that I received

Everything5Pounds has allowed me to try some new styles without worrying that I’ve spent a lot of money on my shopping.

As the items seem to be from well-known brands and stores it is really no different to buying from any other store online.

Everything5Pounds - A look at some of the shoes

The one pair of shoes that I bought, that didn’t fit, wasn’t really a disappointment. I think this is mostly because I spent so little money. I’ll drop them off at the charity shop if I can’t find a friend who can fill them.

Don’t forget that you might be able to earn cashback on Everything5Pounds with *TopCashBack, *Quidco or *Swagbucks.

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Sunday 19th of November 2017

I've picked up some lovely items, and some not so lovely ones! Definitely worth a punt!


Friday 5th of May 2017

Ooh I didn't even think to look at handbags! Nice idea!


Monday 1st of May 2017

It can be hit and miss I'm sure! I was really pleased with the trainers that I've been wearing. They are super comfortable.


Monday 1st of May 2017

Yeah that is very true, also, I think some of these items have a high retail price which on the high street would make you not even question how they were made.


Saturday 29th of April 2017

Many of the items, if you read the reviews on the site, are from well known brands where items may retail originally for as much as £100. I think spending that sort of money you'd assume it wasn't poor working conditions, however, it probably is across the board really. Particularly if a brand selling a coat for £100 can afford to write it off to such a company. Makes me think that none of them are using good working conditions really.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.